Nursing Roles In Care Coordination And Care Transition Essay

Nursing Roles In Care Coordination And Care Transition Essay

Over the last five years the role of nurses has significantly change because of the developments and reforms initiated in the healthcare delivery system. The authors of the article entitled Patient-Centered Medical Home enumerated how the adaption of this new system has revolutionized how nurses perform the duties and responsibilities in executing the healthcare services to patients. In fact, authors Susan Henderson, Catherine Princell and Sharon Martin stated that nurses are now being tasked to oversee a number of patient’s needs that were not part of their role five years ago. Specific to this roles includes assisting patients during their transition of care particularly relating to medication administration (Henderson, Princell, & Sharon Martin, 2012, p. 57). Prior to the PCMH, nurses are not given the liberty to perform such procedure especially outside the supervision of a physician. Nevertheless, the demands of a more accessible and comprehensive patient care has facilitated for this change in the role of nurses. Nursing Roles In Care Coordination And Care Transition Essay.
Given the change in the roles that nurse play, nurses are required to undergo series of trainings to update their knowledge about the additional responsibilities that have been assigned to them. For example, the Patient-Centered Medical Home model initiates that the medical team handling a patient should be well-informed of the special needs of the patient. This includes a full understanding of their family medical history, their current and past medical conditions among all other medical health records of the patient . To make this possible, medical records are made accessible through the electronic medical health records. Nursing Roles In Care Coordination And Care Transition Essay. Hence, nurses are required to have a full grasp and understanding of how this system operated.
In the future, it will not be surprising to see nurses being given additional responsibility relating to prescriptions. At the moment, this particular role is solely attributed to physicians. However, given the growing scarcity of physicians to cover the demands of the populations nurses might be given that role to stand in place of the doctors in pressing cases. This will help augment the limited number of physicians as well as ensuring that patients receive prompt medical attention for their urgent health concerns.



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Care coordination within health care systems ensures the client of an effective and short stay. Care coordination refers to the coordination between and among professional teams that serve valuable roles involved in providing care to clients. Different disciplines of health care professionals include nursing, medicine, case management, pharmacy, nutrition, social work, and allied health professionals, such as speech therapists and physical therapists. They are found in all health care delivery systems and are extremely effective when the focus is strictly on the needs of the client. Nursing Roles In Care Coordination And Care Transition Essay. Interprofessional teams are valuable because each health care professional has specialized knowledge and skills so that health care plans are determined with
The American Nurses Association is leading the way by implementing countless initiatives to bring attention to the nurses’ essential role in care coordination. It is up to the nurse to step up and draw attention to the integral part they play in improving patient satisfaction, patient care quality, and the effective and efficient use of health care resources (American Nurses Association, 2012). In the United States, our health care system is often characterized by communication failures. According to the American Nurses Association (2012), “Care coordination has been proposed as a solution to many of the seemingly intractable problems of American health care: high costs, uneven quality, and too frequent disappointing patient outcomes” (para. 14). Care coordination is a very important aspect in nursing roles and is extremely valuable because it can improve outcomes for everyone: patients, payers, and providers. Although it is obvious that the changes will improve patient care and general efficiency, applying changes in the general approach and everyday routines may be overwhelming. Luckily, there are resources available for those interested in taking a more coordinated approach to primary care practice (“Social Media’s leading Physician Voice,” 2012). Interprofessional teams are collaborative among various health . Nursing Roles In Care Coordination And Care Transition Essay.