Multicultural Counseling Discussion

Multicultural Counseling Discussion

You may use first person in your posts. Integrate a Christian worldview and include biblical themes as appropriate. Your thread and replies must demonstrate clear application of course-related materials pertinent to the discussion prompt. See the Discussion Board Forums Grading Rubric for specific grading criteria. Multicultural Counseling Discussion



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You will create a thread of 350–450 words in response to the provided prompt. Do not submit your thread as an attachment. Appropriate references to course resources must be made in current APA format. Provide a list of references at the end of your thread. You may cite the presentation in your thread as “(Garzon, 2010a)” and in your references as “Garzon, F. (2010a). [Insert lecture title]. Argosy University.” If you mention 2 or more presentations, then cite the presentations in your thread as “(Garzon, 2010b)” and in your references as “Garzon, F. (2010b). [Insert lecture title]. Argosy University.” Multicultural Counseling Discussion

After reading and reviewing the material in the Reading & Study folder, reflect upon what you have learned and include pertinent aspects of the material in your response to the following:

Reflect upon the multicultural competencies discussed in the textbook (pp. 591-600). Select a multicultural competency that you believe will be more challenging for you to develop and why. Dr. Moitinho elaborated on some characteristics of culturally competent counselors from a Christian perspective. Discuss one additional Christian principle that you would add to his presentation. Be sure to use Scripture and scholarly sources to support your argument. Cite your Bible reference and sources. Multicultural Counseling Discussion