NURS 6660 Assignments Essay

NURS 6660 Assignments Essay

NURS 6660 week 1 Assignments Essay

Cover Letter, Resume, and Portfolio

Toussaint Casimir

Walden University

NURS 6660 PMH Nurse Practitioner Role I: Child and Adolescent

February 3, 2019

Personal Philosophy Statement


Patient care is complex system that is delivered by a multidisciplinary team. Its success requires perfect harmony between the all the involving members. It is vital that the care we deliver as healthcare professional is patient – centered. Therefore, it is important to know the population that we are serving, its needs and its cultural background. In the United States more than any other country, healthcare providers should develop their cultural awareness and competence.NURS 6660 Assignments Essay

The stigma around the mental illness and the quality of treatment that mentally ill individuals receive have inspired me to become a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP). I have felt the necessity to stand up and do what is right as my contribution to fix this urgent issue. In our society, physical or medical diseases provoke empathy, but we demonstrate disdain for people impacted by mental conditions. Like we always say, “See it and fix it”. So, passivity is as wrong as the wrong doing.

As a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, I will have the opportunity to care for a multicultural population with different conceptions or point of view about mental health. It is my role and responsibility to understand the cultural differences and provide support to those in need. I have learned that in the healthcare system, we should not be judgmental. My personal philosophy is to treat each and every patient as I would like to be treated. It is a moral obligation to use my knowledge to serve and educate individuals in my community. As a healthcare professional, I believe that I have the capability to change to way mentally ill individuals are viewed and treated. Through my philosophy, I will be able to advocate for holistic and empathic care for individuals with mental health conditions.NURS 6660 Assignments Essay

Self – Assessment

I have decided to transition from registered nurse (RN) to psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) to better serve my community. So, I have always said and believe that the more someone has the he/she can give. When I decided to go back to school to pursue my goal, I said to myself “I have to choose one of the best schools”. Finally, I have chosen Walden University that I believe meet my expectations. For my Practicum, I have chosen the Compass Health System which has been established in the South Florida since 1990, and it is well respected in the community. They offer their services through their offices and most of the hospital with mental health crisis. They are one the major teaching facilities in mental health in the South Florida.

I have selected preceptors who have been working with Compass Health System for several years. So, they acquired a very solid experience in the field. I have taken great advantage of their experience to strengthen my assessment skills to evaluate children adolescents and adults with mental health issues. Because they see patients in office and hospitals, I have been able to learn different approaches for individuals in crisis and non-crisis setting. I have built confidence in my ability to appropriately evaluate, diagnose and treat patient using pharmacologic therapy and non-pharmacologic therapy. I have no doubt in my mind that I am ready to deliver holistic and empathic care for individuals in my community regardless of their cultural background.

Personal goals

Short – term goals

· Become a certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

· Join one of the institutions that aim to provide the best quality of care for mentally ill individuals in my community.

· Strengthen my ability to accurately diagnose mental health conditions and communicate effective with patients and/or significant others about the condition and all the possible treatment options.

· Become a voice for those in my community who are affected by mental health disorders.

Long – term goals

· Enroll in a doctorate program to complete my DNP as psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

· Engage in the fight to change the way mentally ill individuals are viewed and treated in my community.


· At the age of 24 I graduated with honor “Cum Laude” with a bachelor’s in agriculture from a prestigious school in the Dominican Republic.

· I worked for CECI in a joint project with the Haitian government for a period of 8 years.

· After entered to the United States in 2009, I decided to pursue my dream in the Healthcare System. And, I graduated in 2014 with “High Honor” with associate degree at Miami Dade College.

· I stated my career in nursing at the Memorial Healthcare System in a “Respiratory Specialty Unit”.

· In December 2015, I completed my bachelor’s degree in nursing.

· I transitioned to a Telemetry Unit at North Shore Medical Center.

· I have been working as psychiatric nurse for 2 ½.

· I am hoping to become certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner by the mid of this year.

Toussaint Casimir

1200 NE 200 St, Miami, Fl33179 · Phone: 786-9913495

[email protected]

Mrs. Marie Jones

Human resources director

Jackson Memorial Hospital

1005, 1611 NW 12th Ave,

Miami, FL 33136

Dear Marie Jones,

My name is Toussaint Casimir, board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner. As I was always fascinated by the mission of your prestigious institution, so I found this opening position for an experienced and dedicated Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner a welcoming opportunity. Even though I have been recently graduated as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I have two long years and half of experiences working with mental health patients as a registered nurse. Before I transitioned to the mental health, I started my career of nursing in a “respiratory care unit” at Memorial Healthcare system. During my two years and half of mental health experience in 40 – bed locked unit, I have learned the appropriate time to initiate communication with patients in crises, how to convey empathy and develop trustworthy relationship with patients, how to assess and accurately produce the mental status evaluation, and to provide a safe environment not only for patients but also for all staff. Thanks to my background, I strongly believe that I can contribute to the success of your institution. I urge you to have a close look to the following skills and qualities that your institution can benefit by hire over any other candidate: Over the time, I have strived to become as culturally sensitive and competent as a healthcare provider can be. Furthermore, I speak and write fluently English, Spanish, French and Haitian creole. I have learned to deliver the best quality of care to individuals enduring all sorts of mental health conditions, like PTSD, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, dementia, and anxiety. I have learned to be a leader, a team player, a great communicator, and an advocate for the cause of the voiceless. Achieving a Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in Mental Health Nursing from the Walden university has strengthen problem-solving, critical thinking abilities. And, through a full year of practicum with highly respected and experienced doctors, I have learned to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients with all kinds of mental health disorders. I greatly value the interest that you have demonstrated in my profile. I hope I can be considered for an interview to better explain at what extent I can contribute to the success of your institution. And, I am looking forward to learning more about your expectations. Feel free to contact me at your convenience through my cellphone: 786-991-3495 or email: [email protected]. Best regards, Toussaint Casimir

Toussaint Casimir, RN, BSN

1200 NE 200 St., Miami FL 33179

Phone: (786)991-3495/ (305)974-2863

E-mail: [email protected]


Obtain a position in an institution where I can successfully implement my nursing skills and knowledge to provide individuals in my community with the best quality of care possible. And, advocate on behalf of the voiceless.


· Licensure: Registered Nurse (Florida Board of Nursing)

· Certification: CPR; CPI; and 12 lead EKG

· Computer Skills: Microsoft Office

· Languages: English: spoken, read and written

Spanish: spoken, read and written

French: spoken, read and written

Haitian Creole: spoken, read and written


Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Walden University, Minnesota

2017 – 2019

RN – BSN GPA 3.65/4.0

Miami Dade College, Benjamin Leon School of Nursing, Florida

Jan – Dec 2015

Registered Nurse (A.S.) GPA 3.70/4.0

Miami Dade College, Benjamin Leon School of Nursing, Florida

2013 – 2014

Agricultural Engineer GPA 3.6/4.0

Instituto Superior de Agricultura (ISA) Dom. Rep.

1996 – 2000


North Medical Center (Behavior Health Unit)

· Complete patient’s assessment/evaluation to determine eligibility for acute inpatient, assess patients for depression and suicidal/homicidal thoughts, and communicate effectively with the multidisciplinary care team.

Nov 2016 – Present

North Medical Center (Telemetry Unit)

· Complete patient care assessment, evaluation, and medication review, including baseline vital signs within 4 hours of assigned patients’ admission.

April 2016 – Nov 2016

Memorial Hospital Pembroke (Respiratory Specialty Care Unit)

· Provides direct patient care in accordance with applicable scope and standards of practice and with the policies, values, and mission of the organization.

· Initiates patients care plan within 24 hours of admission, establishes nursing diagnosis, intervention and measurable outcomes in collaboration with physician, patient, family and staff.

Feb 2015 – May 2016

Green Cross Home Health Care services, Miami, Fl.

· Provide care for clients including tracheostomy care, gastrostomy care, tube feeding, wound care, medication administration and pain management.

November, 2014

Valet Parking, Brickell Town House

· Assist people especially elderly in get in and out of their cars.

· Use of excellent communication skills to receive and assist visitors and residents.

· Assist people with special need in and out wheel chair.

July 2009 – Feb 2015

Nursing Clinical Experience (12 Months)

Compass Health System

· Evaluate patients with metal health condition.

· Assess patients for depression, SI/HI and visual/auditory hallucinations.

· Lead individual psychotherapy under the supervision of a preceptor.

Compass Health System

· Assess patients with a great range of mental health conditions.

· Determine the with group each patient would best fit in.

· Lead group and family psychotherapy under the supervision of a preceptor.

Compass Health System

· Provide care and teaching for mentally ill pediatric patients.

· Work closely with a preceptor to evaluate and assess patients’ mental status.

· Determine the needs for hospitalization treatment.

· Together with a preceptor evaluate the effective, the to adjust or switch psychotropic medications for children and adolescents.

NURS 6660 week 3 Assignments Essay

NURS 6660 week 4 Assignments Essay

NURS 6660 week 6 Assignments Essay

NURS6660 Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role I: Child and Adolescent Week 6 Discussion Treatment of Psychiatric Emergencies in Children Versus Adults The diagnosis of psychiatric emergencies can include a wide range of problems—from serious drug reactions to abuse and suicidal ideation/behaviors. Regardless of care setting, the PMHNP must know how to address emergencies, coordinate care with other members of the health care team and law enforcement officials (when indicated), and effectively communicate with family members who are often overwhelmed in emergency situations. In this week’s Discussion, you compare treatment of adult psychiatric emergency clients to child or adolescent psychiatric emergency clients. Learning Objectives Students will: Compare treatment of adult psychiatric emergency clients to child or adolescent psychiatric emergency clients Analyze legal and ethical issues concerning treatment of child or adolescent psychiatric emergency clients To Prepare: Review the Learning Resources concerning emergency psychiatric medicine. Consider a case where your adult client had a psychiatric emergency. (Note: If you have not had an adult client with a psychiatric emergency, ask your preceptor to describe one of their clients with a psychiatric emergency to use as an example for this Discussion.) Note: For this Discussion, you are required to complete your initial post before you will be able to view and respond to your colleagues’ postings. Begin by clicking on the “Post to Discussion Question” link and then select “Create Thread” to complete your initial post. Remember, once you click submit, you cannot delete or edit your own posts and cannot post anonymously. Please check your post carefully before clicking Submit! By Day 3 Post: Briefly describe the case you selected. Explain how you would treat the client differently if he or she were a child or adolescent. Explain any legal or ethical issues you would have to consider when working with a child or adolescent emergency case. By Day 6 Respond to at least two of your colleagues by recommending at least one additional way you would treat a child or adolescent client differently than you would an adult and at least one additional way you would address the legal and ethical issues involved.



NURS 6660 week 7 Assignments Essay

Assignment 1: Practicum Journal: Voluntary and Involuntary Commitment

Read the case scenario below and answer the following questions in 2 – 3 pages (excluding cover and reference pages)

Scenario for Week 7 Case:

You are a PMHNP working in a large intercity hospital. You receive a call from the answering service informing you that a “stat” consult has been ordered by one of the hospitalists in the ICU. Upon arriving in the ICU, you learn that your consult is a 14 year old male who overdosed on approximately 50 Benadryl (diphenhydramine hydrochloride) tablets in an apparent suicide attempt. At the scene, a suicide note was found indicating that he wanted to die because his girlfriend’s parents felt that their daughter was too young to be “dating.” The client stated in the suicide note that he could not “live without her” and decided to take his own life. Although he has been medically stabilized and admitted to the ICU, he has been refusing to talk with the doctors or nurses. The hospital staff was finally able to get in touch with the clients parents (using contact information retrieved from the 14 year old’s cell phone). Unbeknown to the hospital staff, the parents are divorced, and both showed up at the hospital at approximately the same time, each offering their own perspectives on what ought to be done. The client’s father is demanding that the client be hospitalized because of the suicide, but his mother points out that he does not have “physical custody” of the child. The client’s mother demands that the client be discharged to home with her stating that her son’s actions were nothing more than a “stunt” and “an attempt at manipulating the situation that he didn’t like.” The client’s mother then becomes “nasty” and informs you that she works as a member of the clerical staff for the state board of nursing, and if you fail to discharge her child “right now” she will make you “sorry.” How would you proceed?

Answer the following questions in 2–3 pages (excluding cover and reference pages)

Based on the scenario, would you recommend that the client be voluntarily committed? Why or why not?

Based on the laws of Texas, would the client be eligible for involuntary commitment? Explain why or why not.

Did understanding the state laws confirm or challenge your initial recommendation regarding involuntarily committing the client? Explain.

If the client were not eligible for involuntary commitment, explain what actions you may be able to take to support the parents for or against voluntary commitment.

If the client were not eligible for involuntary commitment, explain what initial actions you may be able to take to begin treating the client.

(Use of Outside references/resources welcomed)

NURS 6660 week 10 Assignments Essay

Collaboration is essential to accurate diagnosis of the conditions under consideration in this week. For this week’s Discussion, you practice collaboration by working in a group on developing a “Parent Guide,” which will serve as a teaching tool for parents with children who have been diagnosed with a specific mental health disorder.

It is recommended that you make your project as attractive as possible and consider using the finished product as teaching tools for families that you will work with in your own practices.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

· Analyze signs and symptoms of neurodevelopmental disorders

· Analyze the pathophysiology of neurodevelopmental disorders

· Analyze diagnosis and treatment methods for neurodevelopmental disorders

· Evaluate Parent Guides

To Prepare for this Discussion:

· Topic of disorder is Specific learning disorder

· Review the resources concerning your assigned disorder. (Specific learning disorder)

· Use your group’s Discussion Board to design and develop the Parent Guide before posting to the group wiki.

· Discussions instructions below.

Using evidence-based research, design and develop a Parent Guide for your assigned disorder including:


· Signs and symptoms (please concentrate on Signs and symptoms)


Provide a minimum of 1-2 academic references.

NURS 6660 week 11 Assignments Essay

NURS 6521 Week 11 Quiz WALDEN UNIVERSITY .docx NURS 6521 Week 11 Quiz WALDEN UNIVERSITY .docx NURS 6521 Week 11 Quiz WALDEN UNIVERSITY .docx NURS 6521 Week 11 Quiz WALDEN UNIVERSITY .docx NURS 6521 Week 11 Quiz WALDEN UNIVERSITY .docx NURS 6521 Week 11 Quiz WALDEN UNIVERSITY .docx NURS 6521 Week 11 Quiz WALDEN UNIVERSITY .docx NURS 6521 Week 11 Quiz WALDEN UNIVERSITY .docx • Question 10 out of 0 pointsWhen completing this quiz, did you comply with Walden University’s Code of Conduct including the expectations for academic integrity?Selected Answer: YesCorrect Answer: Yes• Question 21 out of 1 pointsIn the majority of cases delayed puberty is due to:Selected Answer:c. Slow maturationCorrect Answer:c. Slow maturation• Question 31 out of 1 pointsA 23-year-old sexually active female presents with white copious discharge and itch. She is diagnosed with yeast vaginitis caused by overgrowth of which microorganism?Selected Answer:c. Candida albicansCorrect Answer:c. Candida albicans• Question 41 out of 1 pointsA 35-year-old female is diagnosed with endometriosis. Suppressing which of the following would be the most appropriate medical treatment for this disease?Selected Answer:b. OvulationCorrect Answer:b. Ovulation• Question 51 out of 1 pointsA nurse is discussing female anatomy. Which body structure contains the openings to the vagina and urinary meatus?Selected Answer:a. VestibuleCorrect Answer:a. Vestibule• Question 61 out of 1 pointsA nursing student asks the nurse where the glands of Montgomery are located. How should the nurse reply? The glands of Montgomery are located in the:Selected Answer:b. BreastsCorrect Answer:b. Breasts• Question 71 out of 1 pointsDuring a routine pelvic exam, a 34-year-old female is found to have an ovarian cyst containing skin, hair, cartilage, and bone. This cyst is classified as a _____ cyst.Selected Answer:b. DermoidCorrect Answer:b. Dermoid• Question 81 out of 1 pointsWhen a breastfeeding mom asks what causes letdown, which information should the nurse give the patient? The hormone that plays a role in breast milk ejection (letdown) during lactation is:Selected Answer:c. OxytocinCorrect Answer:c. Oxytocin• Question 91 out of 1 pointsWhich information indicates the nurse has a good understanding of the menstrual cycle? When estrogen and progesterone levels drop, the endometrium enters the _____ phase.Selected Answer:c. MenstrualCorrect Answer:c. Menstrual• Question 101 out of 1 pointsA student asks the instructor which of the following hormones stimulates follicular maturation. How should the instructor respond?Selected Answer:c. LHCorrect Answer:c. LH• Question 111 out of 1 pointsA 40-year-old male is concerned about the possibility of developing prostate cancer. He reports that his father died of prostate cancer, and he wants to take all preventive measures. He is told to consume a diet low in:Selected Answer:a. FatCorrect Answer:a. Fat• Question 121 out of 1 pointsWhen the nurse is teaching about the menstrual cycle, which information should be included? Menstruation is followed by the _____ phase of the menstrual cycle.Selected Answer:a. FollicularCorrect Answer:a. Follicular• Question 131 out of 1 pointsSymptoms of prostatitis are similar to symptoms of:Selected Answer:c. Urinary tract infection (UTI)Correct Answer:c. Urinary tract infection (UTI)• Question 141 out of 1 pointsA 21-year-old female is infected with human papillomavirus (HPV) following unprotected sexual intercourse with a male she recently met. She is now at higher risk of developing which of the following cancers?Selected Answer:a. CervicalCorrect Answer:a. Cervical• Question 151 out of 1 pointsWhile preparing to teach the staff about female anatomy, which information should be included? During the years that a woman is more likely to be sexually active, the vagina mucosa is protected from infection by:Selected Answer:b. An acidic pHCorrect Answer:b. An acidic pH• Question 161 out of 1 pointsA 30-year-old male presents with penile tenderness and discharge. Physical examination reveals that his foreskin cannot be retracted back over the glans penis. He is suffering from:Selected Answer:b. PhimosisCorrect Answer:b. Phimosis• Question 171 out of 1 pointsWhen a staff member asks the nurse what the thick middle layer of the uterine wall is called, what is the nurse’s best response? The:Selected Answer:c. MyometriumCorrect Answer:c. Myometrium• Question 181 out of 1 pointsCopy of The nurse would anticipate the treatment for pelvic organ prolapse to be:Selected Answer:b. A pessaryCorrect Answer:b. A pessary• Question 191 out of 1 pointsA 25-year-old sexually active female presents with urethritis, dysuria, and cervical discharge. She is diagnosed with the most common bacteria STI in the United States. The student would identify this infection is due to:Selected Answer:c. ChlamydiaCorrect Answer:c. Chlamydia• Question 201 out of 1 pointsAn example of a parasitic STI that is transmitted through close skin-to-skin contact is:Selected Answer:c. ScabiesCorrect Answer:c. Scabies• Question 211 out of 1 pointsWhich of the following signs is usually the first clinical manifestation of breast cancer?Selected Answer:d. A painless lumpCorrect Answer:d. A painless lump• Question 221 out of 1 pointsA 38-year-old female was recently diagnosed with cancer. She learns that her mother almost miscarried while pregnant with her and was given diethylstilbestrol (DES) to prevent it. Which of the following cancers does she most likely have?Selected Answer:b. VaginalCorrect Answer:b. Vaginal• Question 231 out of 1 pointsA 30-year-old female with newly diagnosed PCOS is being counseled by her OB-GYN. The physician indicates that this condition often results in:Selected Answer:b. InfertilityCorrect Answer:b. Infertility• Question 241 out of 1 pointsA 20-year-old female presents with pelvic and back pain severe enough to miss work. She reports that the pain occurs with the onset of menses. Physical examination fails to find pelvic pathology. The most likely cause of her condition is:Selected Answer:c. Elevated prostaglandinsCorrect Answer:c. Elevated prostaglandins• Question 251 out of 1 pointsCopy of A 25-year-old female presents with amenorrhea and hirsutism. She is diagnosed with PCOS. Lab testing will most likely reveal:Selected Answer:d. HyperinsulinemiaCorrect Answer:d. Hyperinsulinemia• Question 261 out of 1 pointsA 21-year-old male presents with inflammation of the testes. He has a high fever and edema and redness of the testes. Which organism is the most likely the cause of his symptoms?Selected Answer:c. MumpsCorrect Answer:c. Mumps• Question 271 out of 1 pointsAn important risk factor in the development of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) is:Selected Answer:d. Increased ageCorrect Answer:d. Increased age• Question 281 out of 1 pointsWhen a staff member asks which structure secretes glucose-rich fluid into the semen, how should the nurse respond?Selected Answer:a. Seminal vesiclesCorrect Answer:a. Seminal vesicles• Question 291 out of 1 pointsProgesterone is often referred to as “the hormone of pregnancy,” and the patient asks what this phrase means. How should the nurse respond? Progesterone is the hormone of pregnancy because it:Selected Answer:d. Prevents smooth muscle contraction of the uterusCorrect Answer:d. Prevents smooth muscle contraction of the uterus• Question 301 out of 1 pointsThe patient’s medication has a side effect of gynecomastia. The patient asks the nurse to define this term. The nurse would respond that gynecomastia is:Selected Answer:b. Overdevelopment of breast tissue in malesCorrect Answer:b. Overdevelopment of breast tissue in males• Question 311 out of 1 pointsThe most commonly occurring cancer of the female reproductive tract is _____ cancer.Selected Answer:a. CervicalCorrect Answer:a. Cervical• Question 321 out of 1 points_____ is inflammation of the glans penis.Selected Answer:b. BalanitisCorrect Answer:b. Balanitis• Question 331 out of 1 pointsA 40-year-old female presents with cramping and excessive vaginal bleeding. Ultrasound reveals benign uterine tumors in the smooth muscle cells of the myometrium. These tumors are commonly called:Selected Answer:c. LeiomyomasCorrect Answer:c. Leiomyomas• Question 341 out of 1 pointsChanges in the cervical mucus can be used to identify the periods in which a female is most fertile. How should the nurse describe cervical mucus during ovulation?Selected Answer:b. Thin and wateryCorrect Answer:b. Thin and watery• Question 351 out of 1 pointsWhen the nurse describes the duct that carries the ovum from the ovary to the uterus, what is the nurse discussing? The:Selected Answer:d. Fallopian tubeCorrect Answer:d. Fallopian tube• Question 361 out of 1 pointsWhen a patient who is trying to get pregnant asks where the usual site of fertilization is, how should the nurse respond? The:Selected Answer:c. Ampulla of the fallopian tubesCorrect Answer:c. Ampulla of the fallopian tubes• Question 371 out of 1 pointsA 68-year-old male presents complaining of difficulty having sexual intercourse. He reports that his penis curves during erection. This condition is referred to as:Selected Answer:d. Peyronie diseaseCorrect Answer:d. Peyronie disease• Question 381 out of 1 pointsA 56-year-old female is in menopause. She has ovarian failure. While checking the lab results, which of the following will the nurse find?Selected Answer:a. Increased FSHCorrect Answer:a. Increased FSH• Question 391 out of 1 pointsAn 18-year-old female is diagnosed with dysmenorrhea. Which of the following symptoms will she most likely experience?Selected Answer:b. Painful menstruationCorrect Answer:b. Painful menstruation• Question 401 out of 1 pointsWhen a staff member asks the nurse what is the most potent of the following estrogens, what is the nurse’s best response? It is:Selected Answer:a. EstradiolCorrect Answer:a. Estradiol• Question 410 out of 1 pointsCryptorchidism can be defined as:Selected Answer:b. An abnormal state in which the testes are overdevelopedCorrect Answer:d. Problems with testicular descent NURS 6660 Assignments Essay