Men’s Health Assignment Essay Example

Men’s Health Assignment Essay Example

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Today I would like to raise a point of your attention towards a paramount societal topic. These days many conversations regarding heath care arise among many Western societies, as it is the key to preserving future generations. Here, I would like to stress your attention towards a particular issue, men’s health. Men’s Health Assignment Essay Example

Lately, health strategy has taken into account gender dimension. (Borg) There is an absolute need to tackle the issue of men’s health. In this context, one has to understand the differences between men and women’s health in the current state condition.

Every year, America expects the bigger number of boys born than girls. This increasing number leads to an increase of health problems, related to boys treatment since the early childhood. It is believed, that from infancy throughout adulthood and until the old age, women appear to be healthier than men. In this case, the gender gap implies that men die five years earlier that women. This case is especially noted within couples. Men’s Health Assignment Essay Example


Let’s take a look why it is so. One of the reasons confirmed by doctors is that men tend to put health last in their daily list of things to do. (Clinic Staff) Also, men tend to go to the doctors more rarely than women, and it only happens in extraordinary cases when the health condition is unbearable, and doctor’s interference is inevitable. So, dear fellows let’s face that issue and try to prevent the cause.

Once, the former US president George Washington said: “Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation” (@MensHealthMag). We have to remember, who will deal with our own problems, if not us? Who will be responsible for a men’s health if not a man himself? So, we are to take the responsibility for our own actions and start the change from now.

Dear fellows, could you guess what are the major men’s health diseases? Among the list, one can find the fact that the list is surprisingly short. However, it contains such diseases as heart disease, cancer and unintentional injury (Hoffman). We have to be thankful that all these illnesses are luckily preventable. They depend on our everyday choices, food habits and lifestyle. Surely, we have heard a million times that keeping yourself busy and spending extra hours at work negatively impact our health conditions. However, the desire for profit often overweighs our choices towards the second option. And then the complaints come, and often we cannot do anything about the case. Once again, here I’d like to stress the need to make healthy lifestyle choices, particularly choosing healthy food instead of cheap fast food options. We shall not forget about the need for active physical activity in our daily routine. Men’s Health Assignment Essay Example

No less significant, is our sexual habits. Lately, doctors note on the need to manage risky behavior, such as drinking too much or becoming engaged in some casual sexual affairs. Surely, in that case, safety precautions that often are used would be helpful, but later in the life we might feel the negative effects on our personal health.

Once Pope John XXIII stressed, “Men are like a vine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.” (BrainyQuote) Yet, I find this quote truthful. But the counterpart is that we become more aware of things like the older age. Unfortunately, our health issues are the case of possibility of waking up too late. So, dear fellows, we must pay attention towards our health from the youth years, so that later we would not regret the consequences of our “lightness of being”.

Health itself is inevitable without wellness. Let’s think of our relatives and family who are impacted by us. Our well being determines the condition of others. As these who are close to us turn to be responsible for our mistakes, even though these would be related to health. Thus, we should remember that joy and wellness are the outcomes of the proper care, conditions of life and personal treatment. So, dear fellows, let’s think of the people around us, so they do not suffer from our issues. I am sure that when we feel well, in turn they will feel well as well.

Also, happiness is the outcome of being healthy too. Our inner peace and inner balance serve an indispensable part of our life. When we seek for happiness, we seek for health, too. In fact, personally I believe that health is tightly interconnected with wellness and happiness. When people think of one of these traits, they often omit the rest. But it’s not the case. A human personality is very complex. And the feeling of being healthy is the predominant part of the rest of internal balance. This can be evidenced by a famous Maslow’s pyramid, too as the basic needs and wellness are preliminary factors for internal balance. Men’s Health Assignment Essay Example

In the conclusion, I would like to remind you all. We are facing the challenges every single day in our life. However, we shall remain conscious that our health is the determining factor our actions, productivity and personal balance. We shall stay responsible for our health. If not us, then who will respond to the future consequences?
Thank you for your attention.

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Men’s Health Assignment Essay Example