Management Program in Community Setting

Management Program in Community Setting

A Fall Prevention and Management Program in the Community Setting for the Elderly Patients

The selected topic and intervention are under the community category. Community interventions focus on the social conditions within communities that affect the well-being of the target population as well as the necessary skills and resources to implement to the target community setting (Castillo et al., 2019). The intervention will be implemented outside the hospital setting and the target population includes the older adults. Management Program in Community Setting


As Kim et al (2015) indicate, falls are a significant health problem among the geriatric population. Falls in older adults causes serious injuries, reduce the level of independence, anxiety, reduced quality of life, and some injuries may lead to death (Kim et al., 2015). A high number of older adults sustain falls even in the community setting, while at home or while carrying activities such as shopping. Therefore, to prevent falls within the community setting, it is necessary to implement different strategies for all older adults to decrease the risk of falls in regard to falling or sustaining injuries related to falls. Management Program in Community Setting


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Management Program in Community Setting