Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

Fear of heights is also known as acrophobia and it been classified as psychological problem. This is one of the phobias and it is the common anxiety disorder that affects human beings significantly. The statistical method used to measure the phobia is administering questionnaires to those suffering from the disorder. The success of the questionnaires is appraised by giving the participants questionnaires, whereby they are asked to rate how fearful they felt when taking into account about 20 situations, which could lead to fear of heights. The cases of such situations entail sitting on an airplane or driving over a bridge.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper


The participants of the questionnaire were formally asked to rank their experiences using the seven-point scale. The participants were also asked the questions concerning probable consequences of situations, which involve heights. This was meant to evaluate respondent’s attitude to heights and the probability that they would evade being in the situation entailing heights, or their behavior during such scenarios. The participants were also questioned regarding their anxiety levels, while undertaking virtual reality therapy and when undertaking a real life situation relating to height (climbing up an outdoor stairway with three levels). In the real life test (Behavioral Avoidance Test), respondents of the questionnaires were offered one point for each level they climbed and one point for staring down for about 30 seconds at each level. Therefore, in measuring the fear of heights or acrophobia it is advisable to collect the data, using questions, which apply the seven-point scale.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

Homelessness has emerged to be one of the most severe examples of social exclusion and poverty in the society at the present as both a cause and a symptom. The social problem has been considered as a subject of particular interest. Homelessness has bothered Western and developing nations since the 1960s. It is a multi-dimensional challenge and it might even comprise of broad a range of shelter and housing results that have unrelated and complex origins. This makes the methods of collecting data become complicated to use. In order to collect data regarding homelessness, it is advisable to use the sampling method, which is a qualitative statistical method of collecting data concerning the homelessness.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

The sampling method of data collection will be appropriate, since the homeless people do not stay at one point, therefore, taking a representative sample will be appropriate. These researchers use a ‘stratified-sampling method,’ the sample from which is stratified; it is an expediency sample derived from service facilities for the homeless and archetypal regions where homeless people can be located. The results obtained from the sampling methods demonstrate features of the sample, which comprises of geographical origin, duration, age, marital status and sex. The data collected using the sampling method is unquestionably valuable, it is impossible to generalize the homeless populace.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

Self-esteem is one of the powerful research topics in the field of psychology. Researchers have based their work on diverse factors. Self – esteem can be generally defined as the overall assessment of individual in either negative or positive manner. It shows the degree to which a person believes himself or herself to be proficient. Basically put, self – esteem is one’s feeling of self-confidence and self-worth. The statistical method of collecting data is the use of sampling method. Self-esteem is measured using the widely used Persian version of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES). Items of the RSES are answered on a 4-point scale that ranges from 1 (powerfully disagree) to 4 (powerfully agree). The scale also takes into consideration the interval authenticity and reliabilities of Persian version of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES). This scale ensures that the level of self-esteem is measured accurately.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

Caloric Consumption
The best statistical method to be used to collect data for caloric consumption is use of sampling technique, to get the required data. The proportion of energy from a specific food group was defined as a full amount of calories from that food group in a given sample population, divided by the entirety calories taken by that population. This method is similarly employed to calculate the proportion of fat coming from specific food groups.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

Adherence to Medication Regimen
Medication adherence typically refers to whether patients take their medications, as approved by the physician, for instance, twice daily, and whether they keep taking a prescribed medication. Evaluating adherence is tricky for health care researchers and providers. Self-reported medication use is prejudiced, so object methods of data collection for medication use are frequently used in research. The best method to be used to measure the adherence to mediation is use of questionnaires, which involve use of survey method. The questionnaires enable the researchers to give their experience in adherence of the prescribed drugs or not. Participants of the questionnaire are formally asked to rank their experiences using the 5-point scale. The 5-scale used ranges from 1 (powerfully disagree) to 45(powerfully agree).Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

Quantitative Research Article
The quantitative research article to be studied was published in 2007 by “Research in Nursing and Health,” under the title “A Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Delay in Older Adults Seeking Help for Symptoms of Acute Myocardial Infarction”. The article precisely demonstrates the content of the entire article and the study itself. The research uses sampling method as a statistical method to collect data on which the research is focused. It is believed that the statistical method used during the collection of data is an appropriate one for the study. The general research design, used in this study, was suitable for the purpose, and initially a small pilot study was undertaken to appraise the educational involvement, study mechanisms and instruments, and validity and reliability of the measurement tools employed.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

Purpose of the Study
The article had the aim of studying the significance of the problem area; older adults have longer pre-treatment hindrances than younger adults when encountering symptoms of severe myocardial infarction (AMI). The authors placed the results of the study into a bigger structure when they suggested that all older adults at risk for AMI should be evaluated for educational needs related to the condition.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

Review of the Literature
Though the review of the literature was very brief, the authors employed only primary sources, and there were no intentional omissions of significant references. The review acknowledged past literatures interventions tailored to reduce pre-treatment delays, greatly operationalized via the mass media promotions. The comparative vanity of these interventions made authors of the research hypothesize that the social, emotional, and cognitive factors, entailed in the treatment delay, had been formerly resolved in other researches, hence developing a gap in the literature. The authors of the article further acknowledged the reality of other researches on the whole communities rather than particular populace at risk for AMI. Attitudes, skills, beliefs and knowledge, and the cognitive aspects, researched in the study, were adequately defined and their relationship to treatment delay was discussed.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

There are two main hypotheses that were acknowledged in the study. First, the authors hypothesized that older people, who attained an educational intervention, would exhibit increased understanding of AMI symptoms, enhanced positive beliefs and attitudes regarding calling for emergency services fast, and enhanced perceived control. Second, the authors of the study forecasted that the study respondents’ anxiety would not be considerably increased due to the educational intervention. I defend these two hypotheses because they can be tested using the method used to collect data.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

The general study design was suitable for the purpose, and initially a small pilot study was undertaken to assess the educational involvement, study mechanisms and instruments, and validity and reliability of the measurement tools, utilized in the research. The average age of population sample researched was 65 or older; however, it comprised of generally Caucasian women and men, and it did not represent the broad populace. An expediency sampling technique was used to choose the participants, which develops a bigger risk of study prejudice. Though the researchers began with a group of over 917 people, the last sample size was comparatively small after the omission criterion was used.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

Lastly, the study participants were at random assigned to two research groups, the control group and the group getting the educational intervention. The author explained the educational measurement and intervention mechanisms in detail. The reliability and validity of one tool was confirmed by three “cardiovascular experts”, who contrasted the items on the tool for “clarity and congruence with the theoretical framework”. The absence of documented research testing could bring the reliability and validity and aspects of the study tool into question.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

Therefore, the overall structure of the research seems to have an element of internal validity, though the measurement tool could be perceived as a risk. In addition, five of the research participants presented from a higher center, and though researchers tried to control this unrelated variable by coaching them not to discuss the research; the likelihood of infectivity was bounded to result to a risk. The research had, to some extent, a low measure of external validity because of the small corresponding sample. The researchers got approval from the study participants and the participants` ethical and legal rights were clearly protected.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

The data collection methods, used in this research article, answered the research questions, and were suitable for collecting the data results of the research. The authors discussed limitations of the study, which include the expediency sampling and general small sample size. Evenness of the results with other research literature and other studies could not be ascertained since there was no any analogous research literature or studies, formerly undertaken. The authors suggest that future studies can be performed in order to ascertain whether the holdup in treatment would be impacted by the educational intervention. The authors linked the research findings to the significance of sufficient health education for older adults. The authors also argued that the number of adults, who are over the age of 65, is expected to double its numbers over the next 20 years, consequently causing the education of older adults to be a bigger precedence for healthcare professionals.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

Findings from this research study support the meaning of painstaking education for elderly cardiac victims in the community. Even though the findings are not essentially appropriate to the broad population, they are important and merit further research. The results have been forthcoming because of the effective and appropriate methods used to collect data.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

The topic in this questionnaire deals with customer’s satisfaction with health care sector, the aim of which is to promote service delivery. In 2009, the Joint Senior Management Committee (JSMC) started an official procedure of assessing consumer’s satisfaction with the social and health services` system. The project was a joint effort between the Authorities and Department of Health and Social Services as part of their continuing dedication to assessment and quality assurance. It also touched Action Plan Item 5.1.4, a dedication by the Minister of Health and Social Services to carry out a customer satisfaction survey.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper

JSMC felt it would be paramount to obtain feedback from individuals, utilizing two separate parts of the system – community health centers/social services and hospitals. In order to tackle these separate parts of the system, two diverse questionnaires and collection methods were to be employed. The Northwest Territories (NWT) Hospital Satisfaction Questionnaire was designed to assist measure client’s satisfaction with the four hospitals in the NWT, whilst the Community Health and Social Services Client Feedback Form were offered at health centers and social services offices. Consequently, this report aims to obtain the results of the NWT Hospital Satisfaction Questionnaire and the hospital in Fort Smith.Nursing Example On Data Collection Methods In Research Paper