Medical Professionalism Essay Paper

Medical Professionalism Essay Paper

I believe that being a doctor in a multicultural society is a good thing. There have been debates on the rapid growing of the multicultural population in the world and its trends for the public health. Culture is a fundamental source of diversity in thought and behavior among different human groups. If we are allowed to travel around the world, we would undoubtedly be struck by the cultural diversity we found-in religious beliefs, ideas and so on- and those differences would make the trip exciting and fun. There are advantages of living in a multicultural society such as United States. At the same time, however, the fact that we live in a society with marked cultural variations represents a challenge to the physician as well as the practice of medicine. The justification for the multicultural aspect in the health sector is based on some facts such as the varying measures of disabilities and preventable deaths by some ethnic groups which are due to the environmental risk factors, personal behaviors and access to the healthcare services. The behavioral factors are based on culture and the health care services must be compatible with the available cultures.Medical Professionalism Essay paper


In this world, there will be an ever increasing demand for doctors and this demand is independent of many factors such as poor economic state and the political situation in the countries. This is because people are always sick and others are injured. Also, the world’s population is rapidly is growing which implies increasing demand for the services of the doctors/physicians. The profession is among the crucial ones that cannot be cut down to reduce the costs and various reports and statistics shows that the employment rate of physicians grows faster as compared to other professions (World development indicator, 101).Medical Professionalism Essay paper

The profession is emotionally rewarding because physicians have good opportunities to meet with different people every time. This meetings grants the doctors opportunities to have positive impacts on the patients and it is generally good for someone to realize that he/she is able to help others in the lifetime. Also, as a physician, one can get a chance to work with highly talented people with a common goal in the healthcare field and it is rewarding because it is surrounded by people who are ready to better the lives of others in the world.

Attractive salaries for doctors motivate me to become a physician. The highly experienced doctors are given very good salaries and good median compensation. For instance the ones who have specialized in sensitive areas such surgeons are paid well. The doctors are also endowed with several entrepreneurial opportunities as they can work in public and private hospitals and clinics. As a physician, I can be able to establish my own business which will enable me earn very high compensation. Also, there are other intellectual and social benefits that can be accessed by doctors. For instance, they have varied opportunities to get involved in continuing education programs, a fertile and supportive environment within a research community and accessibility to professional peers and mentors. The fact that there are various health problems and challenges that are not easily solved opens opportunities for creativity and diverse thinking for doctors (Savett, 236-237).Medical Professionalism Essay paper

The field of medicine bridges the gap between society and science. Indeed, the use of scientific knowledge in the field of human health is a crucial aspect of clinical practice. Doctors are the most important agents through whom scientific understanding is expressed. But medicine is more than the sum of people’s knowledge about diseases. Medicine concerns experiences, feelings and interpretations of human beings in often extraordinary moments of fear, doubt and anxiety. In this extremely vulnerable position, it is medical professionalism that underpins the trust that the public has in doctors. Further, the practice of medicine is distinguished by the need for judgment in the face of uncertainty. Doctors take responsibility for these judgments as well as their consequences.  In ideal situations, doctors’ up-to-date knowledge and skill provide the explicit scientific and often tacit experimental basis for such judgments (Horton, 2-4).Medical Professionalism Essay paper


Also, I believe that becoming a physician is something that is very interesting. For example, I ailed from cancer when I was a child and the doctors and nurses at the hospital took very good care of me. For instance, they used some complicated medical terms which they sometimes explained to me and I was able to grasp some words such as chemotherapy. Through these experiences, I was interested with the things that are associated with the healthcare and I therefore want to be a physician so that I can help those in the situations same as the one I was in. Upon seeing the people’s difficult situations that are characterized by suffering and lack of quality health services in my area, I believe that becoming a professional physician and participate in providing them with adequate care, assistance and protection that they need is very important. Once in the healthcare field that is characterized by diverse cultural aspects and working diligently to become a top performer, I believe that the world of medical health will benefit from a medical doctor with relevant medical knowledge and armed with the modern healthcare developments such as the latest sickness procedures and technologies. Therefore, I believe that being medical physician who provides true services to other people is one of the most admired personal fulfillment’s Medical Professionalism Essay paper