Nurs 6050 Week 1 Essay Assignments

Nurs 6050 Week 1 Essay Assignments

Agenda Comparison Grid Template

Use this document to complete the Module 1 Assessment Agenda Comparison Grid and Fact Sheets/Talking Points Brief.


Healthcare Issue
Opioid Crisis in the United States
Description In 2017, the number of overdose deaths involving opioids (including prescription opioids and illegal opioids like heroin and illicitly manufactured fentanyl) was 6 times higher than in 1999. (CDC, 2017).nurs 6050 Essay Assignments

Administration (President Name) Pres. Donald Trump Pres. Barack Obama Pres. George W. Bush
Describe the administrative agenda focus related to this issue President Trumps administration has an agenda to get behind the driving forces that are causing drugs to be accessible to people. They will also provide education, awareness, and prevention measures, cut off the flow of drugs into the US by border patrol, and creating and providing evidence-based treatment for opioid addiction.

Former President Barack Obama set many different motions into play. His administration was responsible for setting restrictions on the MD’s that were prescribing the narcotics and opioids to their patients. He placed strict laws on what and when MD’s can give prescriptions for certain medications. The Bush administration focused on managing United States borders to prevent drugs and illegal substances from entering the country.

George Bush’s administration was also focused on providing treatments, treatment centers, and therapy for citizens.
Allocation of financial and other resources to this issue On September 19, 2018, the Administration awarded more than $1 billion in funding to State and local entities to address the opioid crisis.nurs 6050 Essay Assignments

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration awarded $930 million in grants to support prevention, treatment, and recovery activities.

Health Resources and Services Administration awarded more than $396 million to 1,232 community health centers, over 120 rural community organizations, and academic institutions.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded States, territories, tribes, and partners more than $194 million to bolster prevention and data collection efforts battling this crisis.

“$1 billion in new mandatory funding over two years to expand access to treatment for prescription drug abuse and heroin use.

$920 million to support cooperative agreements with States to expand access to medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorders.

$50 million in National Health Service Corps funding to expand access to substance use treatment providers.

$30 million to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment programs employing medication-assisted treatment under real-world conditions and help identify opportunities to improve treatment for patients with opioid use disorders.” (Obama Whitehouse, n.d.)

Over $3 million for drug treatment and research
Notes on Administration’s approach to the issue President trump is securing borders, using more advanced mail flagging for international packages.

President trumps administration is also ensuring that medical personnel are carrying Narcan to prevent/treat overdoses.

The Obama Administration was much slower to respond and acknowledge the opioid crisis versus other administrations.

The Bush administration wanted to reform the Medicare system and make it easier for seniors.nurs 6050 Essay Assignments

I do not feel like there was as much focus on the opioid crisis with the bush administration as there has been with the Trump and Obama administrations.
General Notes/Comments

This Administration has nearly doubled funding for opioid and pain research from $600 million to $1.1 billion and is supporting research for a vaccine to prevent opioid addiction.

The administration has implemented a “safer prescriber plan.” Under the Obama administration, drug overdose deaths nearly doubled, going from 36,450 in 2008 to more than 63,600 in 2016.

The Obama administration enacted the affordable care act which in turn expanded Medicaid and helped many people struggling with addiction

Which administrative agency would most likely be responsible for helping you address the healthcare issue you selected?
I think after examining all the information regarding the different administrations and comparing and contrasting them I would finalize that the Trump administration has the biggest of the helping hands in fighting the opioid crisis in this country. The Trump Administration is the one who is going all out with “the wall” for preventing all illegal immigrants into the country which includes drug rings and traffickers. They are also the administration who seems to be allocating the most money for the opioid crisis when compared to the other administrations.

How does the healthcare issue get on the agenda and how does it stay there?
I think that the opioid crisis, like any other healthcare issue just needs to be talked openly about to be able to stay on the agenda. The media and social media are a great way to do that. Speaking out about the issues and voicing issues constantly is one very good way to keep the topics in people’s eyes and also keeps them on the agenda for resolving.nurs 6050 Essay Assignments

Who was the entrepreneur/champion/sponsor of the healthcare issue you selected?

I think that it takes congress and legislators throughout all the different states to be the entrepreneurs for any healthcare issues but especially the opioid crisis. This is an issue that may be different throughout each state. Some states are worse than others. The President himself is also a good champion or sponsor for speaking of the drug crisis and finding ways to help or eliminate the issue all together. I feel like we, as a country are headed in the right direction regarding the opioid crisis.


The issue that I chose that is a HUGE issue throughout the country would be the opioid crisis. This is an issue that can be dealt with on a state and local level. Opioid overdoses are on the rise throughout the country, some areas of the country worse than others. This issue should be included in the agenda for legislation for that reason. This is one of the highest death incidences in the country and also something that can easily be prevented. This issue can start by being looked at a local and individual level. Healthcare providers, healthcare centers, hospitals, clinics, MD offices, and health departments can all come together to provide not only regulation and monitoring of opioid prescriptions but also other beneficial attributes such as education.nurs 6050 Essay Assignments The citizens that are being prescribed these medications need education on what can happen if they are not taken properly or the signs and symptoms of dependence. They also need education on nonpharmalogical interventions for the reasons behind needing these pain medications. These are all simple things that any nurse working in ANY area of the healthcare field can provide. People love listening and talking to nurses about their health and well-being. We, as nurses, are more often than not more well liked over even the doctor. Sometimes we can even get through to patients better than the physician themselves. We all need to come together and use these strong voices and talents to help this opioid crisis throughout our country!


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Nurs 6050 Week 1 Essay Assignments