NSG5002 Week 3 Discussion Response Essay

NSG5002 Week 3 Discussion Response Essay

Two paragraphs, each should have 1-2 references.

Paragraph one:
How can Jean Watson\'s Theory of Human Caring be applied to research?

Paragraph two:
How can Betty Newman\'s System Model theory be applied to research?

Application of Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring to Research

The theory of human caring was postulated by Jean Watson, a nursing theorist. Watson theory can be used to provide a theoretical framework for research studies on effects of nursing care on patient’s outcomes since it asserts on providing care and love to patients through the carative factors and processes.The theory can be applied in research on nursing practice to cultivate, strengthen and reinforce a caring culture in the profession. In addition, the theory can be integrated in the nursing curriculum to as a unit to strengthen an understanding of caring in the nursing practice (Alharbi&Baker, 2020). The theory can be used in case studies on health science research to develop practice protocol, evaluate health programs, and develop interventions. For instance, a health researcher may develop a practice protocol or a plan based on the theory to care for a patient who has had multiple unsuccessful IVF treatment. The theory can act as a foundation on which further researches can be conducted to enhance the nursing practice (Bayuo, 2017). NSG5002 Week 3 Discussion Response Essay


Application of Betty Newman’s System Model theory to Research

The Systems Model theory was theorized by Betty Neuman and provides an all-inclusive and holistic approach to nursing care. The theory can be applied in clinical research to study effects of nursing processes mediated by the system model theory to the care of patients (Turner &Kaylor, 2015). In this type of research, Betty Neuman theory will be applied to identify stressors, come up with nursing interventions, nursing outcomes, and patient outcomes. The theory can be applied as a theoretical framework in educational research to provide a basis for development of nursing knowledge and guidance at three levels of prevention (primary, secondary, and tertiary). The theory can be used as a standard in clinical studies by to measure health deviation (Wang et al., 2019). In addition, the theory can be used in studies aimed at improving nursing practice since it offers a wide and multidisciplinary framework to deal with patients and apply necessary interventions accordingly. NSG5002 Week 3 Discussion Response Essay


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