NURS 6003 week 2 discussion

NURS 6003 week 2 discussion

Initial Discussion Post:

I reflect on the accomplishment I achieved completing the bridge course through Walden University RN to MSN- AGACNP. I felt pretty good as I thought that I was grasping online learning, APA format 7th edition, and time management. I thought I was ready, but in the first week of graduate school and completing the required assignments proved that I was getting a little ahead of myself. The harsh reality of graduate school is different from undergraduate feels like it hit me like a ton of bricks. I can say that I did not read the course material as thoroughly as I should have and was not prepared to complete the required assignments adequately. Kauffman (2015) states that online learners need to be self-regulated.  The online learner is responsible for reviewing the course material, turn in assignments on time, and ways of keeping motivation, and being organized. I have several areas that have risen and give me concerns for the future ahead. NURS 6003 week 2 discussion



My first question and concern is regarding time management. I have always struggled with this in school, work, and even in my personal life. I work full time, along with picking up extra for Covid vaccine clinics. I am married, and even though all my kids are grown, I have a big kid in the home and two large needy dogs that tend to soak up time that I need to dedicate to my studies.  I need to learn to balance school, personal, and work-life for academic success (Laureate Education. 2018). I am looking for suggestions from classmates and professor Sheri on efficient ways that work for time management. We all have different organizing styles, but I feel a few ideas may help me find a type of organization and time management that I have not thought of before. How do you organize, prioritize, and have effective time-management?

My second concern is APA 7th edition format. I continue to struggle with APA, which was apparent in our first discussion post and noted in this class and my other course. I have Purdue Owl that I look up online, and the 7th edition Publication Manual of American Psychology Association, but I continue to get points taken off. Where is the best resource for learning APA? NURS 6003 week 2 discussion

I have a third concern, and that is my writing. I have never been a strong writer and over the years have had to learn the most impressible times to learn proper and straightforward writing was in middle school. In my middle school class, we learned to write a paper by copying a book’s page. I did as I was instructed and received an ‘A” for the work. Plagiarism is a term that I did not learn until high school. According to the Laureate Education video (2018), the writing center can help with writing feedback for a student.  My question is, can the writing center at Walden University help me proofread not only my papers but also improve my writing style?

I know being involved in nursing and a part of a resource such as the ANA is important on the professional level for ongoing CEs, but as a student, should I join?

I am excited for the classmates as we are a  team. We all have concerns and questions for success at Walden University for the advancements in our careers. I feel we all have strengths to help one another, as my strength may be one of your weaknesses.  Other resources that are a part of our toolbox of success are our professor, coworkers, families, and friends. Another area an individual can academically and professionally succeed in is being emotionally intelligent. The emotionally intelligent person can balance their feelings and needs to improve success (Kauffman, 2015). When I get frustrated or discouraged, I dig deep inside for my drive to not give up pursuing my dream of becoming an MSN- AGACNP,  and those low moments I read the plaque on my desk that says, “Stay Strong.” Those two words remind me why I am in school and do not give up. NURS 6003 week 2 discussion


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sample response

I agree that teamwork is conducive to creating an environment of collaboration. Sharing our strengths and weaknesses is an opportunity to take advantage of our classmates as a resource in our learning. Joining nursing associations like the ANA will be beneficial for you to join as a student. In addition to the continuing education credits. Joining nursing, the association offers the ability to network on a national level. Moreover, it contains certification resources to help APRN’s transition into their work environment.  “The New Consensus model on certification modified to more closely reflect the roles and populations required in the model in regard to conditions or changes” ( 2018). NURS 6003 week 2 discussion

Strategies that promote effective communication can help to improve emotional intelligence by decreasing the stress associated with lower emotional intelligence behaviors. The strategy I use is preparation for engaging in something I know will cause anxiety I acknowledge the emotions. Then I can decide how I will manage the emotion. Sometimes I turn on some music, exercise or go for a walk if possible.  “Knowing what these emotional skills and traits are allows one to focus on them and develop greater emotional intelligence” (Cassano 2020).


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