Legacy Assignment Paper

Legacy Assignment Paper

Denise Thornby, former president of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, always charged nurses to make waves. She exhorted nurses to identify when health care was not working for people in need and to do whatever was necessary to address the need. She died in the summer of 2012. We cannot think of a better way to end this chapter than to repeat her charge to nurses everywhere: Every day, every moment, you make choices on how to act or respond. Through these acts, you have the power to positively influence. As John Quincy Adams sagely said, “The influence of each human being on others in this life is a kind of immortality.” So I ask you: What will be your act of courage? How will you influence your environment? What will be your legacy? (Thornby, 2001) Review the perspective shown below in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?Legacy Assignment Paper. v=Yq8sokiiLAw&feature=youtu.be Based on your readings and the video review of ethical dilemma in policy making, reflect on the following 3 questions. Share your perspective of this video in the Legacy Assignment. 1-What will be your act of courage? 2-How will you influence your environment? 3-What will be your legacy? (Thornby, 2001)

1-What will be your act of courage?

My act of courage is continuing to provide nursing care services even in the face of threats to personal wellbeing and health (Stanley, 2017). Covid-19 epidemic is a good example is it threatens both the patients and medical personnel. Nurses providing care to Covid-19 patients face significant risks to their health as there is always a possibility of contracting the virus. In fact, there are many stories of nurses and other medical personnel contracting the virus. This has caused a large number of nurses either resign from their work or look for less risky jobs that do not involve taking care of Covid-19 patients. Even as I take the risk of providing nursing care to Covid-19 patients, I will ensure that I minimize the risk contracting the virus by observing all the established safety measures to include taking the vaccine as recommended and appropriately using personal protective equipment such as face masks and shields. Overall, providing nursing care to Covid-19 patients is an act of courage form the nurse who faces a higher risk of contracting the virus (Stanley, 2017).


2-How will you influence your environment?

I will influence my environment by acting as an example for other nurses. Legacy Assignment Paper.  By acting courageously, other nurses would also be galvanized to emulate my actions and provide nursing care to Covid-19 patients. In addition, my actions would help in preserving the prestige of nursing as a selfless profession that primarily focuses on doing what is best for the health and wellbeing of the patient (Milstead & Short, 2019).

3-What will be your legacy?

What matters most to me is that nursing is presented as a noble profession that meets the needs of patients even in trying times. At the end of my career as a nurse, I want to be remembered as an individual who diligently met the needs of patients even in the midst of threats to personal safety. I want my patients to always remember that there was a nurse ready to risk life in order to meet their needs. My legacy will be one of service.


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