Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.



The 21st century has seen the acceleration of the digitization of almost all aspects of life which continues to grow exponentially. Today, digital technology has been integrated in education, to many other areas like political engagements and management. The advent of digital technology and the speed in which they emerge have fostered innovation and brought up more techniques that have influenced an individual’s lives (Erhel, 2013).Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.


Digital learning that is on the web gives provision to diverse instructional resources for learners. Many educational institutions, therefore, have had their faculties set up courses that are available online and serve a diversified number of virtual learners. In the other mode of traditional learning incorporates handcrafted and lectures to a group of students in a fixed space. Here individuals can work together in finding remedies to problems and have the support of the teacher in achieving their objectives. The paper will focus on establishing how specific knowledge is acquired and the difficulties that the forms of knowledge present.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

Acquiring Knowledge and Problems that Various Forms of Knowledge Present

The industrial revolution gave space to low skilled workers who are quite the opposite of the digital revolution that has led to the creation of opportunities for highly skilled workers. The future that is set up by the digital world requires a new type of individual who is capable of working in unstructured and unpredictable circumstances that in most cases, are usually complex (Chan, 2016). Therefore students need to be adequately prepared to tackle the digital economy through the design of a participative digital environment that can accommodate the working together concepts.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay. Institution therefore seek to come up with new strategies that will see to it that the modern methods of teaching offer relevant and high-quality learning experiences to achieve this, they require to come up with more flexible support that individuals and industries need to remain better aligned in the scope of supply and demand through information and communication technologies. The students, therefore, are prepared for the complex world, and an environment for practising their skills is provided. The advent of the employment schemes is consequently the tool that has emphasized the importance of changing the educational landscape and paved the way for a new technique of looking at skill requirements. Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

Web leaning platform to enhance the students with the necessary skills has come up with various techniques of ensuring that they receive a quality education. Lee (2015) opines that collaborative learning is increasingly becoming a popular strategy that is used in web leaning and is vital to encourage the students to indulge in activities that promote collaborative learning. The social interaction that students have in collaborative learning is essential to giving the students to learn knowledge from other students as well as allow then to enhance their skills by actively constructing a new form of understanding.

In the scope of putting emphasis to the collaborative construction and the acquisition of new understanding, we speak of the student’s social interaction that takes place within the field of enquiry. By building into each other’s contributions, the students can extend, transform and deepen their comprehension (Pynoo, et al. 2011). Many research works that have been done in the area have shown that collaborative learning has helped a large number of students be able to retain information for a longer time and enable their high order cognitive skills to advance.

Social construction seeks to have social interaction viewed as the appropriate tool for students to indulge in these meaning-making processes and work together to find the meaning. According to Jović et al., (2018) the central concept behind collaborative learning is that the learning occurs in a situation where common ground is established, and conflicting ideas are put into scrutiny to negotiate them and come to a definite conclusion. Learning here is not considered static but rather as a creative, constructive process of expression of an individual understands to other students commenting, thereby giving way for new ideas .in essence it incorporates students using each other resources for learning.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

The asynchronous online discussion systems are the primary areas that provide online learners with the experiences that are described above. Moreover, the above methods have a particular advantage of creating records that are permanently written or recorded of the entire collaboration period and may be used for future references (Hwang, 2012). Scholars over the years have agreed that there is empirical evidence that the experience collaborative learning gives, increases awareness of the learners’ diversified perspectives and is the key to the provision of new insights of a topic the students are undertaking. Therefore the online discussion platforms provide an environment for the collaborative knowledge construction.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

However, despite the numerous advantages, the conversational models of web learning have been challenging to achieve in prating education. Studies that have been undertaken in this field have shown that there is difficulty in the integration and maintaining of the ‘common ground’ (Alamrani et al., 2018). In most cases, the online discussion platforms have been criticized of having a lack of coherence attributed to the threaded discourse branching which makes it a big problem to address miscommunication in the platforms and maintain the shared focus. The source of the shared focus problem is attributed to the functional design of the online educational discussion platforms. The functional design of these platforms may have delayed or feedback that is of the nonverbal type, take in a low number of turns or fail to incorporate shared contextual cues. Therefore, online students have a lot of difficulties or are entirely unable to confront their partners’ aspects that tend to differ from theirs. Thus, the failure to arrive at a reconciling of the differences results in the lack of coming to a conclusive comprehension of the topic that was being undertaken.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

On the other hand, traditional higher education courses are offered in a setting that recognizes teachers and lectures centred approach as the more effective learning concept. In this case the teacher becomes the primary controller of the classroom and student’s role is to remain passive thought the lecture (Zaidi et al, 2017). The traditional education process may also occur by the student-centred approach, where the teacher and the students have an active role in the process of leaning. Therefore, the information is given to the students through the art of lecturing by the teachers or lectures.  The technique emphasizes the teacher being the controlling element with the student expected to listen and learn from the concepts that are given to them by their teachers.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

To measure whether the students have acquired the necessary skills, the teachers offer test and exams to act measures of the student’s acquisition of knowledge. Learners in this setting, have a regular place for attending the classes. The tests that are administered to the students are derived from the relevant sources like textbooks (Kenchaiah and Krishna, 2016).  The teachers discuss along with their students the topic, expecting the learners to comprehend everything that the tech in the lectures. However, the student centre approach form of traditional learning has been recently introduced to replace the teacher centre approach. This technique has been said to enhance the learner’s critical thinking capabilities and communication skills. The teacher, in this case, acts as a motivator to the students by encouraging them to choose their field of choice. Therefore the teacher acts as a guide to the students.

Many scholars have challenged this approach, accusing the traditional teaching approach to deprive students of their freedom. They are prone to conditions that limit their ability to express their ideas and to collaborate and interact with their fellow students. The student’s ability to lead and interact in this case is therefore absolute.with the importance of enquiry between the teacher and his students lacking boredom entails which results in chaos (Lessani et al., 2017). Despite the teacher centre form of learning having been used for a long time, the student’s needs and interests fail to be addressed, and they lack a collaborative role.

Today, achievements profiled in the diverse market fields, are in constants infliction from the teaching processes, poses a question on the best way of incorporating students with the required skills. The forms of enhancing students with skills, therefore, have their scope towards the modern skilled and competitive labour, market (Siemens, 2015). Changes, therefore, should be put in place in the organization of classes and the adoption of new mordent teaching and interactive skills. The method of teaching used by an institutions faculty has a direct impact on the stimulation of the learner’s creativity and their enhancement of skills.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

Impact of the Digital Learning Platform for the Advancement of Knowledge Generation in Modern Society

The technology world is progressively more, entering the learning and skills area, with technology gradually being employed in delivering education in new as well as innovative means. This diffusion is tied with future transformations to the form and model of work that are influenced by the present climate of financial uncertainty, in addition to by political changes. Due to the increased usage of rapidly changing digital technology in the place of work, new abilities needs have appeared. The use of the techniques has donated to alter learning and skills improvement into an enduring process. Without a doubt, people at the present have to carry on developing and refreshing their skillfulness and knowledge to keep side by side with continuous modernizations and new advances in the technology world (Unwin, et al. 2010).Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

When a learner is capable of connecting and relating what he/she learns in the class with what he/she studies online learning, it advances his/her level to understand and help to grasp engineering concepts without problems. Creating the co-relation makes this digital learning an applicable and worthwhile practice for the learner (Narciss, 2013). For instance, to learn mechanical engineering digital learning class, the learner will need a review of the matters studies in the past to be on the similar page. The process makes a better understanding of essential concepts.

In engineering, when the knowledge isn’t applied conveniently, cramming up of much theory might turn out to be boring and uncreative. For this reason, it is essential to be familiar with convenient applications of these issues being studied. A successful means to accomplish this is including real-life demonstrations, situations and artificial models combined with the theoretical ideas (Lee, 2016). This provides an inclusive and comprehensive understanding of learner’s subject. Thorough digital learning of engineering courseware in addition to the right applications might make sure efficient education for all engineering students.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

A digital learning program comes with assessment and examinations that assist students in assessing their knowledge with track the progress of their learning. The platforms as well offer learners with a reaction part where they’re encouraged to put in their suggestions, complaints or any additional feedback that might help to make the digital learning platform superior (Lee, 2016). This kind of environment is beneficial to learners sooner or later as progressively the online learning platform become accustomed to their particular needs. Digital learning platforms allow students to mingle, work together and interrelate with their colleague on the website. Students might collaborate, join their resources, learn together as well as share milestones when working to a common aim.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

Research reveals that custom-designed, varied programs are likely to develop knowledge preservation power as well as the learning abilities of the learners. Digital learning courses might be associated with new learning mediums such as videos, podcasts, as well as even multimedia programs to advance the learning curve. The student must not contest the rest of the course group; however, instead, e-learning permits one to be taught at your speed.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay. The class videos are accessible online, and one might view it the way one wishes to build the concepts understandable regarding the topic (Kreijns, et al. 2013). Therefore, this indicates one does not need to use much time on a single lecture as, at that time, the chapters turn out to be more interactive. Additionally, digitalized content denotes one obtain high-quality educational content that is unproblematic to translate and understand. This content is inscribed by highly knowledgeable informative content writers as well as they are very enlightening supported by video clips and descriptions for a better understanding.

Effectiveness of Web-Based Learning As Compared As Compared To the Traditional Classroom Style

Some state that wisdom is associated with age, whereas others claim that it originates from learning. These days, because of the Internet, education is open to everyone. For this reason, individuals in the states where the traditional learning method has various obstacles might make use of online courses. Up to now, digital learning has stood to be adequate to individuals that understand its importance. Some even utter that e-learning might revolutionize education since it offers new chances for traditional learning. Digital learning has many advantages and most important in the advancement of knowledge generation in modern society.

Technology has altered the possibilities in learning. Programs, which before the digital age were limited to lectures, discussions, and physical items, are no longer the talk of the day for all learners. Significant shares of faculty globally have shown readiness in supporting less traditional and online forms of learning. Around 55 percent of faculty prefers the employment of digital education program in learning, and 53 percent demonstrated a preference for the classroom-based learning system (Davidson-Shivers et al., 2018).

Figure 1: Percentage of Students Taking Distance Courses (Davidson-Shivers et al. 2018).

Efficiency and Course Productivity

It is ordinary that as soon as we find out something new, we consider the need of sharing it with others. This is an original intention of education to share knowledge. In the situation where the lessons you are acquiring is part of the bigger society or a network of individuals such as the university grounds, you can persuade others after sharing what you’ve learned from these free online lessons (Kampylis, 2015). One might join a lot of younger generation worldwide that have gained from this online learning and find out many secrets for a successful entrepreneur. All these might assist in creating a thought or project as well as buildup to it in a manner that might bring a transformation to the society and beyond.

Using the Internet as well as web-based technological tools to learn enables those disabled to carry out responsibilities, which before digital learning, was thought to be complicated or impracticable (Kampylis, 2015). An online school education may allow students to access particular degree programs that might not be accessible in a local institute of learning. For instance, at C.C.A., one might pursue a degree in Marketing without the need to live close to the institution. Moreover, online classes permit the sharing of knowledge that assists more individuals have access to learning that is not close at hand in some geographic areas.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

This form of education has developed more than the previous few years and has been widely accepted. With the online class, one gets to organize your learning setting, which in the end helps you build up a deeper considerate of the degree course you are pursuing. New forms of learning are at all times trying to spring up in the market, offering students with various chances to style their education. It as well provides persons with an opportunity to complete a course they may have begun and been incapable of continuing with due to some reasons. The future of this online degree learning shows potential and brings in learning to a better part than ever in the past.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

Interaction involving the lecturer and scholars has been supposed to be an essential learning element in the digital learning delivery platform. Modernization in educational systems has challenged the traditional modes of education. Development in I.T. has allowed new learning delivery methods like distance learning and digital learning. For this reason, a lot of universities have entered the latest e-learning in the first approach. That’s why the requirement for pedagogical as well as technical understanding to educate the use of the Internet has come out, and this understanding is bitten by bit becoming a significant competency for various teachers. E-learning has somehow entered learning as well as the business world in a most critical manner and besides, sets off the traditional methods (Ho et al., 2019). E-learning might be viewed as a substitute to this face-to-face education method .E-learning frequently allows the scholar a more excellent option and accountability for their education. E-learning might transform the methods used in learning and holds the guarantee to rise above the obstacles of time, distance, and finances.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

Figure 2: Impact of Digital Learning on Education (Ho et al., 2019). 

As an education tool, the computer is used for multimedia presentations in the classroom, along with computer-based courseware and tutorials. Online computer tutorials provide self-paced, independent learning, allow for remediation, and provide for a means of distance and asynchronous education. Online teaching tools might be costly to acquire or buildup as well as the expenditure of maintenance of devices. Therefore, previous to instructors taking on digital learning like a teaching means, the efficiency of the teaching modality ought to be recognized.

Additionally, educators have to discover the most excellent approach to initiate computers like learning tools in making a successful change from traditional learning into digital education (Kjällander, S., 2011). Web-based learning provides information ordered by the instructor in a manner that will help the learning. Classes are frequently enhanced by features like multimedia (pictures, cinemas, sound and animations) and links to various online resources such as full-text journal article and so on in addition to self-assessment apparatus.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

Ease to Access

The most obvious advantage of this W.B.L. is that it rises above physical distances. This acts as the cardinal trait that separates W.B.L. from these other computer-assisted learning methods and facilitates W.B.L. to help the teaching of learners scattered across diverse places within the same town, different cities as well as even different states (Kjällander, S., 2011). The effect of distance sovereignty is that students have the chance to take part in the similar instructional activities irrespective of the real locality. The impact of this web-based learning regarding distance learning is enormous as a result of its substantial distance sovereignty.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

Digital learning as well permits the opportunity of economies of scale. When the W.B.L. class has been built up, the size of the classes is narrowed only by the server capability and bandwidth. Institutions can share capital and thus keep away from redundancy to develop course resources (Mitra, 2017). Individual constituents of the course (for instance, a section of a text or computer graphics) might be indexed and be available to be used in other programs. When learners are concerned and paying attention to a particular subject, learning in all probability will be useful. WBLTs put forward several promising solutions to the problems that daily teachers encounter regarding using technology.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

Social Interaction

In digital learning, you can get these classes or carry out the work in your lunchtime, even as the children are practicing soccer, or when cooking dinner depending on courses on how one multitask (Burdick, 2011). One is not a must to within the class every night intending to acquire a similar degree of education. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or your preferred Internet coffee bar you might have the ease to take your learning with you as well as enjoying the atmosphere in which you’re carrying out your knowledge.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

It is learning on how this digital learning platform might be improved to better attend to the constraints and obstacles of students learning and living in environments that might, every so often be resource-poor in addition to poor in the internet connectivity (Allen, 2017).  The impact paths identified by these graduates aren’t different from the ones that might be anticipated from the traditional educational program.

Skills Development

Online courses assist one refresh online abilities. One will be enhanced to deal with email, official statement boards, online investigation, and one will discover many other skills along the way. Online students frequently have more direct relations with their lecturers than learners in the classroom (Allen, 2017). This online classroom is practical, and connection through email is necessary in this specific learning setting. Therefore it is rather probable that the lecturer will recognize more concerning you as well as your learning needs than they will realize regarding the majority of the learners they spot a few times per week in the classrooms.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.

The high rate of accessing information achievable by using digital learning and the increased ways of teamwork is unattainable. Digital learning has increased the forms of delivering information to learners by making this information more convenient and ever-present. Knowledge is at the moment supposed as ever-present, occurring any moment irrespective of locality, which makes education more available to those who previously might not have the chance. Technology supposedly enables learners to manage their learning practices to go well with their lifestyles. Learners can as well learn from digital learning practices in means not previously imagined by the lecturers.  With the aim of digital learning to be an active university learning and staff have to take ownership of digital learning and suit them that pedagogy might be upheld, even if the means of delivery is altering.

Digital education offers government with the chance to raise outreach to far-off groups of individuals, to make sure equivalent access and value of learning, and, in general, to decrease the gap in digital knowledge. Government ought to be keen t innovate and engage in original space; however, this is yet in the clash with current traditions. Digital learning can reduce expenditure by growing trades and increase tax incomes; however, to achieve cost reductions might need investment to set up a suitable digital learning platform. Commitment in digital learning might enable government accessing more data, like the skills and learning attainment of students, with the likelihood of turning the data into response and approaches for future education.Learning Processes in the Millennial Era Essay.