NURS-6003N Strategies for Addressing Questions week 2 discussion

NURS-6003N Strategies for Addressing Questions week 2 discussion

Beginnings are challenging. I know for myself I get very stressed in the beginning. I began to doubt myself, as you did if I made the right choice about returning to school at right time. It is important to remember during those times that you thought through this many times and did make an appropriate decision. As you wrote in the post, After graduation, I am concerned about the transition to the role of a psychiatric nurse practitioner. My interested area after this program to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner too which along came with a lot of responsibility. I think Walden helps us to find academic as well as professional resources and materials to complete courses and become a successful Nurse Practitioner. NURS-6003N Strategies for Addressing Questions week 2 discussion


I feel a good tip to help with the stress is to try and stay a little bit ahead in your work. For myself, I find this helpful because if things come up in life (which they always do) you will not have to worry about something being due that night that you did not yet complete. Being a little bit ahead allows room for unexpected things to happen without putting your schoolwork behind. In terms of making time for the required reading, I set specific hours aside for schoolwork. Usually at night when the kids are sleeping. I get comfortable on the couch, turn my phone on silent and devote the time to schoolwork. Having specific times in my schedule helps me to make sure it gets done. Independent learning is something new to many of us, being good about time management and when assignments are due is one trait of a successful online learner (Online College, n.d.).

Networking is a very important part of online learning. Because we do not have the peer relationships in school or the same support for each other it is important to connect through networking. Sharing questions with other students, asking faculty for help, finding mentors who can teach you areas of interest are all ways to enhance your online learning. Often when you are networking with other students you will find you have similar interests, you may share similar experiences or be on a similar journey that they are (“How to Pursue Networking Opportunities in an Online Course”, 2020).




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Discussion: Strategies for Addressing Questions

In Module 1, you began building a foundation for your success by considering a network-individuals and teams who can help you to clarify and execute on the vision. A network is most helpful when you are comfortable asking questions. Chances are other members of your network have experienced similar questions and may have helped guide others toward resolutions that can now be helpful.

In this Discussion, focus on the questions you are ready to ask as your journey begins. Keep in mind that sharing questions is often a great way to help others who have similar questions even if they do not realize it!

To prepare:

  • Reflect on questions or concerns you might have as you begin the MSN program.
  • Consider the individuals, teams, and departments you previously considered in Module 1 as well as how they may provide support with addressing these questions and concerns. NURS-6003N Strategies for Addressing Questions week 2 discussion

By Day 3 of Week 2

Post any questions or concerns that you are willing to share with the group. The Discussion board represents an opportunity to network with your course colleagues, and others may have the same questions or concerns.

By Day 6 of Week 2

Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by offering a possible resolution to their questions/concerns with supporting documentation, if possible, or expanding on their thinking and providing an example as support.


Strategies for Addressing Questions


Pursuing a master’s program can be challenging; hence, individuals have to consider what they are likely to benefit from what they are ready to let go. Many scholars find it very difficult to choose between personal life and engaging in a rigorous curriculum (Moore et al., 2017). As I start my master’s program in nursing, I am eager to learn about styles of formatting, career opportunities for a student pursuing masters of science in nursing degree, and requirements by clinicians for individuals willing to pursue a degree of masters in nursing (Ghiasvand et al., 2017). Enrolling in the association of nursing as a networking platform and registering LINKEDLN will help me answer my questions as far as a master of science in nursing is concerned. The nursing association provides students with opportunities to find ways in which the health sector can be improved. The association also helps students develop leadership; hence, I feel the resources provided by the association of nurses will allow me to enhance my career. NURS-6003N Strategies for Addressing Questions week 2 discussion


The nursing association will help me interact with other individuals who have already succeeded in the nursing profession. I will also network locally with a nursing professional to build face-to-face relationships to enhance my career. I will also be networking online with my colleagues to get various answers to my questions, which I will weigh to find the best option to take. The online platforms can also facilitate discussions that will help to share academics ideas concerning the nursing profession. I will get better practices in the nursing profession, which I will use in my future career. LINKEDLN will be of much help as it will link me with the nursing profession, both those willing to join the work and those who have already in the job (Cipher, Shrestha & Mancini 2017). LINKEDLN groups will enable me to discuss the successful profession hence learning the right way to follow to achieve my dreams.


I have a concern in time management while pursuing the master’s program. As a working person, I wonder how to manage my tight schedule at work and succeed in my studies. The nursing stress profession is sometimes very successful due to the handling of patients with different conditions. (Cipher, Urban, Mancini,2019). I am also a family person; hence, I worry about balancing studies and family issues. My question is, what are the appropriate strategies for managing the time that can be used by students pursuing a master’s in nursing while taking part in their daily work and family issues? I also have concerns about planning due to the busy schedule in the nursing profession. Due to the busy schedule, what are some of how nursing students can plan effectively for their studies to ensure that they meet their career objectives? What should be considered by nursing students to do proper planning in their reviews? NURS-6003N Strategies for Addressing Questions week 2 discussion


In conclusion, the master’s program in nursing is very challenging for students to pursue. I have anxiety in learning various aspects of the nursing program, such as styles of formatting. I feel networking with nursing professionals will help me answer my questions through discussion either face to face or online platforms such as LINKEDLN. I will benefit from answers on how I will manage my time and balance studies with work. The interaction with the nursing profession will also help me to learn better ways of planning for studies.







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sample 2

     Persistence in online learning experiences (OLE) has been been shown to be consistently lower than in person learning (Budash & Shaw, 2017). However, a study has suggested that persistence in the OLE can be achieved with structured policies that have flexibility, open communication, and an engaged learning community (Budash & Shaw, 2017). Some of my biggest concerns with a fully online program, is my ability to stay on track, manage my time, and be persistent about maintaining a schedule. The flexibility that Walden has and the structure of the program make it much easier to keep up and maintain a good schedule. NURS-6003N Strategies for Addressing Questions week 2 discussion

I do not necessarily have a lot of questions pertaining to the instructional portion of the course, as Walden has a very straight forward layout, but more about clinical rotations, the physical assessment component, and post graduation. I was previously enrolled in a Master’s program that was not nearly as structured and accommodating to the working nurse, so this program was much more user friendly when trying to adjust.  I think my student success advisor and my peers will be very helpful in addressing some of my questions. Some things that I think about often are …

  • Do we travel somewhere for an in person final for physical assessment?
  • If so, do we go to Maryland or Minnesota?Do we find our own preceptors for clinical?
  • How long does it take to have them approved?
  • When should we start the process?
  • Is logging patient hours difficult?
  • How will I learn to differentiate between respiratory illnesses just by a physical assessment?
  • How will I know all of the antibiotics and know which infection they are used for?
  • Does anyone have a hack for keeping things organized and separated, yet cohesive? NURS-6003N Strategies for Addressing Questions week 2 discussion

When starting anything new, even with previous experience, it’s a little chaotic and unnerving trying to make sense of it all. “In the virtual classroom, shifting gears between two or more courses could be even more disorienting, if not chaotic” (Strohschen & Heaney, 2000). Starting in two classes simultaneously with two jobs (one of which is an active COVID ICU) and two teenagers was a challenge. I am still trying to figure out a work schedule and school schedule that works best for me. I also have to allot time to help the kids with their online learning. I’m so nervous that I’m going to miss a due date. As a night shifter, it’s not uncommon that I don’t know what day it is half the time!

Walden has created a very open environment that makes its students feel comfortable to seek out guidance from their advisors, peers, and teachers. Some problems can occur when the labor of adult education becomes invisible to those supervising online learning (Blair & Hoy, 2006). Because of these “invisible” labor issues, successful online instruction must include a range of interactions between students and instructors (Blair & Hoy, 2006). This program has a great deal of interaction among faculty and peers. I don’t foresee any barriers or problems arising related to lack of communication or assistance. NURS-6003N Strategies for Addressing Questions week 2 discussion


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