1. An age restriction of forty years should be placed upon women in accessing Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART’s). Analyse this statement, and present an ethical argument either in favour of, or in opposition to, an age restriction on access to ART’s.



Nursing is a profession related to healthcare which mainly focussed on lone human distress, families and groups or teams in order to achieve the optimal balance of life. The role of a nurse deals with allotment of medicine to patients who ensure the backbone and strong dedication from bearing to death. Nurses provide care to the babies and as well as to old people which is necessary and they generally plan independently as an allotment of aggregation to assess, plan and appraise care.

Nursing   is  considered  as  noble  profession  because  nurses  play  a  pivotal  role  by

maintaining the ethical rules and codes and  by helping  the  patient   to    overcome  the  ailments   they  are  suffering  with. The challenges and skills required to become a nurse have to be explained  by how  nurses  create  an  awareness   about  diseases  and    prevent  the  spread   of   infection  in  patients  and  help   the patients  to manage  their  life  in  tough  times ,  in  a  competent  manner by understanding the ethical issues of the patient.NURSING ETHICS IN ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES Essay.


The implementation in restriction of age for the women in assessment of assisted reproductive technologies is justifying and also it is imperative. This is explained by the following theories.NURSING ETHICS IN ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES Essay.

Grounded theory: This theory is applicable to the role of nurses in taking care of sensitive issues which include in accessing of assisted reproductive therapies. For example the research studies in Australia says that the enrolled nurses are considered to be sensitive and they are not fit to access ART, where as registered nurses who are more influenced with practical approach are efficient and the knowledge studies of registered nurses are reliable to the patient in approaching the cases with ART’s. Generally enrolled nurses recruited as part-timers and they are unable to know the comforts of the patient in depth especially in relation to reproductive technologies as may not be experienced enough with the injuredwho would allow making mistakes by breaking ethical codes which is importantin maintaining the rules and regulations of nursing practices(Cherry & Jacob,2005).NURSING ETHICS IN ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES Essay. Registered  nurses  are  nurses  known  to  have  good  experience  in their  domain  of working  and  they  are  equipped  with  sound  knowledge  and    management  skills   to  analyze  and  cope   with  the situations  that  arise  in  working  environment.NURSING ETHICS IN ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES Essay.

Transcultural nursing theory:

It is vital for a nurse to understand and face the challenges with according to the changes happening at global level which would allow overcoming the ethics and also helps in understanding the needs of a patient. This would allow getting experience at global level, which makes to learn different cultures and adapt to the different conditions by meeting new ones. The patience in dealing with reproductive issues will vary based on the age of the women, so it is important to fix a certain age limit and for reproductive issues it should be 40 years which is ideal and sensitive issue which can’t be afford to lose by ethical issues (Jackson, Firtko & Edenborough, 2007,pp.1-9). The role of ART nurse is quite complex because the issues which are related to negative impacts should be informed to the patient with utmost care and should reduce the pain of the patient. The ethical issues should be taken into consideration and should adjust according to the situations with taking care of the patient. The recruitment of nurses will also depend on the age because most of them believe the physical and mental attributes of the nurse which is important while dealing with the patient. The  working  environment   should   be   suitable  for   the  nurses   to  go  on  with  their  routine  works  and duties. At the same time it depends from nurse to nurse since the capabilities were exposed when they get experienced. Rise of double standards in knowledge due to decrease in memory since the age is increasing may lead to concerns with ART’s practices.NURSING ETHICS IN ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES Essay.


ANMC ethical codes:

Decrease in retention, especially among the nurses in speciality practice, frequent turnover, early retirement, or leaving nursing. The alteration in composition of nurses and their dissatisfaction will majorly contribute to the complexity of nursing shortage. Nurses should know the rights which were advised by the Australian nursing and midwifery council. It is their own duty to not abide the rules and regulations and this can be mishandled by unskilled professionals(Lemone & Burke, 2004). Nurses who are older have shown a lot of interest in nursing profession and the same should be towards the younger age, this can be changed unless if hospitals look on quality of skilled professionals instead of rising ethical issues.

Nurses are accountable to a number of moral duties, and acknowledged professionals. Nursing duties are concerned and suggested to be account of patient’s acquaintance.The  main duties are skilled duties which are united with readiness and application but there are legal implications if they’re breached, so they’re conjointly legal duties; moral concerns arise in contemplation of those duties, like thought of once they may be breached and that they are so moral duties in addition.NURSING ETHICS IN ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES Essay.

There are lot of common and advancing ethical issues related to ART’S practices of which some of the issues included: Patients oath and care, accoutrement adversity with attainable blow to their own health,apprentice all-around acceptance to nursing care, the usage of physical and chemical restraints, alive with unethical and impaired colleagues, protectionof patients,deconsideration of patient’s superior of life, poor alive conditions. To overcome these ethical issues, nurses are well trained with the fundamental principles whichshould benefit the patients. Nurses should be keen on practising the rules and regulations act which would not rise against ethical issues.The ART’s practices showed a huge impact relating to ethical issues mainly due to social, religious and politicalmatters. However  it is prompt to   maintain  professionalism  in  the working  place  and  do  the   duties  in  a  lawful  and proper  manner  by maintaining  the   work  place   ethics(Robinson, 2002,p.B4). Chronic   disease   management   is  another  important   task  of  registered  nurses  and   this  requires   skills   and  impeccable   management   capabilities   of  the nurses   are tested  here.   During   chronic   disease  management   various   dangerous   diseases   related to assessment of reproductive technologies  should  be  managed  with utmost  care  and  any  amount  of   negligence  and   lethargy  shown  by   the nurses   could  put  the patient  life  in  trouble.NURSING ETHICS IN ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES Essay.

Implications of society:

Society   is   highly  dependent   on  the  nursing   to  maintain   the  standards   of    healthcare  sector   and   administer  quality   treatment   to   the   ill  and  elderly   persons   in   the  society.NURSING ETHICS IN ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES Essay.

The   registered  nurses ,  student  nurses   and  enrolled   nurses    should   have   an  amicable   and   understanding  relationship   so  that  they  can   manage  their   tasks  in  a  smooth  manner   and  deliver   the  expected   treatment   in  a  systematic   and  disciplined   way. Nurses  in various  levels  of their  career  should  give  respect   to   their  colleagues  and  seniors   and  do  their  duties  in  a  proper  fashion(Schofield et al., 2006,p.604).Generally skilled professionals/nurses should be aware of patient necessities. This can be achieved by knowing their cultures and their adaptation to the environment. It completely differs from patient to patient; this is difficult task where nurses should strive hard to get skilled in their work. It depends on understanding between one another and the way of expression Nurse should be aware of patient’s culture and should handle sensibly while taking care without misbehaving. The major advantage of knowing the different cultures will create better opportunities at global level and they can survive all over the world. Though nursing profession has wide opportunities at global level it requires patience, and be aware of diversity in culture followed by able to cope up with the environment (Younger, 2004, pp.45-51). Nurses should be trained to expose at different cultures as this creates chances to meet new people all around the world. For example Nursing  sector in  Australia  has  lived   up   to  the  expectations   of   the  society    by   administering  quality   treatment   to   the  people  of  the  society  and   the   present  situation  demands   challenging   works   for  the  nursing  sector   in  the  health care field. The age limit for 40years should be adapted in order to decrease the old age duties and input the fresh talents which would benefit the system.


Age restriction to the nurses will depend from one individual to the other and majority will be considered. As the Research studies stats at global level shows the need to restrict in accessing ART’s practices. It justifies by adopting the registered nurses who attained mental and physical strengths. At the same time the  patients  who  remain  in  the  hospital   should   treat  the  nurses  with  respect   and  give  credibility   to   the  nurses   for  performing   their  duties   in   a  sincere   and   honest  manner.  Age restriction allows nurses not be put   in tremendous   pressure   to   do their duties and show concreteresults by involving in allocated duties. This shows the age restriction should be made mandatory which is imperative and ART’s practices should be tackled by the nurse with appropriate way in providing good support to the patients and act to the problems in a proper way which should not hurt the feelings of a patient or their parents. Finally age restriction would allow to empowerment of nursing system. Nurses   should   not  be  forced   to  manage    many  tasks   because   nurses   need   to  give  more  individual  attention   to   the  patients  and  need  peace   of   mind  while  carrying  their  respective   duties.NURSING ETHICS IN ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES Essay.