Nurse Practitioner Role Transition Paper

Nurse Practitioner Role Transition Paper

The first step when starting up private practice as an advanced nurse practitioner is to research the state laws that govern nurse practitioners in my state. It will also be important to review the Nurse Practice Act and search for documents that explain the role of specific procedures (Barnes, 2015).

The startup required to start private practice includes costs to cover location (office space), buying medical equipment, computers, office supplies, blood pressure monitors, and other supplies, costs to cover application and licensing fees, advertising costs, as well as staffing costs. Other additional costs include costs associated with acquiring property and malpractice insurance, acquiring transcription services, electronic health record (EHR) systems, and medical billing services. These costs can be covered using small business loans or state and federal grants (Barnes, 2015). The staffing needs needed include the ancillary staff like a medical assistant and receptionist may be required, especially if there will be a constant flow of patients. Nurse Practitioner Role Transition Paper


In addition, it will be important to determine the insurance reimbursements because some patients are not likely to pay out of pocket. Therefore, it will be important to establish acceptable insurances, compensation, and covered services (Barnes, 2015).

To build partnerships with the community, one can reach out to other healthcare providers in the community to boost the referral network. Secondly, when the patients are referred to me, it is important to make follow-ups and get feedback, and determine if the patients were satisfied with the provided services (Chouinard et al, 2017). This can ensure that the current customers are maintained and also satisfied customers may refer other customers.


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Nurse Practitioner Role Transition Paper