Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing week 1 Discussion


Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing week 1 Discussion

My name is xxx, I migrated from Africa to the United State of America with the notion that I want to succeed in life and career. Since my childhood, I have always wanted to become an RN and envisioned specializing in Psychiatric Nursing. I encountered so many challenges while growing up making my dream look impossible. But with so much zeal and perseverance, I kept pushing hard. Even when people are telling me that I can’t be a nurse, I ignored the negativity around me and held onto the positivity because I never gave up on myself.  Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing week 1 Discussion

I obtained my BSN in 2017 and it took me a while to pass the NCLEX Board Examination, I was depressed and see people as monsters that don’t want me to succeed in my career. I withdraw from friends and family. I isolated myself for some periods. As God would have it, I passed the Examination. Thereafter, I decided to follow up with my dreams and vision which prompted me to start looking for Schools that provide high standard quality education whose vision aligned with mine.  So, I found Walden University as one of the best, most resourceful, diversify, and with a high standard of education. 



                   How Walden University can help me achieve my mission, vision, and goals 

According to my research about Walden University, the school shares the mission, vision, and goals through innovation and high standards learning approach. Walden is set to provide high standard quality education in order to produce scholars, knowledgeable and skillful professionals to make a difference in their respective fields as to impact their profession and communities positively. 

Walden University’s mission and vision resonate with my goals because they are diversity-oriented, promote culture and support positive social change. I am very passionate about Psychiatric/Mental Health in Nursing. I simply want to make a difference and have a significant positive impact among mentally challenged individualsI believe Walden has the capability to set me off for success in my career. I want to acquire good knowledge through the high standard of education that Walden offers and to utilize critical thinking skills useful in managing the crisis faced by challenged individualsIn mental health nursing, challenged individuals suffered from the stigma associated with their illness which could lead to trauma and psychological distress. I want to make a difference by learning a positive social change from Walden University so that I can be impactful to my profession and the communities around me in order to help improve their mental condition and social standards (Walden University Student Handbook, 2021). Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing week 1 Discussion  


                         Walden University School of Nursing Vision, Mission, and Goals 

Walden University School of nursing mission and vision aims to promote academic excellence and envisage modern-day nursing education through the means of providing high-quality nursing programs in order to produce the most efficient and proactive nursing experts using evidence-based practices which would meet the goals of transforming nursing services along the continuum of care across the local and global affiliates (Walden University Student Handbook, 2021). 

My academic goals lie on Walden mission and vision statement, as I would acquire the necessary skill-sets and knowledge that would enhance my ability to function as a Psychiatric- Mental Health NP expert and promote self-reliance, and enables me to utilize critical thinking skills also to implement evidence-based practices in my nursing specialization (Walden University Student Handbook, 2021).  

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association’s President in June 2020, said and I quote “every individual is unique and important, at the core fundamentals of nursing lies the respect for deep-rooted dignity and worthiness of every individual”. Racial inequities, systemic racial profile, injustice, the stigma of illness, and discrimination are the most challenges facing Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing practices and I am committed to the change (Sattaria S. Dilks, 2020). 

I am willing to participate in policies and programs that would address all these problems endangering the lives of our patients and eradicate the psychological trauma associated with it. As a psychiatric professional nurse, I would be an advocate for individuals undergoing these tragic situations and humbly provide high quality and holistic care approach. I would adopt the ethical principles of psychiatric Nursing and educate patients to speak up to enact change that would address injustice in health care. 

 In conclusion, I would collaborate with leaders of local communities, work alongside and with local behavioral-mental health facilities as well as adhere to the state local government rules and laws to enact changes needed to most issues and challenges facing psychiatric-mental health care settings. 



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response 1

Nice to meet you. I also migrated from Africa in 2007. I enjoy reading about your academics network and professional choices. I am also here to pursue my psychiatric nurse practitioner degree. I am fortunate to work in an acute psychiatric unit for children, and I believe that becoming a practitioner will help me bring more change to our patients’ lives. Professional networking allows the nurse to explore the field and build a strong support system in the medical community. Networking help new graduate find a new opportunity, get a more fulfilling job opportunity and share their knowledge (Writers,2020). I believe collaborating with the faculty advisor will help with giving advice, answer questions about course choices.


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response 2

Thank you for sharing your story. Racism and Inequities plague many parts of America, and health care is not immune. I agree that these issues have long been overlooked and ignored, and now is the time to work together to make systemic changes. Walden’s Nurse practitioner programs is a great place to start, because of its goals of “transforming nursing services” as you mentioned and the social change values they develop in their students. Having a diverse team in health care is an important strategy, and your background is valuable in improving the current issues in health care services today. This not only benefits the patients, but also improves the practice of you and your future team members as providers. Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing week 1 Discussion


Walden University Student Handbook. (2021). School of nursing mission and vision. Walden University – Acalog ACMS™. 



sample response 3

This is such a moving and motivational response. I understand exactly what it feels like to have people around you telling you what you are not capable of doing. Before going to LPN school, I worked as a CNA for about 8 years and obtained an associates degree in general studies, as I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. None of my family came to my graduation and no one congratulated me because around the same time, my sister was just finishing LPN school, so all of the praises were for her. The only thing I kept hearing was, “what kind of job are you going to get with that?” There are very few people in my family who are educated beyond high school, so I really thought the achievement of any degree would prompt a “well done” from them, but I was wrong. My feelings were hurt, to say the least, and when I expressed my concerns, I was told I was jealous of my sister because she was going to be successful. My dad even went so far as to say, “you could never be a nurse.” It was that statement that sent me into overdrive. Not only did I go to LPN school, but RN, obtained my BSN and now working on my MSN. When I am finished, I will be the first in my family, on either side, to obtain a Masters degree (talk about setting the bar high). The look on their faces now are absolutely priceless, as my sister is still an LPN. She and I have never been in competition with each other, but our family has always compared us to each other. I too failed my RN NCLEX the first time and almost got discouraged, but I studied every day until the day I retested and was able to pass the second time. Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing week 1 Discussion


response 4

I enjoyed reading your post. I particularly liked reading about the challenges you had growing up, but with “so much zeal and perseverance,” you were able to become a nurse. Even with the challenge you faced taking the NCLEX, you kept your goal in mind and passed. I agree that Walden University is a great school for working nurses with faculty and staff “devoted to helping students balance their education with their personal and professional lives.” (Walden University – Acalog Acms™, n.d.).  Additionally, Walden is a university that is dedicated to “the advancement of the nursing profession and social change”(Walden University – Acalog Acms™, n.d.) We would all agree that achieving an MSN can be quite challenging, but having the support of faculty, staff, colleagues Moreover, with resources from Walden University, the challenge is more attainable.

I wish you well during your journey to becoming a Psychiatric-Mental Health NP and hope to collaborate with you in the future. Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing week 1 Discussion


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