Nightingale, Watson, & Benner Essay.

Nightingale, Watson, & Benner Essay.


Respond to the following questions with at least five paragraphs. Ensure you have at least three references in the reference page. Use the recommended headings Introduction A good introduction typically begins with a few general statements about a topic (three to four) followed by a purpose. One example of a purpose statement is: The purpose of this paper is to discuss Nightingale\’s theory and how it relates to practice. Next, Watson\’s theory will be defined and one clinical situation will be described using this theory.Nightingale, Watson, & Benner Essay. Benner\’s theory will then be presented in relation to current practice. Finally, the benefits of learning about nursing theories will be discussed. Nightingales Theory Make sure you describe the theory with a reference.


How does this theory relate to practice? Watsons Theory Make sure you describe the theory with a reference. Describe at least one clinical situation when you used this theory, even if you were not aware of the theory at the time. Benner\’s Theory Make sure you describe the theory with a reference. Then describe what level the student is at in current practice. Give two examples. Benefits of Learning Make sure you describe what the readings or other scholarly sources say about this topic (make sure to reference). Conclusion A good conclusion summarizes the major points in the paper. This conclusion should be at least three paragraphs long.Nightingale, Watson, & Benner Essay.

Nightingale’s, Watson’s, and Benner’s Nursing Theories

Nursing theories provide a framework against which knowledge in practice can be analyzed. These theories provide a skeleton for holistic nursing care, linking Theory to practice. Care forms the background of nursing since the approach revolves around providing services that improve the quality of life of patients (Pajnkihar et al., 2017). Most nursing theories thus stem from different aspects of nursing care; Nightingale’s, Watson’s, and Benner’s nursing theories are not exceptions. This essay attempts to analyze Nightingale’s Theory and the relationship with nursing practice. Further, the paper presents Watson’s Theory, contextualizing it in a clinical setup, and then discusses Benner’s nursing theory classifying my level in practice.Nightingale, Watson, & Benner Essay.

Nightingale’s Theory discusses the environment and its impact on the healing process. Florence Nightingale proposes that a patient’s health is directly related to the environment as much as it is to the illness (Hussian, & Karim, 2020). The Theory contextualizes the four nursing metaparadigms – the environment, health, human, and nursing, emphasizing the importance of hygiene and support in nursing care. Nightingale places modification of the environment at the centre of patient care, making it clear that nurses must assess the surrounding and use their intuition to infer the health needs of their patients (Hussian, & Karim, 2020). The Theory is applicable in clinical settings since it enables nurses to evaluate environmental factors and determine the necessary adjustments to facilitate healing.

The nursing practice revolves around care, which constitutes both profession and psychology. Pajnkihar et al. (2017) have proven that care is central to patient satisfaction and healing. Watson’s Theory proposes that human caring must be holistic to attain the purpose of nursing. Typical scenarios of Jean Watson’s Theory allude to listening to patients, assessing their situations beyond sickness, and watching their behavioral system, among other clinical practices (Pajnkihar et al., 2017). The Theory forms the background for carative nursing since nurses are primarily the caregivers for any patients visiting a healthcare organization (Pajnkihar et al., 2017). I had once applied Watson’s Theory during nursing practice when I was treating a person with diabetes. Interacting with the patient made me understand that the surrounding had a significant impact on the patient’s healing process. Taking care of their emotional, mental, and psychological health enhanced the treatment, thus boosting patient satisfaction and outcome a great deal.Nightingale, Watson, & Benner Essay.

Benner’s Novel to Expert Theory suggests that nurses develop competence, knowledge, and expertise through training and practice. In Benner’s opinion, nurses gain an understanding of their patients’ conditions over time (Oshvandi et al., 2016). The Theory outlines five levels of nursing competence: novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert. Novice nurses are completely clueless and only act upon the guidance of their instructors. Advanced beginners have an idea of clinical situations and can make meaningful inferences from past experiences (Oshvandi et al., 2016). Competent nurses have a substantial work experience hence treat clinical issues individually. Proficient nurses have a tendency to cluster situations based on their past experiences, thus have a holistic approach towards clinical decision-making. Expert nurses have sufficient experience and knowledge hence treat clinical issues on a case by case analysis. I can categorize myself as an advanced beginner since I have a little exposure in nursing practice accordingly can make clinical decisions based on my work experience.Nightingale, Watson, & Benner Essay.


            Nursing theories attempt to bridge the gap between Theory and nursing practice presenting a background against which student nurses, nurses, and nursing educators can illustrate nursing concepts. Nightingale’s Theory emphasizes the impact of the environment on the healing process. Watson capitalizes on holistic humanistic caring while Benner’s Theory presents a model against which nurses can analyze their needs according to their level of competence. The integration of Nightingale’s Theory into nursing practice has been critical in enhancing patient outcomes. Applying Watson’s Theory in my nursing practice served to improve healing in the case of my diabetic patient. Benner’s Theory explores the competency levels of nurses, outlining the characteristics and needs. I have since categorized myself as an advanced beginner since I have little nursing experience and can make inferences from past clinical cases.Nightingale, Watson, & Benner Essay.