Nursing Informatics Essay

Assume you are a nurse manager on a unit where a new nursing documentation system is to be implemented. You want to ensure that the system will be usable and acceptable for the nurses impacted. You realize a nurse leader must be on the implementation team.Nursing Informatics Essay


In preparation of filling this role, develop a role description for a graduate-level nurse to guide his/her participation on the implementation team. The role description should be based on the SDLC stages and tasks and should clearly define how this individual will participate in and impact each of the following steps:

Planning and requirements definition
Design of the new system
Post-implementation support

Nursing Informatics is a union of nursing, technology, and data
assimilation. Nursing Informatics deals with using technologies to organizing and delivering healthcare in the most efficient and safest manner. Nursing Informatics consist of countless tools ranging from simple computers to the complex electronic medical records systems (EMR), diligently designed to organize and deliver information. Nursing informatics silently streamlined into the management and delivery of healthcare; you have probable used nursing informatics without even knowing it. Advantages and Disadvantages “One of the strongest and most far-reaching current trends in health care is the application of evidence – based practice Nursing Informatics Essay
The primary principle is to detect high cholesterol early in this population of patients. Early proper treatment could result in, evading the large expense of a massive MI. Health and Safety Electronic medical records had a great impact in the ushering in of the age of Nursing Informatics. (Himss, 2010)EMRS present healthcare professionals with the ability to retrieve and organize data in a quick and efficient approach. With information so readily available, patient safety increases and we know that patient cost goes down. This happens because patient medications, allergies, history, demographic, and treatment information is more collectively available. As technology has and continues to advance so will the expansion of nursing informatics. Data from (19th annual 2008 himss leadership survey, 2008) hold this statement true showing a steady increase in the implementation of technologies. As computers became smaller, it became easier and efficient for hospitals and physicians office to implement their use. (sutton, 2007)The first computers were large, expensive, and inefficient.Nursing Informatics Essay
Introduction Nursing informatics is a specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice (McGonigle, 2009). Most hospitals now utilize computer systems to track patient health information. The purpose of this paper is to show how a computerized system can help the health care worker provide the best care for the patient by utilizing available programs that when implemented will aide staff in detecting weight gain in a patient with a diagnosis of heart failure.Nursing Informatics Essay

Concept Map

The patient comes to the unit where …show more content…
Medications are administered to the patient and routine labs obtained

to monitor patient reaction to interventions. Other disciplines dietary, physical therapy,

respiratory, and social services will meet with the patient to discuss patient care plan.

Education will be provided to the patient and family members in relation to decreasing

risk factors and barriers for compliance. Patient will have access to a computer

educational program called, EMMI Manager. It is a website that addresses a variety of

diagnosis in common language.



In today’s world of technology, it is imperative that health care facilities stay

current with the ever changing electronic health record (EHR) systems. EHR a computer-Nursing Informatics Essay

based data warehouse or repository of information regarding the health status of a client,

replacing the former paper based medical record; it is systematic documentation of a

client’s health status and health care in a secured digital format, meaning that it can be

processed, stored, transmitted, and accessed by authorized interdisciplinary professionals

for the purpose of supporting efficient, high quality health care across the client’s

healthcare continuum (McGonigle, 2009). The one that is utilized in the IU Health care

The intensive care unit (ICU) often is called the epicenter of infections, due to its extremely vulnerable population (reduced host defences deregulating the immune responses) and increased risk of becoming infected through multiple procedures and use of invasive devices distorting the anatomical integrity-protective barriers of patients (intubation, mechanical ventilation, vascular access, etc.)” (Brusselaers,Vogelaers, & Blot, 2011). The purpose of this paper is to develop a research question regarding the prevention of spreading bacteria in ICU and to identify databases and search words to collect data by using the continuum of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom . Also, I will describe how informatics can be used to gain wisdom.
Clinical Research Question and Metastructures: Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom
The key to conducting successful clinical research involves five steps. These steps are: “asking answerable clinical questions, searching for the evidence, critically appraising the evidence for its validity and relevance, making a decision by integrating the evidence with your clinical expertise and the patient’s values, and evaluating your performance” (Heneghan, & Badenoch, 2006, p.2). To develop my research question I used the evidence- based model PICO. PICO stands for: P ( Problem: high infection rate by the spread of bacteria in ICU), I (Intervention: hand washing with soap and water or the use of hand sanitizer), C (Comparison: the use of gloves, gown, mask), O (Outcome: reduction of infection due to the spread of bacteria). With these elements as refrence I formulated the question: Is the use of soap and water or alcohol-based rubs more effective than the use of protective gear  Nursing Informatics Essay