Nursing Paradigm and Concepts Essay

Nursing Paradigm and Concepts Essay

Nursing is an essential discipline that supports and assists the welfare of human beings. It comprises of several components and elements that play a key part in the progressing nursing principles. The goal of this paper is to present my beliefs on the descriptions of nursing and on the four nursing metaparadigms.Nursing Paradigm and Concepts Essay

Nursing is defined as a vocation within the healthcare sector that concentrates on the care of human beings. (Kaakinen, Gedaly-Duff & Coehlo, 2009). As a small child, I used to watch television episodes, I viewed a nurse as a distinguished member of the community as they served members with care to enable people get well. As I grew older, I understood that nursing can give me a chance in acquiring knowledge to know the applicable means of ensuring sick people get help and are able to accomplish their dreams. I believe knowledge in nursing can enable me understand the genetic, physical and psychological components of the body and how they correlate together to make us become and fee healthy.


The Four Metaparadigms
Nursing Metaparadigms are a blend of statements used in identifying the various aspects that constitute nursing practice (Peterson & Bredow, 2009). The goal of these metaparadigms is to augment the power of theoretical field that adds to the foundation of the practice (Kaakinen, Gedaly-Duff & Coehlo, 2009). These metaparadigms are:
Person: A human being is a person who achieves some level of flawlessness after going through variations with the subsequent improvement of competencies within the practice of nursing. (Peterson & Bredow, 2009).

Health: This metaparadigm describes the nature of living things and the functionality. Health is a component that describes an individual. Being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that one lacks a disease but a state of wellbeing. Nursing Paradigm and Concepts Essay

Nursing: This metaparadigm describes the practice associated with treating and assisting sick individuals. This assistance is given in order for the patient to carry out routine daily activities with ease in accordance with their environment.

Environment: This metaparadigm plays a crucial part in bringing into perspective an individual’s surrounding and how it factors into the contribution and development of nursing practice. Within the multifaceted environment metaparadigm, are components such as socioeconomic, chemical, physical and biological features (Peterson & Bredow, 2009).

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Nursing Paradigm and Concepts Essay