NR500NP: Foundational Concepts and Applications Essay.

NR500NP: Foundational Concepts and Applications Essay.


Projects based on evidence
Conceptualized Model
Area of Interest
Moderation recommendation and concerns
Aspects leading to moderations
NONPF Competencies

Evidence-based practice (EBP) has been shown to improve in many areas throughout healthcare such as the following:NR500NP: Foundational Concepts and Applications Essay.


Improve patient safety
Enhance clinical outcomes
Decrease costs for healthcare
Reduction in the patient outcomes variation

The Advancing Research and Clinical Practice through Close Collaboration (ARCC) Model
In 1999, Melnyk initially concepted the ARCC model as a framework for advanced practitioners to support EBP implementation.

The Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Model
This Evidence-Based Practice Model was conceptualized by the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and the Johns Hopkins Hospital.NR500NP: Foundational Concepts and Applications Essay.

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)
Addressing high re-admission rates in CHF patients
Increased education for patients (Micro level)
Making a difference in the community (Meso Level)
Decreasing the cost of access readmission (Macro Level)

Issue/concern and recommendation for change

Heart Failure (HF ) is one of the leading causes of hospitalizations and readmissions
It has been estimated that approximately 5.7 million American adults are suffering from heart failure (HF) and the prognoses suggest that the incidence of HF will upsurge to 46% from 2012 to 2030 with more than 8 million adults diagnosed with chronic condition.NR500NP: Foundational Concepts and Applications Essay.

Issue/concern and recommendation for change cont.

Recommendation for change includes the following:
Increase education
Encourage in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Losing weight if obese
Tracking daily food intake
Quitting smoking
Avoiding alcohol consumption
Encouraging to engage in physical activities.
Constant monitoring of blood pressure.

Factors Influencing Change

Internal Factors
Knowledge, Skills and experiences.
Behaviors or habits.
Cultural Values and Beliefs.
Cognitive and Functional Abilities

External Factors
Access to Care.
Socio-economic factors.

NONPF Competencies

NONPF established nine key expertise wide areas:NR500NP: Foundational Concepts and Applications Essay.
Scientific foundations
Leadership quality
Practice inquiry
Technology and information literacy
Health delivery system
Independent practice


The competences of the healthcare system include establishing, developing and implementing public and public health programmes. In order to improve health care, every nurse must-
Incorporate knowledge.
Use negotiations.
Building relationships.
Reduces the risk.
Ensure culturally competent care.
Analyzes the impact on all stakeholders.
Consider organizational structures.
Works in partnership.NR500NP: Foundational Concepts and Applications Essay.