Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.

Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.


A Nurse Table received a issue concerning allegations that rn, whilst employed in the emergency team of hospital, employed outside the opportunity by knowingly providing prescription only medication to an individual without the expert of medical officer.Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.


When interviewed, the nurse explained the patient went to the emergency office for treatment and the section was busy as of this particular time and the individual knowing this stated that they were not prepared to wait for treatment. The nurse made enquires of the patient’s allergy symptoms and reactions to medication and then consulted a health care provider. The nurse then obtained a packet of antibiotics and provided these to the individual. The nurse also made false entries in the medical record of the individual.Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.

1. Discuss and describe, what is the nature if unprofessional do by this nurse in this situation?

The code of professional do in Australia is a set of expected national benchmarks of nursing

Conduct for Australian Nurses. The code is not designed to give detailed expert advice on specific issues and regions of practice. A breach of the code may constitute professional misconduct or unprofessional conduct. A nurse must provide a safe and qualified Nursing care where she can uphold and maintain the typical of the job.Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.

In these scenario, the Registered Nurse provided antibiotics to the individual without the order of the authorized medical practiotioner, while she was working in the emergency section. To be a nurse she actually is professionally suitable for the provision of safe and proficient care. But she is prohibited to provide a prescription to the patient. This may causes offensive quality of treatment and unprofessional code of conduct. By violating the expected behaviour, she had put the safety of the patient at risk. After that, false documentation was also being made which obviously proves that she actually is competent and untruthful in profession.

Traditional process used for apprising and displaying nurses who have made honest fault in the course of the work have to be substantially modified as they are chances with the settings of human error management that are being advocated and implemented globally to improve patient basic safety and quality of care and attention in health care domains. The medical career expect that nurses will perform themselves personally and professionally in a way that will maintain open public trust and self-confidence in the profession.Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.

2. How has the nurse acted outside the professional limitations?

The countrywide competency standard for the Rn are the key competency standards where your performance is assesses to acquire and retain your licence to practice as a RN in Australia. Professional practice relate to the experts, legal and ethical responsibilities.

In the above situation, the nurse being unauthorised to recommend a medicine offered antibiotics to the individual obviously acted out of her opportunity of practice. Furthermore the reason nurse being active and the patient’s unwillingness to wait for cannot justify her act and only discloses her non-competency and poor knowledge in her carrer. The professional restrictions in medication administration restrict a nurse to administer drugs with doctor’s order and providing only the nurse initiated drugs or following telephone orders when a crisis is out there or when the physician cannot write the prescription.Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.

Besides, the Medication Management Suggestions for nurses and Midwives by NBV states that nurse should administer a drug that is not use in the nurse initiated list only when it is prescribed by an authorised professional.

3. Identify the relevant legislation and professional laws related to this case.

Professional regulatory physiques have been delegated the specialist under provincial legislation to govern the practice of the members in the public interest. Their mandate all the time is to provide and protect the public.Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.

The legislation and professional regulation related to the case, the Medication s Policy(2000) and the National Strategy for the Quality use of Medicines(2002) points out that medicines should be given judiciously, appropriately, saftly and effectively. After that, Health Regulation 1996 a registered nurse can administer a constrained or manipulated drugs to a patient on the Doctor’s or Dentist’s oral or written instructions (RN SECTION 67, 175, 263). The poison Work (1964) and Poison Rules (1965) provide clear training for nurses and midwifes relating to the supervision of drugs should be verbal orders from Medical Practioners and expert for nurses and midwifes at designated remote area.

The ANMC Country wide Competency Standards for documented nurses within a profession and ethical medical practice demonstrating accountability and responsibility for his or her own action and decision making in accordance with the legislations and rules. A Professional nurse is to adhere to these professional legislation and regulation.

4. What type of professional development can you recommend for this nurse to undertake to avoid future such occurrences and why?

The national competency standards for the Registered Nurse are the primary competency standards by which our performance is evaluated to obtain and sustain your license to apply as Registered Nurse in Australia. The Registered Nurse should be demonstrates competence in the provision Nursing treatment as specified by the registering expert licence to practice, educational prep, relevant legislation and framework of care and attention.Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.

In this scenario experienced difficulty in practising within her range of practice and acted within an unsafe and incompetent manner by causing errors in documentation intentionally. The ANMC code of ethics claims that, nurse value honest management of information which requires nurse to track record information accurately and non-judgemental. Eventhough, the exhibited poor knowledge and did not work in comply with legislation giving non prescribed medication.

Hence this nurse should review the professional specifications and code of ethics and also upgrade with new legislation and legislation relating to medicines administration. While exercising should be careful about her acts and the consequences, so that she can understand her professional limitations thereby ensuring basic safety of patient, herself and co-workers. Furthermore, continuing medical education programs, counselling and an alteration of work environment can help her to work competently and securely.Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.

5. What’s the seriousness of this issue?

The Documented Nurses issues pertains to the professional, legal and ethical obligations which requires demonstration of a satisfactory knowledge foundation, accountability for practice, fuctioning in accordance with legislation impacting Nursing, healthcare and the safeguard of individual and group rights.Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.

In health care system, nurses are responsible for providing safe and competent care. But in this case, the nurse indulged within an unprofessional conduct by administering medication without prescription which may lead to harm to the individual even to the degree of death. Furthermore, the false entries in the recodes may mislead the co-worker and may cause more harm to the patient. Also this misconduct places disgrace to her job and lead to legal, cultural and financial implications leading to cancellation of Subscription.Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.

Furthermore, the nursing authority must suffer in terms of need for investigation and the costs on making the problem. Repeated happenings of such unprofessional carry out may disrupt public’s beliefs in health personnel who’s considered life savers.Nurse Provides Prescription Medicine Without Authority Essay.