Nursing and Mental Health Illness Essay

Nursing and Mental Health Illness Essay

The paper “Nursing and Mental Health Illness” is a perfect example of a case study on nursing. (a) Nursing problems associated with Joan? Joan is a patient who is suffering from a mental illness that has resulted from the tetanus infection that she has. Her mental illness has come with a number of other effects that are caused by the fact she is having a chronic mental illness that has to be controlled by having regular tetanus injections (Armstrong, 2007, pp.45). The condition that crops up due to mental illness have so many other related problems such as nursing problems. Joan, therefore, is a victim of all these problems that exist or are exhibited since she has contracted tetanus hence, therefore, suffering from mental illness.Nursing and Mental Health Illness Essay

It is an issue that is quite problematic that is associated with mental illness. Such issues can be noted from Joan’s way of conduct which has emanated from poor nursing conditions that she has undergone (Australian Government, 2006, pp.200). The version of the story she narrates and the sentimental tone she uses as she narrates the way she feels about her situation in her job can clearly indicate that her mental disorder has not been properly taken care of.


It can be clearly noted that she suffers from a disorder that makes her lose confidence in herself hence, therefore, making her feel shy which a very odd kind of behavior is for a lady of her age. It is a very eccentric manner for a lady at an age above forty to feel shy as Joan. At the same time, she explained that she was upset with her current job and more especially with the people she is working with (Elder, Evans & Nizette, 2009, pp.150). This is another clear indication that illustrates that Joan has been having inappropriate nursing attention for her mental illness which has made her condition to worsen. She has started developing the feeling of stigma and withdraws since she feels as if she is sidelined by her fellow workmates due to the fact she is has a mental illness. This could not have escalated to such levels if she had been subjected to good mental nursing or psychiatric treatment. Her story goes on and she laments about being sad about her career in the sense that she wishes to have a higher job class than she is at the moment when she is being interviewed. She also complains about her life at work and also at her home.Nursing and Mental Health Illness Essay

Such sentiments of resentment are certainly showing that Joan is suffering from a condition of discontent which is not normal for a lady of her age. She goes on to say that she has reached a point of desperation thus is thinking of committing suicide (Fortinash and Worret, 2004, pp.125). Her behavior at work is also very significant in describing her conservative nature. She does not interact with her colleagues and therefore sees this as an added advantage since she does not waste time and hence her boss praises and likes her.Nursing and Mental Health Illness Essay