Nurse Practitioner And Post-Master Nurse Practitioner V8 Essay

Nurse Practitioner And Post-Master Nurse Practitioner V8 Essay

Personal Perception of the Advanced Practice Role

My understanding of the advanced practice role is that it refers to modified codes of practice within the nursing profession. As such, I believe that the advanced practice role is a guideline within the nursing practice, which governs the modern practice.

Definition of the Advanced Practice Nursing

According to Barker, there has been confusion concerning the definitional distinction between ‘advanced practice nursing’ and the ‘advanced nursing practice’. Nurse Practitioner And Post-Master Nurse Practitioner V8 Essay. Certainly, this has brought some misunderstandings. To clear the air, he defines advanced practice nursing as,

Any form of nursing intervention, which influences the healthcare outcomes for the individuals or populations (Barker, 2009).

He further specifies some of the interventions for the nurses. Ideally, these responses include the direct care of the individual patients and the management care of the community and the individuals. Nurse Practitioner And Post-Master Nurse Practitioner V8 Essay. As well, it involves the prudent administration of the nursing institutions and the health care organizations to ensure the delivery of quality health care services. Moreover, according to Barker, the Advanced Practice Nursing includes the development and implementation of the health policies (Barker, 2009).

The role of the Advanced Practice Nursing

One of the roles of the advanced practice nursing is that of the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL). Apparently, this function was introduced in order to address the difficulties in the nursing profession. Precisely, the role was designed to meet the issues of patient safety, the nursing shortage, patient safety. In addition, it came to tackle the problem of fragmentation in the health care system (Barker, 2009).Nurse Practitioner And Post-Master Nurse Practitioner V8 Essay.  The Advanced Practice Nursing also has the role of determining the competency expectation levels for people seeking to advance their knowledge in nursing. As such, they are responsible for designing the academic programs for the clinical doctorate. Apparently, according to Barker, this level has the designation of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).

The role of the family nurse practitioner

According to Leik, one of the primary reasons for the establishment of the nurse practitioner role was to address the problem of the shortage of primary care physicians. Indeed, this problem was prevalent especially in the rural areas. The family nurse practitioner attends to the core health needs of the society from the family level. One of his roles is to provide medical care of the children. Ideally, these are called the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (Leik, 2013). As well, the family practitioner addresses maternity issues in the family.Nurse Practitioner And Post-Master Nurse Practitioner V8 Essay.  For instance, she makes regular appointments with expectant and the nursing mothers to ensure that they give birth well and safely. As well, they ensure that the newborns grow well.


My career goals in Nursing

I aim to provide nursing care especially to nursing mothers in the rural areas to the best of my ability. As well, I plan to use the knowledge I will acquire from my training to provide basic health training to my immediate community. In addition, I aim to launch community-based nursing interventions intended to meeting the health needs of the poor in my area

The acts that define the Scope of Practice in CA FNP

The California Family Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice provides crucial information on the nursing practice. Incidentally, it contains vital insights on the Acts defining the nursing practice.
Indeed, according to Leik, the legal authority for the Nurse Practitioner (NP) lies in the Nurse Practice Act. Surprisingly, the right to practice does not come from the AMA, the federal government, or the Department of Health. Accordingly, every state has its version of the Nursing Practice Act (Leik, 2013)
One of the Acts defining the Scope Of Practice for the nurse practitioner is the statutory authority.Nurse Practitioner And Post-Master Nurse Practitioner V8 Essay.  The Act provides for the elected officials to in the nursing profession to vote on various bills. Once passed, the bills become law and thus have statutory authority (Leik, 2013). For example, the Board of Registered Nursing site contains the minutes as to the discussions of some regulations in nursing. Specifically, the Nursing Education Consultant APRN workgroup met to review Article 8, 1480-1484 of Title 16 of the California Code of Regulation of the Nurse Practitioner Laws and Regulations (Board of Registered Nursing)

How I plan to apply this Scope of Practice to my career goals

I plan to use the range of legal reviews to discuss and develop sound regulations in nursing. Indeed, these laws will assist in addressing the emerging issues in the Family Nursing Practice. Nurse Practitioner And Post-Master Nurse Practitioner V8 Essay.


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