Natural Human Tendency

Natural Human Tendency

Being anxious about speaking in front of an audience is a natural human tendency. All people experience some form of anxiety before, during, or after speaking in front of an audience.



For this discussion board, you will be asked to take a survey on your public speaking anxiety, and then reflect on how you can overcome this anxiety or use it to your advantage.  Natural Human Tendency

For your initial post (due on day 3):


Take the Speaking Anxiety Survey before completing this post (located above the Discussion Board in this module).

Read the following information on speaking anxiety: Speech Anxiety


Create your post to include the following:

1. Were you surprised by the score you received on the survey? (Feel free to share your score if you are comfortable doing so).

2. Why do you think your score was what it was based on the questions asked?

3. What has been your experience with public speaking in the past? Have you had any anxiety about giving speeches or the thought of giving public speeches?

4. Based on what you have read, what can you do to have less anxiety?

5. Based on what you have read, what should you avoid during a speech to show your audience that you are confident and prepared?

For your Responses:

Make sure to respond to two classmates by day 7. In your responses make sure to ask questions about your peers’ experiences in an attempt to reflect and start an academic conversation. Natural Human Tendency

Your score should be between 34 and 170. If your score is below 34 or above 170, you have made a mistake in computing the score.

High = > 131

Low = < 98

Moderate = 98-131

Mean = 114.6; SD = 17.2 Natural Human Tendency