Managing BMI Assignment Discussion

Managing BMI Assignment Discussion

The quality of life refers to the general wellbeing with a focus on the positive and negative aspects. A review of my quality of life has been conducted based on seven dimensions. First, I had a score of 8 in the health dimension. I have been eating healthy diets and food, maintaining an appropriate weight and regularly attending physical examinations. However, I have not been exercising regularly or using effective stress reduction strategies. I intend to improve my scores in the health dimension through addressing the areas of weaknesses by joining an exercise program to improve my physical health and engaging in regularly scheduled hobbies to manage and reduce my stress level. Besides that, I intend to improve on my strengths by implementing a healthy diet menu and closely managing my BMI. Managing BMI Assignment Discussion


Secondly, I had a score of 6 in the rest/recreation dimension. I have been interspersing my work with hobbies and pleasure activities, and make it a point to only engage in the activities that make me happy and are personally satisfying. Nonetheless, I do not have adequate sleep and rest periods owing to the pressures of personal and work life. This is particularly so because of the increasing demands on my time as I enrolled in school and had to balance the time, attention and energy demands of my personal, work and school life. I intend to address this weakness by preparing a schedule that prioritizes the demands on my time and only attending to the activities that I can complete in the time that I have. Also, I intend to improve on my strengths by continuing to pursue my hobbies and other pleasurable activities, and looking at the fun aspect of every activity so that they are not only considered as chores.

Thirdly, I had a score of 8 in the personal development/relationships dimension. I have fulfilling and rewarding relationships with the people in my friends who include family and work colleagues. In addition, I have a reliable emotional system that includes my family, and also lead a spiritual life that sees me attend church regularly. Still, my communication skills are not well developed, particularly with regards to actively listening since I am very opinionated. I intended to improve my communication skills through attending an acculturation course to improve my listening. Addition, I will improve on my strengths through becoming more engaged in church and social activities.

In the finances dimension, I had a score of 7. I have sufficient resources to address my financial needs. However, I have had to make sacrifices and missed on some of the things that I need. In addition, I have become dependent on loans to address my financial shortcoming. I intend to address my financial weaknesses through having a better handle on my expenses and working strictly with shopping lists and budgets. Also, I intend to get more student loans through applications to institutions and organizations that support nurse education.

I had a score of 8 in the environment dimension. I am aware and respectful of the environment, sensitive to my impact on the environment, keen to reduce pollution, and support recycling efforts. Still, my financial difficulties have made it difficult for me to only use natural resources so that I end up contributing to environmental pollution. I intend to address this weakness through conducting extensive market research to identify cheaper natural products that I can access with my limited budget. Furthermore, I intend to volunteer for environmental cleanup activities so as to improve my environment. Managing BMI Assignment Discussion

Next, I had a score of 8 in the career/school dimension. I have been regularly improving my skill and knowledge base, and have set professional goals that I am on course to achieving. Besides that, I have a satisfying and meaningful profession as a long-term care nurse. Nonetheless, I am not satisfied with my work life balance. I have been working a lot to maximize my earnings so that I am able to address all my financial needs. I intend to address this weakness by seeking educational support so that my financial pressure is reduced.

Finally, I had a score of 8 in the passion dimension. I am satisfied with my life since I am actively pursuing my dreams and desires. In addition, I have a good understanding of how to achieve my dreams. However, I am not satisfied with the speed with which I am pursuing my dreams. I feel that I am slow, and this has largely been caused by financial limitations. I intend to address this limitation through seeking financial support that will ease the pressure I feel and enable me to pursue my dreams at a faster pace. Overall, I intend to improve on my quality of life by improving on my strengths and addressing my weaknesses. Managing BMI Assignment Discussion