Nosomical Infections Treatment Procedure

Nosomical Infections Treatment Procedure

Nosocomial infections are infections that one acquires while in the hospital admitted for treatment (Mehta et al., 2014). Nosocomial infections can enter into someone’s body through different ports of entry which include the mouth, the skin and also the nose. Most of the common Nosocomial infections are deadly, and others are difficult to treat. Therefore, it better to prevent this infection before they occur because prevention is better, cheap and easy than treating an infection that has already occurred. Nosocomial infections can be acquired at any unit of the hospital facility, and it can affect anyone including the healthcare workers (Murni K. et al., 2014). Some of the common Nosocomial infections include Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Nosomical Infections Treatment ProcedureE.coli and Staphylococcus aureus among other bloodstream infections.


Nosocomial infections have become a major problem affecting the hospitals and researchers have searched continuously for various ways through which Nosocomial infections can be prevented. Most healthcare practitioners understand the importance of prevention of diseases before they occur and therefore the use of evidence-based nursing practice to prevent the occurrence of various deadly Nosocomial infections in the healthcare sector (Mehta et al., 2014. Nurses spend most of the time with the patients, and therefore they oversee their treatment and hence the need to use evidence-based nursing to prevent the patients from acquiring Nosocomial infections. This paper aims at gathering various evidence-based methods which can be used to prevent Nosocomial infections in healthcare facilities.Nosomical Infections Treatment Procedure

Murni K. I, Duke T., Kinney S., Daley J A. & Soenarto Y (2014). Reducing hospital-acquired infections and improving the rational use of antibiotics in a developing country: an effectiveness study. BMJ journals. 100(5) 454-459

Murni et al. conducted a study in Dr. Sardjito teaching hospital in the pediatric intensive care unit and also in the general public pediatric wards. They used a prospective study that is before and after and the study consisted of three phases which included pre-intervention phase which took 12 months, intervention phase which took three months and the post-intervention phase which took 12 months.Nosomical Infections Treatment Procedure