Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist Essay

Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist Essay

For this assessment, assume you are a nurse attending a meeting of your state’s nurses’ association. A nurse informaticist conducted a presentation on her role and its impact on positive patient and organizational outcomes in her workplace. You realize that your organization is undergoing many technological changes. You believe this type of role could provide many benefits to your organization. Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist Essay


You decide to pursue proposing a nurse informaticist role in your organization. You speak to your chief nursing officer (CNO) and human resources (HR) manager. These individuals ask you to prepare a 4–5 page evidence-based proposal to support the new role. In this way, they can make an informed decision as to whether the addition of such a role could justify the return on investment (ROI). They need your proposal before an upcoming fiscal meeting.

Proposal Format
The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) and Human Resources (HR) manager have asked you to include the following headings in your proposal and to be sure to address the bullets underneath each heading: Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist Essay

Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist
What is nursing informatics?
What is the role of the nurse informaticist?
Nurse Informaticists and Other Health Care Organizations
What is the experience of other health care organizations with nurse informaticists?
How do these nurse informaticists interact with the rest of the nursing staff and the interdisciplinary team?
Impact of Full Nurse Engagement in Health Care Technology
How does fully engaging nurses in health care technology impact:
Patient care?
Protected health information (security, privacy, and confidentiality)?
Costs and return on investment? Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist Essay
Opportunities and Challenges
What are the opportunities and challenges for nurses and the interdisciplinary team with the addition of a nurse informaticist role?
How can the interdisciplinary team collaborate to improve quality care outcomes through technology?
Summary of Recommendations
What are 3–4 key takeaways from your proposal about the recommended nurse informaticist role that you want the CNO and the HR manager to remember?
Additional Requirements
Written communication: Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Submission length: 4–5 double-spaced pages, in addition to a title page and references page.
Font: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Citations and References: Cite a minimum of 3 current scholarly and/or authoritative sources to support your ideas. In addition, cite a minimum of 1 current professional blog or website to support your central ideas. Current means no more than five years old.
APA formatting: Be sure to follow APA formatting and style guidelines for citations and references. For an APA refresher, consult the APA Style and Format page on Campus. Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist Essay

Technology has consumed our daily activities and continues to grow in importance as the need to simplify our world increases. With healthcare needs also steadily increasing, it is necessary to compile and retrieve patient information in an efficient manner. Thus, the Nursing Informaticist is born.

Nursing Informatics (NI) is the very heart of the nursing field, saving and enriching the quality of lives everyday. Informaticists engage in various aspects of patient care, essentially acting as a liaison between the nursing and technical worlds. In this report, you will find an analysis of nursing informatics within the healthcare system.

This informational report examines the history and inner workings of NI. Also,…show more content…
As the technological revolution began, hospital computer systems became more sophisticated but the need for nursing specific software grew. The importance of the internet and wireless technology became paramount to efficiency in patient care. (Edwards) Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist Essay

NI technology is constantly evolving with science and medicine. Systems and software have been implemented to assist in every aspect of nursing. The vast usage of these tools has made healthcare profoundly effective. These unprecedented advancements have undoubtedly saved millions of lives.

The primary goal of an informaticist is to improve the health and quality of healthcare individuals receive by optimizing information management with computerized methods. Nurses develop and apply these methods daily collaborating with various disciplines within the healthcare system. It is their collective wisdom that makes the necessary impact. Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist Essay

In the future, we can expect to see the improvements in healthcare proliferate, as will their demand. However, the core of NI will remain; it is the science and art that transforms data into knowledge thereby enhancing patient care. Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist Essay