Medical Care Sample Example

Medical Care Sample Example

One of the main problems which reflected real life issues found in the movie aside from health care policies revolve around the crisis in the sector of employment. Employment is an essential part of the country’s economic and social processes. We have to understand that the national policies regarding different sectors are complementary to each other. Medical Care Sample Example The failure of employment is central to the national difficulties experienced by millions of Americans similar to what happened with John Quincy Archibald.Almost 80% of the middle and working class earn just enough to support their personal and family needs but do not have to capacity to save for future expenses. Unemployment would render majority of the middle class helpless in an unexpected crisis such as acute health problems or accidents due to their incapable financial condition. They could only rely in their insurance which in most cases provides inadequate support. The ethical dilemma presented by unemployment is the unequal treatment received by the working class citizens who have blue collar jobs. His employer has reduced his working hours from 40 to 20, translating to a lower salary.

This shows unethical practice by employers due to wrongful distribution of resources. Most of the time, company executives invest more money to increase their personal gains rather than ensure the employee’s financial security. This is evident in a report which documented several Wall Street Executives who rewarded themselves with several million dollars after they signed deals and mergers which saved their companies. Actions such as these clearly undermine the smaller people of the company since that amount of money could have been invested to strengthen security and productivity.Medical Care Sample Example


Continual misuse of funds by the higher officials could lead easily lead to joblessness. The other ethical issue portrayed in the movie was the negative feedback which came from the impersonal doctor who advised John and his wife to let their kid succumb to the disease since they could do nothing due to their financial situation. Doctors being healers should be capable of giving hope and comfort. The advice of the doctor only produced tension between the parents which led John to engage in hostage taking. It is unethical for a medical staff to psychologically restrict the people from attaining medical care.

Giving advice could only go as far without disrupting the personal lives of the people involved. In medical ethics, authorities have no right to direct any course of action which could result to death. In John’s case, the doctor was in an inappropriate position to say such things. 2. The movie have shown two problems which is the unequal treatment of blue collar workers and the inappropriate stand directed by the doctor in charge. Unequal treatment of workers is a result of the culture of graft and corruption that is passively allowed by the law.

The lack of investigations and restrictions by the federal government leads to massive and erroneous misuse of company resources. Most of the time, it is due to the personal motives of company officials. The solution can generally be created through the establishment of policies that would protect the employees in connection with all the company decisions and activities. CEO’s and presidents of private corporations usually receive a large part of company earnings whenever they succeed in their different financial endeavors (Jackson, 1990).Medical Care Sample Example

The problem could root when greediness motivates the person in position to pursue high risk competition that could give him large bonuses or could lead to company downfall. The employees are not given the right to interfere in these cases since the decision makers keep it on a low profile. When a plan fails, the most affected people are the ones in the lowest position that comprises the majority of company personnel. Large companies with thousands of workers should be given strict guidelines on spending resources by restricting high risk activities to maintain adequate money for employment.Medical Care Sample Example