Nursing Informatics Specialist Essay

Nursing Informatics Specialist Essay

In 500 words or more discuss one of the roles of the informatics specialist described in the readings. (chapter 16 Sewell, J. (2016). Informatics & nursing: Opportunities & challenges (5th ed.) Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins: Philadelphia.). Look for a nursing informatics organization on the Internet and discuss information from the site about the nurse informatics role. Nursing Informatics Specialist Essay


Please reference the book and internet source APA style

Sewell, J. (2016). Informatics & nursing: Opportunities & challenges (5th ed.) Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins: Philadelphia. Nursing Informatics Specialist Essay

3.2.1 Nursing Informatics as a Specialty
Nursing’s social contract reflects the profession’s long-standing core values and ethics, which provide grounding for health care in society. It is easy to overlook this social contract underlying the nursing profession when faced with challenges of the current technology like nursing informatics. One should be competent in nursing informatics so that nothing goes wrong when clients knows that the services are using telehealth and is assured of confidentiality and services.
3.2.2. Use of Computers a Necessity in Health Care
Use of Computers a Necessity in Health Care means Information and information exchange are crucial to the delivery of health care at all levels of the health care delivery system—the patient, the care team, the health care organization, and the encompassing political-economic environment. To ensure this is happening we should be using computer technology in all aspects concerning the patients care. The use of the computers is necessary for current, competent and satisfying health services. Nursing Informatics Specialist Essay

Informatics has become an essential part of the nursing profession and the industry of health care. It is integrated by similar fields that have overlapping areas of focus. The field of nursing informatics (NI) is still blossoming and with its scope continually evolving, it is in need of its own theory. The data, information, knowledge and wisdom (DIKW) framework is a concept of the transformation of data into wisdom through intellectual processes. In the DIKW model, NI is a specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge and wisdom into nursing practice (ANA, 2015). It requires insight and talent from multiple fields to find solutions to the health problems Nursing Informatics Specialist Essay
This supplementary concept was wisdom. Wisdom is an important element of the DIKW framework, it adds value to the role of nursing informatics, nursing science and the decision support needed to present in each clinical situation. DIKW are carefully linked concepts, each playing its own part in relationship to the other. Graves and Corcoran’s model analyzed the role of the informatics nurse in translating data into information and then into knowledge and later the components were expanded (Graves & Corcoran,…show more content…
An example of information would be a patient’s medical record.

Knowledge is the assured understanding of a subject, with the capability to use it for a distinct outcome. It serves as a pattern that is related and typically requires a high level of predictability to what is interpreted and the expected outcome. Nursing Informatics Specialist Essay

Wisdom is the appropriate use of knowledge, the ability to make correct decisions and to manage and solve human problems (Matney et al., 2011). Contradictory to the previous four levels, it asks questions to which there is no convenient, attainable answer, and in some cases, there may be no known or accepted answers, period. Wisdom as a result, is the method by which we also recognize, or distinguish, ethically between the right and wrong or the good and bad. Nursing Informatics Specialist Essay