Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

Assignment 1: Practicum Experience – Journal Entry
To follow up on this course’s Practicum Experience, address the following in your Practicum Reflective Journal:
• Select and describe a nursing theory that was used to guide your practice.
• What goals and objectives were used for your Practicum Experience in this course? When developing your goals and objectives, were the seven domains of practice in mind?
• Were you able to meet the timeline of practicum activities that you set at the beginning of the course in your initial journal based on your practicum requirements? If not, why and how do you learn to meet them in your next practicum experience? Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay


Nursing Theorist Grid: Ida Orlando

Use grid below to complete the Week 4-Nursing Theorists assignment. Please see the “Nursing Theorists’ Grading Criteria” document, located on the Materials page of the student Web site.


Theorist Selected: Ida Orlando

Description of Theory: Ida Orlando developed the deliberative nursing theory process in response to the nurse’s interpretation of client behavior. According to Orlando, the deliberative nursing process has five stages; assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The assessment phase is a holistic assessment approach using subjective and objective data about the client.  Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay
| How does this concept relate to nursing education? | Orlando’s theories assert that the client is a unique individual whose behavior is a cry for help. Behavior may be verbal or non-verbal. The nurse investigates the behavior and explores the meaning of the behavior. A caveat is that the client’s behavior may not clearly demonstrate the nature of the distress but must be considered as a plea for help (Schmieding, 1990). It is the nurse’s responsibility to engage the client to determine the needs and verify that the actions are helpful (Schmieding, 1990). Searching for meaning in the patient’s action is critical to the nursing process and practice. | In their article “Putting Power in Nurses Hands”, authors Potter and Tinker (2000) describe an example of how Orlando’s theory is put into practice. The scenario they describe relates to assessing patient anxiety. In this anecdote, the nurse observes a patient wringing his hands. She identifies her perceptions which is that the patient is anxious. The nurse then asks the patient clarifying question about the patients observed behavior. If the patient affirms anxiety, the nurse explores ways to decrease distress. The nurse then validates whether or not the anxiety has decreased. | The deliberative nursing process is an important foundation to nursing education. Orlando’s theories are one of the most effective in helping nursing students to assess a client’s needs. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

Ida Jean Orlando Nursing Theory Essay
Traslado Jean Orlando, an American of Italian descent was born in 1926. Your woman received her nursing diploma or degree from New York Medical College, Lower Sixth Avenue Hospital, School of Nursing, her BS in nursing from St . John’s University, Brooklyn, NY, and her MA in mental health medical from Instructors College, Columbia University, Nyc. Orlando was an Associate Teacher at Yale School of Nursing exactly where she was Director with the Graduate Program in Mental Well being Psychiatric Nursing jobs. While at Yale she was project examiner of a Nationwide Institute of Mental Health grant eligible: Integration of Mental Overall health Concepts within a Basic Medical Curriculum. It was from this exploration that Orlando, florida developed her concept that was published in her 1961 book, The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship.

Your woman furthered the development of her theoretical concept once at McLean Hospital in Belmont, MUM as Director of a Study: Two Systems of Nursing in a Psychiatric Hospital. The results of the research happen to be contained in her 1972 book titled: The Discipline and Teaching of Nursing Program. Orlando organised various positions in the Boston area, was obviously a board member of Harvard Community Health Program, and served as both a national and around the world consultant. The girl with a repeated lecturer and conducted several seminars on nursing mechanisms. Orlando’s theory was developed in the late 1950s by observations the lady recorded between a health professional and sufferer. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

Despite her efforts, she was only able to classify the data as “good” or “bad” nursing. It then dawned on her behalf that the two formulations to get “good” and “bad” nursing jobs were included in the records. The role of the nurse is usually to find out and meet the patient’s immediate requirement for help. By these findings she formulated the deliberative nursing procedure.

The Metaparadigm Concepts incorporate: Human/Person – An individual in need Well being – Not any restricted explanation Society/Environment – No restricted definition Nursing jobs – An exceptional profession “Providing direct help individuals in whatever environment they are identified for this individual purpose of avoiding, relieving, diminishing, or treating the individual’s sense of helplessness” The patient’s presenting behavior could possibly be a request for support, however , the assistance needed might not be what it reveals to be. Consequently , nurses ought to use their very own perception, thoughts about the perception, or perhaps the feeling engendered from their awareness to explore with patients the meaning of their patterns. This process helps the nurse find out the nature of the distress and what help the individual requirements. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

Orlando’s theory is still one the of the most powerful practice hypotheses available. The application of her theory helps keeps the nurse’s focus on the patient. The strength of the theory is that it truly is clear, exact, and easier to use. While rendering the overall construction for nursing, the use of her theory does not exclude healthcare professionals from utilizing other theories while looking after the patient. Whenever using Orlando’s theory, the health professional identifies her own perceptions, thoughts, and feelings regarding the patient’s behaviors, after that confirms these the patient.

She then formulates deliberative nursing jobs actions to fulfill direct affected person needs. As being a final stage, the nurse verifies whether or not she met the patient’s needs and decreased his distress, and determines in the event that further action is required. The theory merges proficient nursing practice and customer satisfaction. A question such as how can one end up being helped? This kind of clarifies the nurse’s presumptions about sufferer needs and minimizes reference maltreatment. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

The nurse focuses on relieving sufferer distress. Concours address the patient’s requirements from the patient’s perspective. Orlando’s patient-focused theory gives healthcare professionals a lucid, consistent procedure. It’s social, straightforward, and applicable to both simple and complex scenarios.

Nurses can easily apply the idea independently or as an entire department. When ever nurse leaders initiate the theory’s utilization in their departments, nurses are given a tool to meet patients and themselves. This, in turn, fulfills organizational and staff by giving retention desired goals.

Because rns can use the method even with time, energy, and financial limitations, they can lessen frustration connected with “doing even more with less. ” Also, nurses experience rewarded when they can find their unique contribution to affected person care-meeting the patient’s quick needs. Budget-friendly interventions just like using this theory add worth to medical assistance at a time when it’s difficult to enhance time with patients. Healthcare professionals can maximize their time, creating “magic moments” with patients and providing the best intercession. They can meet immediate patient needs, reduce affected person distress, and feel energized and contended. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

In all, these concepts by Orlando constitute the basis for providing rns an opportunity to understand their marriage with their patients in a better way, so as to give sufferer care a brand new and whole hearted that means.

Nursing theorists contributed greatly to professional nursing today. Ida Orlando derived her Deliberative Nursing Process Theory after being “dissatisfied with the views that nurses were motivated to act as a result of orders from physicians, institutional policies, and other reasons, none of which related to nursing action based on meeting patients’ needs” (Tyra, 2008, p. 231). Orlando’s theory was the first to recognize the role in which patient participation plays in patient feedback and planning care and was the first nursing theorist to base a theory off of her own research. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how Ida Orlando’s Deliberative Nursing Process Theory is centered on the nurse-patient relationship, the validity of perception, and how the nursing process is used to achieve positive outcomes or the improvement of patient care. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

To begin with, Ida Jean Orlando Pelletier was born in 1926. She received her nursing diploma from New York Medical College, Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital School of Nursing in 1947. In 1951, Ida earned her BS in public health nursing from St. John’s University and her MA in mental health nursing from Teachers College, Colombia University in 1954. When Orlando was an associate professor and director of the Graduate Program in Mental Health Psychiatric Nursing at Yale University, she set out to answer a multitude questions about the nursing role. As research, Ida evaluated the goods and bads of nursing practice as she witnessed from 2,000 patient-nurse interactions. Her conclusions about the nursing process were published in 1962 as The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship. This book has been since translated into 12 different languages and still is a major nursing literature piece today

Nursing theory development has a long history, including significant changes and improvements that occurred in the middle of the 20th century. The progress of the nursing profession is evident today and its success can be explained by a deep understanding of nursing theories and philosophies. The purpose of this paper is to describe, evaluate, and discuss the application of one of the nursing theories that can be recognized as a grand or middle-range theory. The theory chosen for the analysis is the Deliberative Nursing Process Theory developed by Ida Jean Orlando in 1961 to underline the importance of the nurse-patient relationship (Bunkers, 2012). Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

Theory/Author Name and Background
Ida Jean Orlando is the author of a middle-range nursing theory about the worth of the deliberative nursing process in practice. The description and analysis of this theory is a significant contribution to the development of nurse-patient relationships and the explanation of how Orlando’s ideas and concepts may guide nursing actions.

Ida Jean Orlando, an American of Italian descent, was born in 1926 (Masters, 2014). In 1947, she received her diploma in the field of nursing at New York Medical College. In 1951, she got her Bachelor of Science degree in public health nursing in Brooklyn St. John’s University (Masters, 2014). Finally, in 1954, Orlando completed her Master of Arts degree at the Columbia University Teachers College and got an opportunity to teach in different faculties, including the Yale School of Nursing (Pokorny, 2014). She investigated the field of nursing and observed the experiences of patients, nurses, students, and instructors. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

The peculiar feature of her investigations was the necessity to integrate mental health concepts and nursing standards to create appropriate conditions for patients. Her observations helped her conclude that patients had to develop their interpretations of situations and create meanings of nursing practice. In 1961, Orlando published her first book, The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship believing that the goal of nursing was to respond to all individuals and their needs and support them in case they suffer from helplessness (Raingruber, 2016). Observing nursing practice and the level of knowledge students can get at schools and colleges, Orlando decided to analyze the relations between nurses and patients and create a guide to support nurses and patients equally.

Literature Review
The Deliberative Nursing Process Theory’s uniqueness can be explained by the fact that its author was one of the first theorists who discussed a nursing process using the results of her investigation (Sampoornam, 2015). It was an empirical study with the help of which Orlando discovered an easy way to identify and meet patients’ needs. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

The point is that patients’ behaviors may not represent their true needs, and it is the task of nurses to investigate different situations and validate their understandings of patients. Raingruber (2016) states that a nurse can hardly know if the chosen approach of care is correct and helpful. It is necessary to get a confirmation from a patient about the appropriateness of the approach and learn what various assumptions can mean.

Bunkers (2012) identifies Orlando’s theory as a framework that can define professional nursing and investigate nurse-patient relationships from different perspectives. It was used for about 40 years as a systematic approach and recognized as a theory with a historical significance today (Adeyemo & Olaogun, 2013). In the investigations of Pokorny (2014), Orlando’s nursing theory is identified as a framework for the development of reciprocal relations when understandings and meanings developed by patients and nurses can affect all of them. Orlando was one of the first theorists who identified the role of a patient’s participation in the nursing process and the necessity to divide medicine from care to improve patient’s understanding of a curing process (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2015). Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

There are five main stages of the nursing process discussed in the chosen theory (Bunkers, 2012). The theorist also defines main concepts and develops clear explanations for each of them. Still, some authors find this Nursing Process Theory difficult for understanding and using due to the necessity to deal with a list of tasks and divide the roles in regards to the existing hierarchy of nurses (Al-Ftlawy, 2014). Patients have to realize that each nurse may demonstrate different attitudes to personal and health problems of patients, and nurses should understand that patients may have different interests in treatment. The Deliberative Nursing Process Theory developed by Orlando is a framework in terms of which it is possible to the relations between patients and nurses can be properly established.

Problems Addressed by Theory
The main nursing problem that is addressed by Orlando’s theory is distress caused by the impossibility to meet patients’ needs because of some physical limitations, adverse reactions, and poor communication of health problems. In her theory, Orlando identifies a list of problems that have to be solved in cases appropriate patient-nurse relationships can be developed. Many patients are ready to admit their helplessness when the time to share their health concerns comes. Not all patients have enough knowledge or even interest to discuss their health problems with someone except their doctors because they believe that only this group of medical workers has to be aware of an actual state of affairs. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

Therefore, communication between nurses and patients has always been a problematic area, and medical workers, as well as students and instructors, have to improve their knowledge and identify the methods that can be used to improve a nursing process (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2015). When patients do not know how to cope with their needs, they become helpless and distressed. Nurses should recognize such situations and know when to offer their help regarding the environment, health, and patients’ expectations (Sampoornam, 2015).


Theory Description
The Deliberative Nursing Process Theory is rooted in the interactions that have to be developed between a nurse and a patient under specific conditions. It is not enough to follow certain rules and learn special standards. Understanding and application of the theory depend on its successful understandings. In this section, the main concepts of the Nursing Process Theory and reasoning used in the theory will be discussed. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

Type of Reasoning Used in Theory
Orlando’s theory was developed based on an empirical study and has to be characterized as a good example of the theory with inductive reasoning (Pokorny, 2014). Approximately 2000 nurse-patient contacts were chosen by Orlando for observations and analysis. Observations lasted three years, and positive results were achieved. The theorist offered several categories that could be used to explain the relations between patients and nurses and the roles these participants had to perform. Certain premises were chosen to support the conclusions made and prove their probable nature.

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In comparison to deductive reasoning when the theorist has no doubts or concerns about the offered idea, inductive reasoning presupposes the possibility of false conclusions and the necessity to make corrections or choosing a new direction. Regarding the fact that Orlando did not use any peer-reviewed articles or other evidence expect the analysis of personal observations, it is correct to say that her theory uses inductive reasoning and includes the possibility to combine various nursing concepts from different perspectives. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

Major Concepts of Theory
Orlando defines several main concepts in her theory to explain the worth of nursing care and the relations that can be developed between nurses and patients. Such concepts as nursing, immediate care, human, health, and need can be operationally defined. For example, operationally, a human is introduced as a prime focus of nursing practice. It is necessary to recognize human needs, another important concept, that can be operationally defined as a requirement established by patients when they ask for nursing care. According to Orlando, nursing is an independent practice that may be characterized by emotions, help, and personal concerns. Finally, the immediate provision of help by nurses is the concept of Orlando’s theory the design of which promotes immediate care and explanations. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

How Concepts are Defined
Taking into consideration the fact that Orlando introduced several important concepts in nursing and tried to define the quality of the relations between patients and nurses, it is possible to say that all concepts are implicitly defined. Though all concepts remain to be clear and informative, some doubts may occur, and additional explanations are required. For example, human needs have to be properly identified in terms of nursing to prepare nurses for possible expectations and standards to be followed. Helplessness and distress may gain different forms, and Orlando failed to recognize that every individual may have unique traits and attitudes.

The relationship among Major Concepts
Certain attention should be paid to the relationship that is developed between concepts of the theory. In the chosen theory, such concepts as human (patient) and nursing (care) turn out to be interdependent issues because it is important to recognize nurses and patients as unique contributors to the development of effective nursing care. At the same time, the relations between need and nursing cannot be neglected because as soon as the needs of patients are identified, the required portion of nursing care may be offered. Patients have to understand that their ability to develop communication with nurses influences their further treatment, the immediateness of services, and the presence/absence of the feeling of helplessness and distress. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

In this section, certain attention will be paid to the evaluation of the main concepts of the Deliberative Nursing Process Theory and clarifications of the standards of nursing care. The nursing metaparadigm in Orlando’s theory has its specifications that have to be discussed.

Implicit and Explicit Assumptions
Orlando’s theory contains several important assumptions that can be explicitly and implicitly defined. For example, one of the main ideas includes the fact that patients may be not able to cope with their needs that lead to the development of distressing feelings and helplessness. Such an assumption is implicit because it is hard to understand what needs have to be recognized and when the feeling of distress can be observed. Another implicit assumption is connected with the role of nursing in patient care and the possibility to add to the distress professionally. Still, no clarifications are given on the steps that nurses should or should not take to avoid complications. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

Finally, it is stated that nurses are concerned with their patients’ needs in case patients cannot meet them independently. Such implicit assumption requires additional explanations of needs and the level of concern. At the same time, some assumptions are explicit by nature. For example, Orlando states that patients are unique, and nurses have to understand that their uniqueness is the key to nursing care. Besides, a mothering analog can be offered to nursing care. Finally, the communication of needs may be uncomfortable and ambivalent. Still, it has to be developed to find a solution and promote effective and easy nurse-patient relations.

Metaparadigms of Nursing
Out of four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm, only three concepts are explicitly defined. According to Orlando, nursing is a process of care in an immediate experience in terms of which it is possible to avoid or decrease the feeling of helplessness (Pokorny, 2014). A person is a being with certain needs that have to be recognized and met. Health is well-being when all needs are fulfilled, and the sense of comfort is achieved. The environment does not have a direct clarification and remains to be an implicitly defined concept. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

Clarity of Theory
In general, the theory is clear due to the possibility of Orlando to define the main concepts at a minimum during their first introduction and discuss their peculiar features through books and examples taken from real-life situations. There is a nursing client, a patient, who is not able to meet needs and ask nurses for additional help. There is a problem that is based on poor communication developed between patients and nurses. Finally, a clear description of a nursing process is giving underlying the possible behavior of patients and nurses, the importance of nurses’ reactions, and the role of nurses in patient’s helplessness avoidance.

The Deliberative Nursing Process Theory has its own strong and weak points. On the one hand, Orlando helped nurses comprehend what steps should be taken in the promotion of effective relations with patients. Each patient has to be ready to contribute to their health and care. Besides, nurses can evaluate their actions and identify what kind of help has to be offered to avoid complications, stress, and disappointment. This theory can be used as a guide for both, nurses and patients. They are direct participants in nursing care, and patients have to understand that the quality of health care depends on their ability to explain problems and identify their own needs. Nurses can hardly guess what patients and their families want to achieve. Communication is the method of data exchange that has to be properly developed. Orlando’s theory contains information that may be used in different hospitals and other facilities. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

It is possible to use this theory in education. This area of nursing touches upon the fundamental aspects of care. Nurses have to learn their perspectives, understand their roles, and be ready to assist patients in different ways. Still, patients have to understand their roles and the importance of their participation in nursing care. Patients have to be properly educated by their nurses on how to contribute their treatment. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay

In general, this paper contains enough information about the Deliberative Nursing Process Theory and its developer, Ida Jean Orlando. Though some concepts are implicitly developed in the theory, Orlando’s books can be used to promote an explicit understanding of the terms. The main lesson that has been obtained is the recognition of the role of patients in nursing care and the necessity to develop reciprocal relationships between nurses and patients to achieve positive results in care. Each piece of information presented by a patient may affect a nurse and a patient in equal terms and vice versa. Orlando proves that thinking abilities and communicative skills are important for patients and nurses in the same way. Nurse Ida Orlando’s Nursing Theory Essay