Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

How We Treat All types Of Cancer In Our Foundation

Our treatment for cancer focuses on reversing the root causes of cancer as explained below.


1. Detoxifying the body of accumulated toxins. These toxins are, aflatoxins, lead poisoning, asbestos, mercury, wood alcohol, malonic acid; arsenic; beryllium; benzene etc. these toxins coats the body cells thus interfering with normal metabolism of cells hence causing mutations and tumors.Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

2. Treating and repairing DNA of cells exposed to radiation. Too much exposure to radiation such as x-ray, gamma rays, alpha particles, nuclear radiation, interferes with DNA which triggers mutation of cells.

3. Eliminating Viruses, fungal and parasites that cause cancer. Some cancers are caused by HUMAN PAPPILOMA VIRUS. This virus triggers cancer when bodies immunity drops. Some cancers can also be triggered by stubborn fungal, flukes and tapeworms. Many tumors have been found to contain worms inside after surgery. Flukes and tapeworms constantly burrow through organs as they go on with their feeding activity, and deposit eggs in the body. The parasite’s toxic toilet habits then add insult to injury which leads to chronic inflammation as the body tries endlessly to heal meaning lots of cell division and lots of opportunities for cancer-causing mutations to accumulate over years of infection. Also cancer from tapeworms has been discovered spreading to humans.Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

4. Enzyme cancer treatment: More that 100 years ago a renowned Scottish embryologist Named Dr. John beard was able to prove cancer can be treated by protein digesting enzymes. (this theory has never been refuted). These enzymes are TRYPSIN and CHYMOTRYPSIN which are supplied by the Pancreas and can also be gotten from food. Deficiency of these enzymes causes tumors and cancer. The pancreas becomes tired and overworked due to producing large amounts of enzymes because of denatured deep fried foods thus allowing primitive body cells to develop into trophoblast. You can google more about this in the internet.

Treatment is in form of herbal teas, tincture, capsules and tablets. In some cases of open wound, we use dry herbal powders or liquids to sanitize and expedite healing. We have alternative powerful herbal pain killers.Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

Cost Implications of Our Cancer Treatment.

Our treatment is very cost friendly and reasonable compared to modern treatment. Cost of cancer treatment depends with each individual cases and payments can be done in installments. Bring the patient or come with latest medical tests, scan results and history of treat if the patient is bedridden.


Complete recovery from chronic cancer can take a duration of up to nine months depending with stage of cancer. The lower the stage the less the recovery time.

Stage 1 and 2 cancer can take 2 months and up to 100% recovery rate

Stage 3 cancer can take up to 4 months and recovery rate of 100%

Stage 4 cancer can take up to 6 months and recovery rate of 80% Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

We do not sell cancer treatment online. The affected person should come to the clinic IN PERSON with a copy of all medical tests, scans, x-rays, biopsies and detailed information of other treatment one is undergoing etc. If someone is bedridden, then a close relative can come with the documents first.

For years people have been looking for a cure for the devastating disease of cancer. Cancer is the third highest killer in the US with over 2,500,000 victims per year. Oncologists and scientists around the country are researching all forms of cancer in an effort to understand, treat, and ultimately defeat this disease. Already there have been numerous advances in the field, such as chemotherapy and gene therapy. One advance has been the use of a cell process known as apoptosis. By harnessing this normal cell process, scientists hope to have found an effective way to combat cancer.Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

Cancer is a disease that affects human somatic cells. It causes the cells to divide uncontrollably and form masses known as tumors. There are two different…show more content…
This process uses enzymes to cut and insert piece of DNA into a plasmid vector. This vector is then transfected into cells. The different pieces of DNA that were being inserted into this plasmid were a control and three different mutants (an alpha-5-tailless mutant, full-length alpha-5, and full-length alpha-2). These pieces of DNA code for integrins. Once these pieces of DNA were inserted into the plasmid vector, the plasmid needed to be inserted into a cell where it would be able to replicate. In these tests, rat intestinal epithelial wild-type cells (cells that would be found in nature, not cells grown in the laboratory) were used. To insert the plasmid into these cells lipofectamine plus was used. Lipofectamine plus acts like a detergent and opens the membrane of the cell so the plasmid can enter. Also, the plasmids that were transfected into cells were all treated with G-418, an antibiotic. When the cells were plated and allowed to multiply, only those containing the plasmid with the antibiotic would live. This made it possible to know which cells actually received the plasmid and properly underwent mitosis, and to eliminate those cells that never took up the plasmid in the first place. Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

Herbal medicine
Herbal medicine uses plants, or mixtures of plant extracts, to treat illness and promote health. There is not enough reliable scientific evidence to use it as a treatment for cancer.


Herbal medicine uses plants or plant extracts to treat illness and promote health
There is not enough scientific evidence to use it as a cancer treatment
Herbal medicines might have side effects and interact with other medicines
Herbal medicines may not be regulated if made outside the UK, and what they contain can vary. If you are going to buy herbal remedies it is safest to buy them from a fully qualified herbal practitioner.
What is herbal medicine?
Herbal medicines are made from plants. They use combinations of plant parts, for example leaves, flowers or roots. Each part of the plant can have a different medicinal use. Manufacturers use different ways of extracting the chemicals from the plant parts. They use fresh and dried plants to make the medicine.Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

Herbal medicine aims to restore your body, so that it can protect, regulate and heal itself. It is a whole body approach. It looks at your physical, mental and emotional well being. It is sometimes called phytomedicine, phytotherapy or botanical medicine.

Manufacturers make many drugs from plants. But herbalists don’t extract plant substances in the way the drug industry does. Herbalists believe that the remedy works due to the delicate chemical balance of the whole plant, or mixtures of plants. And not from one active ingredient.

The two most common types of herbal medicine used in the UK are Western and Chinese herbal medicine. Less common types include Tibetan or Ayurvedic medicine (Indian).

Western herbal medicine
Western herbal medicine focuses on the whole person rather than their illness. So, the herbalist looks at your:Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

personal health history
family history
Western herbal therapists usually make medicines from European and North American herbs. They also use herbs from China and India.

Herbalists use remedies made from whole plants or plant parts. They believe it helps your body to heal itself or to reduce the side effects of medical treatments.

Chinese herbal medicine
Chinese herbal medicine is part of a whole system of medicine. The system is called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM aims to restore the balance of your Qi (pronounced chee). TCM practitioners believe that Qi is the flow of energy in your body and is essential for good health.Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

Yin and yang refer to different qualities of Qi. When all of the yin and yang aspects of Qi are in harmony with one another, there is health, wellbeing and peace. Illness is due to a disturbance of the balance between yin and yang. Chinese herbalists use plants according to how they affect a part of the body or energy channel.

TCM includes:

massage therapy
herbal remedies
traditional breathing and movement exercises called qi gong (pronounced chee goong)
movement exercises called tai chi (pronounced tie chee)
TCM uses hundreds of medicinal substances. Most of these are plants, but there are also some minerals and animal products.

Practitioners may use different parts of plants. They might use the leaves, roots, stems, flowers or seeds. Usually, they combine herbs and you take them as teas, capsules, tinctures, or powders.

Why people with cancer use it
Herbal medicine is one of the most used complementary and alternative therapies by people with cancer. This is alongside conventional cancer treatments.Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

People have used herbal medicine for centuries to treat many different health conditions. They believe it is a natural way to help you relax and cope with anxiety and depression. Or, to help with other conditions such as:

hay fever
irritable bowel syndrome
menstrual (period) problems
People might also use herbal medicine to help themselves to feel better or more in control of their situation.

A 2011 study in the UK surveyed people with cancer who use herbal medicines. It found that most of the people used herbal medicines to feel more in control. And that it helped them to feel that they have some responsibility for their treatment. They also felt the therapies wouldn’t cause side effects.


How you have it
During your first visit, the herbalist will ask you general questions about your health, lifestyle, diet and medical history.

During your first visit, the herbalist will:Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

take your full history
ask about your family’s medical history
discuss your diet and lifestyle
find out about any medication or supplements you use
They will also do a physical examination, which may include:

feeling your pulse
taking your blood pressure
examining your skin and nails
feeling your abdomen
looking at your tongue
looking at your eyes
The herbalist will then decide which remedies you need. They will usually make it while you wait.

The remedy might be:

a diluted alcohol solution of plant parts (tincture)
powders made into tablets or capsules
water-based solutions like a tea that you make from raw herbs
a cream or ointment
oil-based solutions like a cream or ointment
Your herbalist may suggest that you go back for another appointment after a few weeks. How long you continue seeing them will depend on why you are using herbal medicine.

Who shouldn’t use herbal medicine
This depends on which herbal medicine you want to have.

It is important to check with your doctor first before taking any herbal remedies if you:Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

have any medical condition, including cancer
are having radiotherapy
are pregnant or breastfeeding
are due to have surgery in the next few weeks
are having other cancer treatment (conventional, complementary or alternative)
Using herbal medicines safely
Many people assume that products are safe to use when marketed as natural or herbal.

Some herbal medicines might be safe. But others can have severe and dangerous side effects. And, they might interact with other cancer treatments you are having. We need more research into this.

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in America looked at how herbal medicines can change the way other drugs work. They suggest that the following herbal remedies can interact with cancer treatments:Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

kava kava
St John’s wort
Some herbal treatments might affect the way your body processes cancer drugs. For example the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in America says that St John’s wort can cause your body to get rid of the drug, imatinib (Glivec), quicker. This means it could make the imatinib less effective at fighting your cancer.

Some herbal medicines might increase the effect of cancer drugs. This means that you could have too much treatment.

Other herbal medicines can interfere with some drugs. For example, Asian ginseng and bilberry can increase the risk of bleeding after surgery.

Some herbal remedies make your skin more sensitive to light. Do not take them while having radiotherapy.Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

Finding a herbal therapist
In the UK, the Health and Care Professions Council regulates TCM. It also regulates other herbal practitioners. Contact them for a list of registered practitioners in your area. Most practitioners are members of the herbal medicine organisations listed below.

Side effects
Each type of herbal remedy might have side effects. Some are safe to use and do not have any noticeable side effects. But some plants are poisonous to humans and can have serious and severe side effects.

Always tell your doctor if you are using any type of herbal remedy. It might be helpful to ask your herbalist for a list of all the ingredients in your herbal remedy. Then if you do have any side effects, your doctor will know what you have taken.

You, your doctor or herbalist can report side effects. You report it to the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA). The MHRA is the UK regulatory body. It collects information about the side effects of drugs, including herbal medicines.Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

Let both your herbalist and doctor know if you feel worse or ill while you are taking herbal medicine.

Research into herbal medicine for cancer
There is no reliable evidence from human studies that herbal remedies can treat, prevent or cure any type of cancer.

Some clinical trials seem to show that certain Chinese herbs may help people to live longer, might reduce side effects, and help to prevent cancer from coming back. This is especially when combined with conventional treatment.

But many of the studies are published in Chinese, and some of them don’t list the specific herbs used. Some journal articles don’t give enough detail on how the researchers did the studies.

It is difficult to know how reliable the research is and which herbs may be helpful. But there are trials looking into this.

Preventing cancer
Relieving symptoms or side effects
Treating cancer
How much it costs
Your first consultation with a herbalist will usually cost more than further appointments. Follow up appointments are generally shorter. So, are likely to cost less.Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

You will also have to pay for the herbs your herbalist prescribes. These costs may vary from place to place in the UK.

A word of caution
Herbal products in health food shops and pharmacies have to meet quality standards. They also need to provide information about their product. This includes the specific content and dose of the product and how safe it is.

In Europe, always buy products registered under the Traditional Herbal Remedies (THR) scheme. Remedies registered under the scheme have a THR mark and symbol on the packaging. THR products have been tested for quality and safety.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) regulates the registration of herbal products in the UK. They say that how manufacturers make unlicensed traditional Chinese medicines can vary.Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay

Some have been found to contain illegal substances and toxic herbs. The manufacturers have not listed this on the packaging of the product. The amount of the active ingredient can also vary widely between products.

It is safest to buy herbal remedies from a fully qualified herbal practitioner. They have had training to work out which medicines are appropriate for you. They can also trace where their herbs and plants come from.

It is understandable that you might want to try anything if you think it might help treat or cure your cancer. Only you can decide whether to use an alternative cancer therapy such as herbal medicine.

You could harm your health if you stop your cancer treatment for an unproven treatment.

Some websites might promote herbal medicine as part of treatment for cancer. But no reputable scientific cancer organisations support any of these claims. Natural Treatments For Cancer Essay