Learning And Collaborative Working Medical Essay.

Learning And Collaborative Working Medical Essay.


For the concentrate of this article I am discussing the idea of collaborative working within the professional portion of adult nursing. Using appropriate books this article will examine the definition and rationale of collaborative working, a small introduction to medical and how cooperation is applied in this field of health care. This essay will conclude by looking at the influencing factors and effects of collaborative working in medical practice.Learning And Collaborative Working Medical Essay.


McCray, 2007 described cooperation as a esteem for other pros and service users and their skills and out of this starting point, an agreed posting of specialist, responsibility and resources for specific results or activities gained through co-operation and consensus. (use ref)

Collaboration may be seen as an activity by which participants of different disciplines reveal their skills and expertise to provide a much better quality service to patients/clients/service customer. (Hughes, Hemingway & Smith, 2005).Learning And Collaborative Working Medical Essay.

Collaborative working involves interaction of varied group or organisations to attain the goal, which normally in the health care setting up is the individual. As a result of problem solving, available, flexible method of the tasks and tasks of individual team members give a more patient centered healthcare.

The Department of Health (GB DOH 2001) posted a strategic platform for lifelong learning for the NHS, ‘ Working collectively, Learning Mutually’ Learning and development are key to delivering the Government’s vision of patient centred good care in the NHS. Lifelong learning is about growth and opportunity, about ensuring our personnel, the groups and organisations they relate with, and work in, can acquire new knowledge and skills, both to

realise their potential also to help shape and change things for the better. Lifelong learning is inextricably associated with the wider agenda for building, rewarding and assisting the NHS labor force for the future. ( www. dh. gov. uk) http://www. dh. gov. uk. assetRoot/04/05/88/96/04058896. pdf

Barr (2004) points out that interprofessional working permits professional benefits, with research being given to the showing of knowledge and the opportunities to experience areas of work outside one’s own remit. It’s advocated that pros may have levels of superior job satisfaction and increased degrees of confidence in dealing with difficult situations. Barr (2004) also expresses a view that interprofessional education is collaborating learning in order to enable collaborative practice.Learning And Collaborative Working Medical Essay.

Collaborative employed in health care is also known as interprofessional working (IPW). Rationales for collaborative work in is to cope with the problems that exceed the capacity of anybody vocation (Hughes, Hemingway & Smith, 2005)

In nursing it is important to keep in mind that providing all natural care often includes the use of other professionals and this concept should be encourage to be able to accomplish the provision of patient care and attention.

Standards have been establish by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to safeguard the welfare of both patient and the nurse. These expectations see that the nurse must work with others to protect and promote medical and wellbeing of those in your treatment, their own families and careers, and the wider community.

It has been said that to fully explore the place of the nurse in the multi professional team you must first understand the role of the nurse. McCray (2009) as medical care system expands and changes rapidly, the role of the nurse also changes, but the wellness of the individual is always the main focus. An excellent nurse will strive to develop good connections with other specialists, when the care and attention of a patient depends on cooperation of various health professionals. Collaborative effectively is often vital in the obtaining a holistic healing up process, which involves dealing with the patients natural psychological and interpersonal needs.

Patient centred good care (PCC) is a trusted model in the present day healthcare system; it places the patient at the centre of all care. PCC enhances continuity of treatment and integration of healthcare professionals collaborating with respect to their patient. (Pence, 1997)

To have the ability to provide a patient the perfect care its imperative to work alongside other healthcare professionals to come quickly to a joint good care plan some times by means of a deal of care which can be mutually decided to meet every treatment needs of the patient. Each professional has to show mutual esteem to each other.

An exemplory case of effective collaborative working may be; Mr B arrives for release after having experienced a severe stroke which has afflicted his right part, leaving him with severe expressive and perceptive dysphasia. To be a Nurse responsible for the good care of Mr B must collaborate with other health care professionals, such as doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, conversation therapists and undoubtedly Mrs B, in order to fully evaluate the level of care he may require on release, and provide a gradual come back home. This might prove beneficial, since the patient has range of motion and communication problems, so was going to need physiotherapy, talk remedy and adaptations to the house. Retaining good professional interactions is imperative amongst not only other health care pros, but also the individual and family. (Molyneux 2001)Learning And Collaborative Working Medical Essay.

In this example effective collaborating finally experienced a positive effect on the successful result. Therefore increased the service being offered to the patient.

Unfortunately collaboration will not always have positive effects and Interpersonal conflict can sometimes appear, a number of various reasons which could cause this, old, new associates, ability issues, time management and funding

Conflict may occur for example in the case of lung cancer tumor, doctors wish to treat an individual who have lung tumor when the chances of success are low and the procedure has side-effect. Nurses on the other hands may feel the results of treatment are so very bad it outweighs any gain; this could be when things can become complicated.

The NMC says that; you should always work cooperatively within teams and respect the abilities, competence and contributes of your fellow workers. (2008) in some case following this may establish extremely difficult.

Building an effective collaborative relationship requires good marketing communications skills, which allows the introduction of trust that will benefit the patient in the alternative care they’ll receive. I believe any thing we can do to make a difference must be a good thing.Learning And Collaborative Working Medical Essay.