NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz Chapter 2 Assignment

NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz Chapter 2 Assignment

Question 1

The health care team is having difficulty communicating with a patient from a non-English-speaking culture. An interpreter has not yet been located. Which behaviors might the patient demonstrate because of this communication issue?

Select all that apply.

1. Withdrawing

2. Hostility

3. Belligerence

4. Uncooperativeness

5. Apathy

Question 2 A group of nurses talking are overheard using jargon that is consistent with the nursing profession. Which behavior are the nurses demonstrating?


1. Socialization

2. Ethnicity

3. Acculturation

4. Heritage consistency

Question 3 The nurse determines that a patient is in the process of acculturation. What did the nurse assess in this patient?

1. Americanization of the patient’s name

2. Engaging in activities with members of the family’s preferred social group

3. Speaking the family’s native language

4. Living away from the family of origin

Question 4 Why does the nurse stop and think before implementing touch when providing care to a patient from a different culture?

1. Influences the patient’s personal space

2. Influences environmental control

3. Impacts time orientation

4. Alters social organization

Question 5 A patient from a non-English-speaking culture explains how he has to behave differently at work than he does at home. What does the nurse realize this patient is describing?

Select all that apply.

1. Withdrawing

2. Hostility

3. Belligerence

4. Uncooperativeness

5. Apathy

Question 6 Prior to caring for a Native American patient, the nurse reviews the diseases that are more prevalent in this culture. What is the nurse taking into consideration when caring for this patient?

1. Biological variation

2. Environmental control

3. Social organization pattern

4. Component of heritage consistency

Question 7 While conducting a health history, a patient demonstrates characteristics of ethnocentrism. What behaviors did the nurse observe in the patient? NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz Chapter 2 Assignment

Select all that apply.

1. Superiority with ethnic group

2. Concern with race

3. Fear of strangers

4. Morbid fear of strangers

5. Ethnic pride

Question 8 While collecting demographics, the nurse learns that an American patient is married to an immigrant from another country. What does this patient’s marriage exemplify?

1. Assimilation

2. Socialization

3. Acculturation

4. Ethnicity

Question 9 A patient living in the United States for 10 years is distressed about not “fitting in” with American society. What aspects of acculturation will the nurse discuss with this patient?

Select all that apply.

1. Socialization

2. Acculturation

3. Assimilation

4. Ethnicity

5. Heritage consistency

Question 10 A patient born in a European country speaks excellent American English. The nurse realizes that this patient has achieved which type of assimilation?

1. Cultural

2. Marital

3. Primary structural

4. Secondary structural

Question 11 A patient tells the nurse that it is important for him or her to be discharged soon because it is expected that the family’s needs be met. Which aspect of heritage consistency is this patient demonstrating?

1. Culture

2. Ethnicity

3. Religion

4. Acculturation

Question 12 What aspects of a patient’s culture will the health care provider keep in mind when providing care?

Select all that apply.

1. Parts of a person’s culture are under conscious control.

2. It is an extension of biological capabilities.

3. It is the medium of social relationships.

4. It identifies food preferences.

5. It explains folklore and music.

Question 13 The nurse is planning care for an older patient. What will the nurse take into consideration to reduce generational conflict?

Select all that apply.

1. Events that occurred when the patient was 10 years of age

2. Ethnocultural status of the nurse

3. Age of the nurse

4. Life trajectory

5. Religion

Question 14 The nurse identifies that a patient from a different culture will not make eye contact during the assessment process. What does the lack of eye contact indicate to the nurse?

1. Respect

2. Friendliness

3. Hiding something

4. Fear

Question 15 A patient tells the nurse that a health problem is common among people of the patient’s ethnic background. What other characteristics would the nurse assess as contributing to this patient’s ethnicity? NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz Chapter 2 Assignment

Select all that apply.

1. Food preferences

2. Employment patterns

3. Special interest in the homeland

4. Divine intervention

Question 16 The nurse is not happy to learn that a newly admitted patient is from the same culture as a previous patient who had created much turmoil on the care area. What behavior is this nurse prone to demonstrate?

1. Prejudice

2. Discrimination

3. Ethnocentrism

4. Racism

Question 17 A seminal event in the boomer generation that can still elicit comments today is the question:

1. “Where were you when John F. Kennedy was shot?”

2. “Do you remember Pearl Harbor?”

3. “What were you doing on September 11, 2001?”

4. “How did the Challenger tragedy affect you?”

Question 18 The staff development instructor is planning a seminar that focuses on the variables leading to generational conflict. What will the instructor include in this content?

Select all that apply.

1. Decade of birth

2. Generation in the United States

3. Class

4. Language

5. Socialization

Question 19 A patient tells the health care provider that a foot injury occurred while participating in Oktoberfest as a dancer. The patient is explaining which aspect of heritage consistency?

1. Ethnicity

2. Culture

3. Religion

4. Assimilation

Question 20 A health care provider comments that a patient is “too old to take care of herself” and needs to “let a man make decisions for her.” The nurse recognizes that this health care provider is demonstrating which misanthropic feelings?

Select all that apply.

1. Ageism

2. Sexism

3. Racism

4. Heterosexism

5. Ethnocentrism

NUR3045 Module 1 Quiz Chapter 2 Assignment