Nursing Biology and Kids Health Care Essay

Nursing Biology and Kids Health Care Essay

At the end of their first year, the culmination of development in skeletal, muscular, and neural systems allows infants to make the critical transition to walking upright.” (Infant Growth and Development. 2006).

A ten-month-old child improves her communication skills. She is testing new sounds. A good nurse should encourage her interest in language by carefully listening and replying to her words. There are several things a nurse can do to ensure that a child grows and develops normally. In jasmine’s case, make sure that she gets the following.

Proper nutrition: – a balanced diet which will provide all the essential minerals and vitamins required for normal growth and development. The development of a child from birth to 5 years can be measured in five ways.

Most babies around 10 months old start showing fear around strangers. They get upset when the parents go somewhere, and they show separation and anxiety. At this stage, a child may closely look at peoples facial expressions especially when he/she need assistance in deciding what to do.

At this stage, a child learns to use objects correctly. For instance, using a phone or drinking from a cup. She will be able to correctly identify an image when its name is spoken. She also tries to explore objects in many ways such as banging, shaking, dropping and throwing. She will also able to identify between two or three objects.


Regarding language development, babbling appears more advanced and, more or less, it sounds like language. She started using sounds and gestures to communicate and able to respond to simple verbal requests. She will be able to utter ‘mama’ and ‘dada’.

Even though most senses of a 10-month-old child is mature; her hearing and vision improve to twelve months. “By the seventh month most children have a full-color vision and they can see the object at a distance more clearly”

* Apply critical thinking and problem solving to provide nursing care, which promotes holism and adaptation by discovering research questions, critically analyzing research, and applying research to practice. * Incorporate the principles of communication, client education, and client advocacy into practice. * Evaluate career choices within the nursing profession based on emerging skills and personal strengths and abilities. * Display behaviors as a member of the profession of nursing based on standards of practice and professional codes of ethics to: * assume accountability for own nursing practice * practice within ethical and legal frameworks

At the successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

1. Critical thinking is reflected in the clinical decisions during bed side nursing and documentation of patient cares. 2. Demonstrate appropriate communication techniques used to teach and assess children and their families. 3. Demonstrate cultural competence in planning, implementing, and managing care for the maternal and child population while using evidence based practice. 4. Use evidence based practice and scholarly journals that apply to the childbearing and pediatric population. Students will use online technology to find information. 5. Identify principles/theories of family development and family dynamics and apply these to selected case studies and clinical settings. 6. Identify concepts of growth and development across the life span and throughout the wellness-illness continuum. 7. Apply the adaptation nursing process in the care of families in a variety of settings toward the goal of promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health. 8. Demonstrate understanding of the concepts of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice through interactions with clients, families, and health care staff. 9. Provide professional nursing care for the childbearing and child rearing family that is caring, goal-directed, and therapeutic. 10. Discuss ethical/legal behaviors related to the care of the childbearing and pediatric population. 11. Practice safety measures and environmental control in regard to the pediatric, Nursing Biology and Kids Health Care Essay.