Moral Dilemma Case Analysis Nursing Paper

Moral Dilemma Case Analysis Nursing Paper

NUR 39100

Professional Ethics

Module 4/5 Assignment: Case Analysis Paper, Part 1. Please note that this module starts a multi-week assignment, the ethical case analysis paper. It will be important to get started, using the available time, to complete all components of the assignment. Review ALL these directions before starting on any related part of the assignment. Submit each related assignment before the respective due date/time. The FINAL Case Analysis paper (Part 2) has a total of 40 possible points (See respective grading rubrics and the class schedule).



In this module, you will start on your case analysis paper. This week, you will submit a brief description (one to two paragraphs) about an ethical case situation or dilemma that you personally witnessed in your nursing practice, which you want to use for your final case analysis paper. Following the submission of your brief case description, a course instructor will notify you if your case as submitted does not have the elements required for this assignment.

For the FINAL Case Analysis paper, you will use the template provided below to write a 4-5-page formal paper, using APA manuscript format, guidelines, and correct APA “in text” and full reference citation format., including a reference list. This paper will focus on your selected the ethical case/dilemma and will address the relevant ethical issue.

Learning Objective

· Define pressing issues that may arise as a nurse.


Use the guidelines as outlined below for a template to present and review the ethical issues relevant for your selected case situation, as described above. Follow the template format, which has been adapted from the methods of ethical analysis described in course readings. Your final paper for this assignment is expected to address each section of the template in one to two paragraphs, with clearly written and scholarly explanations that support your responses and discussion. Sections 8, 9, & 10 of the template were added to guide your attention to relevant ethical concepts, the ANA Code of Ethics, and writing criteria for paper. When combined, the merged paragraphs will become your 4-5-page paper. Your paper must be organized and written per APA guidelines, including use of a title page, running head, and a separate reference page. Use complete sentences with correct spelling and grammar. Include “in text” citations with respective full reference citations from peer-reviewed sources in correct APA format.

Template Guide for the final Case Analysis Assignment paper. Your paper should include responses and/or discussion for each of the listed items (Scroll down). Moral Dilemma Case Analysis Nursing Paper

1. Gather Data and Identify Conflicting Moral Claims

· What makes the situation an ethical problem? Are there conflicting obligations, duties, rights, morals, values, or beliefs?

· What are the issues?

· What facts seem most important?

· What emotions have an impact?

· What are the gaps in information at the time?

2. Identify Key Participants/stakeholders

· Who is legitimately empowered to make this decision?

· Who is affected and how?

· What is the level of competence of the person most affected in the situation?

· What are the rights, duties, authority, context, and capabilities of the participants?

3. Determine Moral Perspective and Phase of Moral Development of Key Participants

· Do participants think in terms of duties or rights?

· Do the parties involved exhibit similar or different moral perspectives?

· Where is the common ground? The differences? What principles are important to each person involved?

· What emotions are evident within the interaction and with each person involved?

· What is the level of moral development of the participants?

4. Determine Desired Outcomes

· How does each party describe the circumstances of the outcome? In other words, what are their perspectives of the desired outcome? Are they in agreement?

· What are the consequences of the desired outcome? “If X happens the consequences would be……”

· What outcomes are unacceptable to one or all involved? For example, not administering a treatment may be an outcome, BUT what is the unacceptable desired outcome?

5. Identify Options

· What are all the options?

· How do the alternatives fit the lifestyle and values of the person(s) affected?

· What are the legal considerations of the various options?

· What alternatives are unacceptable to those involved?

· How are alternatives weighed, ranked, and prioritized?

6. Act on Choice- While you are reflecting on a case that has already happened, this area if for you to tell which option you would select based on all the options you identified.

· Which choice do you think is the best? Thoroughly explain the reasons why you selected this choice.

· Keep in mind: Be empowered to decide, give yourself permission to set aside less acceptable alternatives, be attentive to emotions involved in the process

7. Evaluate Outcomes of Action- Identify/evaluate how the dilemma was originally addressed…

· How were the dilemmas originally addressed? Did this original decision resolve the dilemma? Did other dilemmas emerge related to the action? Were further actions required?

· Do you agree with how this dilemma was addressed? Yes or No….explain/defend your answer.

8. Identify the Ethical Principle(s) that are guiding the decision?

9. Which sections of the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses apply to your case? Moral Dilemma Case Analysis Nursing Paper

10. Grammar, punctuation, clarity of writing. APA format (Title page, references etc.)

Submitting the Description of Your Proposed Case Situation/Dilemma.

1. When you are ready to submit your drafts (limited to 3), navigate to the Case Analysis Part 1 assignment in the appropriate module.

2. Click on the title of the assignment to submit your brief case description.

Submission of DRAFTs of the Case Analysis paper to Safe Assign. 1. You have unlimited DRAFT submissions.

2. Check your Similarity Index/originality score, which must be 35% or less.

Submitting your FINAL Case Analysis paper.

1. When you are ready to submit your FINAL assignment document, navigate to the Moral Dilemma Case Analysis assignment in the module.

2. Click on the title of the FINAL assignment to submit your final paper, which is a Safe Assign submission. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT submit any draft papers to the final assignment drop box. Submit the completed paper BEFORE the due date. Only ONE (1) attempt for submission can be allowed and no late papers will be accepted

Moral Dilemma Case Analysis Nursing Paper