Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay.

Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay.


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Medication safety is one of the most important aspects that all healthcare professionals have to take into consideration when rendering their services in various health organizations.Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay.


Medication safety is among one of the most instrumental elements in the healthcare delivery system, which must be considered by health facilities because it can result in various kinds of harm to the patient. According to research done by Wei, Min, Ming, Sheng, & Ahmad (2015 ), nearly 10600 people die as a result of adverse drug reaction and medication errors.Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay. For example, in the United States, there are more than two million cases of adverse drug reactions that result in disability and death every year. In the year 2009, Malaysia recorded 2572 cases related to medication safety (Wei, Min, Ming, Sheng, & Ahmad, 2015). The errors attributed to medication can result in mortality or permanent morbidity and can also have a detrimental impact on the patients affected. Some of the common mistakes that can be considered when looking at medication safety include negligence, wrong labeling, and incorrect medication.Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay. It is thus essential to enhance various strategies on improving the awareness of medication safety. Research on medication safety is thus instrumental because medications have also increased in complexity because of the huge number of medicines that are produced for various purposes every year. Again, there is a need to enhance more research on the topic of medication safety because there is inadequate information about contradictions, drug indications, and drug interactions (Smeulers, Onderwater, van Zwieten, & Vermeulen, 2014). It is crystal that doctors alone do not have the capacity to recall all details pertaining to the medications that they prescribe to the patients. Therefore, nurses have an obligation to remain watchful and identify the potential errors that might harm the patients.Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay.

What is the contribution of registered nurses in reducing medication errors in health facilities?

  1. Provide the rationale for the choice of the research design (qualitative/ quantitative/mixed method) and its relevance to proposed research project (350 words)Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay.

The research adopts a qualitative research method in determining the contribution of nurses in reducing of medication errors. The qualitative research design focuses on answering the question of why and how various phenomena of interest take place. Qualitative research is characterized by numeric findings.Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay. Unlike quantitative design it is mainly considered to be subjective and not objective. Literature research design is highly appropriate for this study because it focuses on enhancing the understanding of a given topic and providing detailed and well elaborated concepts and ideas behind a given issue or topic. In qualitative research design small samples are considered because data collection can be quite tedious and also time consuming. The small sample is appropriate in qualitative design because their research majors in providing in-depth understanding of the topic instead of focusing on the quantity of the findings.Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay. The research in this case is focused on gaining an in-depth understanding of how nurses within health facilities can reduce the medication errors that are mainly caused by the doctors.Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay. The qualitative research design is thus valid because it strives to show us why it is important for the nurses to identify the error and also how they identify the errors in their daily operation. The data that we are considering is from secondary sources and it is mainly in written form hence making the research objective. We are not able to use the data that we have in any quantifiable manner or with the help of any statistical technique. We therefore cannot consider qualitative quantitative research design in this case. Qualitative design is also appropriate because the study is not only interested in noting or taking into account the facts behind nurse medication safety. The facts that the study is not based on a specific region make the data consideration to be expensive therefore allowing qualitative research be the most appropriate design in undertaking the study. The design is valid and has made the research to be successful.

Provide the rationale for the selection of the participants (sampling criteria), sampling strategies and data collection method and its appropriateness to the proposed research project (350 words)

Inclusion criteria will be utilized in the research. The sampling criteria is applicable because it considers specific characteristics that’s the members of the population in consideration must possess to qualify in the sample. The data that will be used will be specific to various health organizations. It will be obtained from health related articles hence making inclusion criteria viable sampling criteria. Purposive sampling will be great method for the research because there will be need to make judgment when selecting the appropriate population for the study. Purposive sampling is a probability sampling method that is utilized by researchers who have to make personal judgments when identifying the members of the population that will be part of the research. The method was therefore efficient for sampling in the study. The non-experimental design is most appropriate in examining the extent to which the nurses in the health facilities can identify the medical errors which are caused by other health professional within the same setting.Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay.

The data will be mainly collected from secondary sources which will be peer reviewed and credible. The collection of data from the reviewed sources will enhance the accuracy of the research because it will increase the validity of the information that is utilized. The data collection method will be used in enhancing the understanding of the usefulness of nurses when it comes to medication safety.Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay. The research will focus on a realistic issue in healthcare thus collecting information that has been verified to be accurate will be of high importance. In conclusion, combining the sampling criteria sampling strategies, and the data collection method that are explained above will not only enhance the accuracy of the research but will also make it successful. Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay.

Provide the rationale for the selection of the data analysis method and why is it appropriate for the proposed research project? (300 words)

The use of content analysis can be described as a tool that is applicable in determining the concept that is utilized when there are qualitative data to be taken into considerations. Content analysis was utilized in the research because it provided rich information regarding the research question. Other than provision of the large information the secondary analysis was vital in the research because it required less time to collect effectively and it was also less expensive (Heaton, 2008).).Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay. Cost is an important consideration that has to consider when undertaking any research. The time that the research takes is also a key consideration for the success of the research (Greenhoot & Dowsett, 2012). The research content secondary analysis because the time that was issued for the research was relatively short. Actually costs of the projects are usually estimated before the research is done so that various research methods and strategies can be embraced Secondary sources cannot be compared to the primary data thus implying that content data analysis was also instrumental.Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay. The data analysis method was also effective because it provided the relevant information that was vital for the research (Tripathy, 2013). Most of the information about evidence based research practices have been documented in secondary sources over the past years. The availability of the data in various secondary sources is highly important because the research was data driven implying that the more the data that was obtained the better. The information in the secondary sources was analyzed to meet the specific demands of the research and also to help in answering the research questions. The collection of secondary data as well as the content analysis that was adopted in the study was important in ensuring the success of the research (Koziol & Arthur, 2011).  Medication Safety Among Nurses in Health Facilities Essay.