Mentally Ill And Dual Diagnosed Essay

Mentally Ill And Dual Diagnosed Essay

Several states have undertaken the responsibility of care provision to persons with disabling and severe mental illness throughout their life time. Several individuals with acute mental problems are dependent on these programs (Pataki, 2005). This extreme reliance is attributed to the vulnerabilities of these groups as a result of unemployment, poverty and their disability. Hence, programs of care and treatment of the mentally challenged persons command a major share for resources investment in the United States. Mentally Ill And Dual Diagnosed Essay.
There are two classes of people that are served by the evidence based programs in the United States. They include adults under severe mental disorders, adolescents with extreme emotional stresses and children. In adults, the mental disorders that may occur in their old age are also covered under this mental care program. The authors of the article reveal the several treatment classifications that are available to match the preferences of the mental patients. The outcomes of the care scheme have been enhanced through interventions aimed at assisting families to cope with the mental cases of their own. Families are educated on particular mental conditions. In addition, there are several interventions that cover family problem solving trainings, support provision and communication. The programs contribute effectively to family welfare and improved patient functioning (Pataki, 2005).
Community based care is enhanced through the assertive community treatment program model. There is substantial and reliable evidence that this model causes reductions in inpatient utilization and enhances the continuity of the outpatient care. The satisfaction of the patients under the community model is high. Similarly, the employment support that hires patients into competitive part time careers based on individuals’ preferences is a pillar in the evidence based models for mental care in the United States of America. Mentally Ill And Dual Diagnosed Essay.
The evidence based programs are also practiced in other states in a less integrated mechanism. The programs cover the individuals with the mental disorders and have adequate provisions to help their families live with the mental challenges. In other states, implementation of these programs faces considerable huddles and this makes them temporal and seasonal. In the US, the implementation of these programs needs regular supervision to drive the whole process of mental care provision of the mental and substance abuse cases to reasonable success.
In conclusion, the success of services provided under the evidence based program relies on the quality of the workforce in place. Therefore, it is crucial to adopt openness and dynamism in the evidence based programs to suit the changing knowledge.



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Program Structure
This Mental Health treatment program and/ or organization focus on co-occurring diagnosis and structures to develop co-occurring disorder treatment services. This program is a non-profit, privately owned organization. It provides social services in Miami, FL. This mental health treatment program and organization will provide comprehensive behavioral healthcare to homeless women who have severe, persistent mental illness, or with co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness’. Mentally Ill And Dual Diagnosed Essay.The organizations Mental Health treatment program stakeholders are accredited and affiliated, in which this aide the program to express its values, carry out its mission, develop strategies and improve the quality of care on a continuous basis.
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Integrating treatment specialist staff such as psychiatrist can develop treatment plans to treat both serious mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders so that the population served, “homeless women” do not get confused going back and forth to different mental health and substance abuse treatment programs. Secondly, the mental health program will also implement clinical treatment integration. Integrated clinical treatment specialists have an understanding about substance abuse disorders and mental illnesses; there will also be an understanding how both disorders affect an individual’s way of functioning. The clinical treatment specialist’s team is staffed as nurses, Therapy and Substance Abuse Counselors and Case Managers. They are trained in psychopathology, assessment, and treatment strategies for both mental illness’ and substance abuse disorders. These skills are found to be effective in treating individuals with co-occurring disorders. These treatment specialists would have experience with how short and long term substances affect people with co-occurring disorders. Regier, (1990) noted, “56 percent of people that has serious mental illnesses have a co-occurring substance use disorder within their lifetime.” Structuring the proposed mental health program to implement Therapy and Substance
Abuse Counseling to be in place to support dual disorder program is important. According to Regier, (1990) “Integrated treatment specialists with skills in. 
Mentally Ill And Dual Diagnosed Essay.