Mary Vincent RE: Discussion – Week 6 Case Study

Mary Vincent RE: Discussion – Week 6 Case Study

My chosen nurse specialty program is education.  I have always enjoyed patient teaching as a staff nurse.  I would often volunteer to be a “champion” when new products or practices rolled out.  I liked precepting practicum students, new grads and new hires.  I was always complemented on how I was able to explain things, whether it was to patients or other nurses, in a way they could understand.  For years, I enjoyed doing this because every time I explained something, I learned it as well.  For me, explaining it made me learn it better.  I had wanted to be a nurse educator for a while, but the opportunity did come up.  I had become an assistant nurse manager (ANM) when the position opened, and I liked that position.  2 years into my ANM position, our educator had left so there was an educator position open.  I almost didn’t apply for the position because I was enjoying being an ANM.  My manager encouraged me to apply and I found that I indeed loved teaching people more than leading them.  Walden’s description of a nurse educator really sums up how I feel, “They serve as role models and provide the leadership needed to implement evidence-based practice” (Walden University, 2020).


            As I researched different professional organizations for a nurse educator, I came across two that seemed like good resources.  One is the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD).  The ANPD states they has many resources to help with nursing professional development (Association for Nursing Professional Development, 2020).  The other professional organization I investigated is the National League for Nursing (NLN).  They offer nurse educator core competencies and offer the certification for nurse educators (CNE) (National League for Nursing, 2019).  To become a member in both organizations, you have to fill out an application and pay the yearly fees. Mary Vincent RE: Discussion – Week 6 Case Study


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Mary Vincent RE: Discussion – Week 6 Case Study