Nursing and Midwifery Studies Essay

Nursing and Midwifery Studies Essay

Critique of Nursing Theories

King’s Theory of Goal Attainment

King’s theory of Goal Attainment focuses on the way the goals of the patient are achieved through patient-nurse interactions.  For transaction to occur there should be interactions between the nurse and the patient through communication (Adib & Tahmoursei, 2018). The theory is clear because definitions are clear and conceptually drawn from literature research.  According to Alligood (2018),   a key strong point of Goal Attainment theory is the simplicity with which nurses can understand it. There are a  concrete definition and illustration of concepts.

The theory is general and can be broadly used in numerous nursing situations. King’s concepts are have been used in the development of a framework for utilization in nursing practice, nursing education, and for the generation of hypotheses for research. The theory is accessible because King collected empirical data on patient-nurse interaction that resulted in goal attainment. The theory is important because it is a middle-range theory that focuses on every aspect of the process of nursing; evaluation, planning, assessment, implementation, and evaluation. The body of literature establishes the theory as significant for the building of knowledge in the nursing discipline (Alligood, 2018). Nursing and Midwifery Studies Essay.

Parse’s Human Becoming Theory

Parse’s Human Becoming theory guides the nursing practice to concentrate on the quality of life as it is lived and described by and lived by others. The theory is not clear because of the abstractness of concepts.  According to Alligood (2018), the concepts and interrelationships in the human becoming theory are written in the language of science. This requires nurses to look for ways that are useful to promote patients’ quality of life. Regarding simplicity, the theory is not simple because concepts are described in abstract philosophical forms. The language cause discomfort to nurses because it is at times more associated with unfamiliar assumptions and beliefs about human beings and the way they interrelate with the universe.


Regarding generality, the theory is general and it was chosen to theoretically guide nurses and other providers in diverse settings, including community, long-term care as well as acute care settings.  As such the theory is accessible by nurses in all care settings. Nursing and Midwifery Studies Essay. The theory transforms what nurses use whey they become involved with persons in research and practice, and it transforms the thinking, attitudes, and approaches that nurses depend on when fulfilling their purposes with others (Alligood, 2018).



Adib, M., & Tahmoursei, M. (2018). Nurse-patient relationship based on the Imogene King’s Theory of Goal Attainment. Nursing and Midwifery Studies 7, 141-144. doi:10.4103/nms.nms_10_17

Alligood, M. R. (2018).  Nursing Theorists and Their Work. Elsevier Health Sciences.

Nursing theory allows the nurse to plan and implement care in a proactive and efficient way. The two theories that will be discussed in this powerpoint presentation provide nurses with the tools to help improve quality of care for patients. King’s theory of Goal Attainment focuses on a “dynamic, interpersonal relationship in which a patient grows and develops to attain certain life goals” (Petiprin, 2016a). This theory outlines a system of understanding, communication and decision making. Parse’s Human Becoming theory’s main focus was on understanding the patient’s perspective. Parse refers to it “as an art of nursing by developing dignity, leading and following; teaching, learning and mentoring with the end goal being to enhance the quality of your patients’ lives” (VanAuken, 2015). This does assist nurses in communicating health goals but not in fixing health issues and behaviors. King’s theory seeks to not only see from the patient’s perspective but also to make realistic health care goals that the nurse and patient can agree upon. The takeaway message from critiquing these two theories is the importance of communication with patients. Nursing and Midwifery Studies Essay. Without communication there would not be an understanding of why goals cannot be achieved or why certain health behaviors are not changing. Communication is the key component between the two theories because it establishes human interaction. This interaction assists the nurse in determining patients’ attitudes towards their health. The best intervention to advance practice in the realm of nursing is to communicate with patients. Critiquing these theories will help gain a better understanding of how they serve the nursing profession and patient outcomes. This is achieved by dissecting the concepts and their definitions as well as how they relate to each other and their applicability to patient situations. Comparisons between the two theories as well as facilitating advanced practice outcomes will also be discussed. Overall, a better understanding of how these theories advance nursing practice and benefit patients. Nursing and Midwifery Studies Essay .