Nursing Philosophy Assignment Paper

Nursing Philosophy Assignment Paper

The term “nursing” addresses four main responsibilities, which are connected with environment, society, the recipient of nursing care and the interaction between person, environment and society. I am a nursing student so, my responsibilities are not only limited to the healthcare institutions, but also connected with the development of the society.Nursing Philosophy Assignment Paper


Nursing encompasses collaborative and autonomous care of individuals of different ages, families, communities and groups, sick or well people in all settings. It includes the prevention of illness, promotion of health, and the care of disabled, ill and dying people. Some other key nursing roles are related to education, promotion of a safe environment, advocacy and participation in shaping health policy, research and health system management etc. I believe that in order to understand the philosophy of nursing, one must decide what philosophy means to him/her. Some experts believe that philosophy is an attitude towards our lives that evolve from each nurse’s beliefs. Various scholars have been debating about the term “nursing”, whether it is an art or science. However, from my point of view, nursing is an art and science because a successful nurse should provide the art of caring and apply the knowledge of science throughout the career.Nursing Philosophy Assignment Paper

First I would like to address nursing as an art. If we move back to the history of nursing, we can recognize that the greatest nurse, Florence Nightingale compared nursing to the art of caring. She used the term art in a metaphorical sense. A nurse must take care of her patients, without caring the nurse cannot connect with the patient and eventually the trust will not develop. Trusting relationship is an important part for therapeutic nursing. Therefore, I believe nursing as an art. On the other hand, science is also equally important in nursing. A competent nurse must have the technical knowledge of nursing procedures: pathology, physiology and anatomy of a human body. She must follow the current guidelines of pharmacological therapy. All these techniques and resources are possible to use through science. Thus, science plays an important role in nursing.Nursing Philosophy Assignment Paper

Assumptions and Beliefs
There are plenty of assumptions, beliefs and values that influence the perspective and performance of nursing. Assumption and beliefs are connected with the values of day-to-day level cares in a highly profound and effective way. Personal values help nurses to follow the principles of nursing and its overall vision.

Ethical, moral and spiritual values help nurses to realize their activities in a labor and delivery setting. A common nursing value emphasizes on improving the quality of life in a caring way rather than simply fixing problems in a strict medical way. So nurses should morally guide patients to improve their lives and ethical values. A nurse should implicate these values in different critical situations. For instance, during child birth process, a nurse must be extremely careful with the mother and child before, during and after the actual period of delivery, besides a nurse should work as an educator to the families of patients or pregnant women. During child birth they must normalize the birth experience and serve as the coach for the patient and the family. Also in different critical situations, nurses should make correct nursing assumptions by following their ethical and moral values. Thus, assumption, beliefs and values are important in nursing field.Nursing Philosophy Assignment Paper

Definitions and Examples of Nursing Domains
The main nursing domains are to promote health, growth, development, healing and to prevent diseases, disability and injury. For instance, when a person becomes ill or disabled, then the main purpose of nursing is to minimize suffering and distress and to enable people to understand and cope with their disability or illness, its treatment and various consequences.Nursing Philosophy Assignment Paper

Death is inevitable for everybody and the purpose of nursing is to maintain best possible quality of life until a person’s death. It is considered as the mode of intervention. For example, in healthcare institute, nursing empowers people and helps them to maintain, recover or achieve independence. It is an emotional, intellectual, physical and moral process that includes various identifications of nursing needs: personal care and therapeutic interventions; education, information, advocacy and advice. These kinds of support may lead to a physical, spiritual and emotional support of a nurse in various critical situations. In addition nurses should offer direct patient care and nursing practice that includes teaching, management and knowledge development activities.Nursing Philosophy Assignment Paper

One of the particular domains of nursing is to provide unique responses to the people who are facing frailty, illness, disability and various health related life events. These events may be caused by poor circumstances or environment. People’s response may be psychological, cultural, physiological, social, spiritual or often combination of all these situations. In all these situations, a nurse should be ready to support the society throughout the entire life span. It is based on high ethical values which respect the autonomy, dignity and uniqueness of a human being. Thus, a nurse can serve the society fruitfully.Nursing Philosophy Assignment Paper

The essay “Personal Philosophy of Nursing” defines the central ideas of nursing. It illustrates that nursing is a profession that needs care, education, health system management techniques, promotion of health etc. In the essay Cecelia Baxter expresses the main definition of nursing, which is connected to both arts and science of human behavior. She explains that a nurse must take care of her patients by the art, as well as she must have the knowledge of medical science, including anatomy, pathology, physiology etc. Eileen Shepherd describes the main assumptions, beliefs and values of a nurse, which should be ethical, moral and spiritual. So, a nurse must prepare for any critical situation to support her patients in any kind of complicated situations. Nevertheless, “Royal College of Nursing” provides us the main domains of nursing which are to promote health, growth, development and to prevent patients from illness, disability and suffering. Thus, a nurse can sustain responsibilities in the society. Nursing Philosophy Assignment Paper