Motivating Patients When Teaching Essay.

Motivating Patients When Teaching Essay.


Once you have watched the video and completed readings (I WILL UPLOAD THE READING), write a detailed reflective response addressing this question, \”What can be done to provide motivation for patients when teaching?\” You will need to use references to support your reflection.Motivating Patients When Teaching Essay.


Motivating Patients When Teaching

Motivational Interviewing is a significant and effective approach to motivate patients when seeking to incorporate healthier habits as preventive measures or corrective measures to their health condition. Motivational interviewing is a counseling technique in which the counselor elicits positive behavior change in the client by helping the client explore solutions to their ambivalence (Arkowitz et al., 2015). This counseling approach considers the patient to be the specialist in their own life. Motivating Patients When Teaching Essay.Therefore, instead of offering solutions to the patient, the physician should let the patient assess his or her life and develop a viable solution that they find more effective. The chances are high that a patient would follow the measures they formulate based on the circumstances in their lives, as opposed to the doctor’s instructions. To achieve this, the physician should ask the patient open-ended questions and listening to their responses so that he or she avoids talking the entire time. Ultimately, the patient feels heard, and they begin to see how they could make positive changes in their lives to improve their health. This opportunity is absent in situations where the physician controls the consultation and imposes their solutions onto the patient. Motivating Patients When Teaching Essay.

Allowing patients to decide for themselves and eliminating the parental way of addressing the patient is another viable method of motivating patients when engaging in patient education. Most times, physicians approach patients using authoritative tones like a parent would approach a child. This form of patronization tends to discourage patients from eliminating the ambivalence or lack of adherence to doctor instructions (Cabaniss et al., 2016).Motivating Patients When Teaching Essay. In most cases, patients tend to develop resistance to the doctor’s suggestions when they feel patronized. Alternatively, physicians should engage patients in discussions, where they allow them to talk about ways in which they would make changes, instead of suggesting the changes themselves. For instance, if a patient is pre-hypertensive and obese, one of the preventive measures that the patient could take to prevent developing hypertension as a terminal condition would be to lose the excess weight by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Instead of writing down to the patient the steps to take, the doctor could first educate the patient about the illness, and then engage them in the form of motivational interviewing, where they discuss the best approaches from the patient. The patient should lead this discussion because he or she is more likely to adhere to the medical interventions to prevent hypertension when they suggest it themselves, as opposed to when the doctor outlines to them the steps to take.Motivating Patients When Teaching Essay.

Another approach to motivate patients when offering patient education would be to uplift their moods. Patients suffering from a medical condition are more likely to develop depressive disorders compared to a healthier population. The oscillation between low moods and low morale dampens the patient’s motivation to adhere to medical interventions provided by their physicians. Therefore, when a patient comes in for a consultation, one of the approaches to take to influence them to follow the suggested interventions would be to encourage patients through short therapeutic sessions or engaging them in mentally stimulating conversations that leave them feeling good about themselves (Meschtscherjakov et al., 2016). Uplifting patient moods is critical because it helps them incorporate the positive changes suggested in their daily routines.Motivating Patients When Teaching Essay.

Connecting patients with community resources available to help them implement the suggested interventions is another way to enhance motivation for them (Madanat & Arredondo, 2015). For instance, there could be free gym memberships for people in the community that the doctor could recommend to a patient or free checkup clinics for them to monitor their blood sugars or pressures. The physician could direct the client to these resources to show that there are support groups and available resources and that there are other people in the community with similar health concerns and issues. Accessing such community resources could be motivational for a patient because they will interact with people with similar health conditions and provide motivation to each other.Motivating Patients When Teaching Essay.

Lastly, keeping regular contact with patients is likely to offer them encouragement and motivation to continue adhering to the interventions in place for their health conditions. The physician or nurse should regularly phone or write to the patient and ask about their health progress and to listen to the patient without patronizing them. The nurse should avoid leading the conversation and allow the patient to express themselves once they are in touch.Motivating Patients When Teaching Essay. Reaching out to the patient is motivational because they feel valued and understand that their health is important (Madanat & Arredondo, 2015). Therefore, they are likely to engage in healthier habits. Another reason why contacting the patient is important is that it provides an opportunity for the nurse or physician to offer to counsel or uplift a patient’s moods in the event they may be experiencing depressive moods. Therefore, by keeping in touch, the nurse or physician could engage the patient in a conversation that is uplifting and motivating; hence, encouraging them to adhere to the designed interventions from the hospital.Motivating Patients When Teaching Essay.