Leadership Philosophy Essay.

Leadership Philosophy Essay.


Leadership Philosophy

            Leadership plays a significant role in nursing. It involves one’s capacity to evaluate and initiate the desired organizational change(Willcox et al., 2018). Therefore, leaders are guided by the mission of an organization to achieve the set vision and goals. This discussion will cover leadership values that enhance nursing practice.Leadership Philosophy Essay.


Exercise 1: Identification of Leadership Values

            Leadership values are required to enhance duty performance in any field. Similarly, my role as a nurse leader is mainly influenced by possessed leadership values.  An achiever is the first value that defines me as a nurse leader. An achiever is a person with a great desire to work hard and attain the set organizational goals on time. This quality enables me to attain great success in the organization. Secondly, I am an authoritative person. Authoritative is having thecapacity required to guide one’s followers in the right direction. This quality enables me to guide the followers in the desired direction, thus achieving the organizational goals.Leadership Philosophy Essay. Thirdly, I am a collaborator. A collaborator is a person who can work jointly with others. This value enhances my duty performance as a nurse leader since it enables me to cope and work well with my subordinates. The fourth leadership value is communicative. A communicative person is someone who can express ideas clearly. This quality enables me to give the followers guidelines about what they are supposed to do at a particular time. Finally, I am a creative person. A creative person is someone who comes up with new ideas or solutions. This quality enhances my duty performance as a nurse leader since it enables me to develop new solutions for addressing some significant challenges in the organization.Leadership Philosophy Essay.

Exercise 2: Uncovering Leadership Assumptions

Positive Experience with Leadership

A nurse leader was mandated to lead a group of nurses during the implementation of EBP in the organization. He used his leadership values, particularly authoritative, collaborator, and communicative, to influence the subordinates to achieve the set goals on time. I was rewarded for the excellent job.Leadership Philosophy Essay.

Negative Experience with Leadership

A nurse leader was given the responsibility of leading a group of nurses in the intensive care department. The nurses were reluctant to hide to the provided guidelines. Consequently, death cases reported in the ICU increased significantly during this period. The management was blaming the leader for the negative outcomes. Consequently, he was demoted since he was not able to meet the expectations.Leadership Philosophy Essay.

Other people might see described situations differently. The first incident might be perceived as the dedication of the leader to the assigned responsibility. On the contrary, one might perceive the second situation as negligence and the leader’s reluctance to guide the followers in the right direction. However, I assumed that the results of the leadership mainly depended on the followers. Leadership Philosophy Essay.This assumption was influenced by the fact that the same leadership values were implemented in both situations. Therefore, leadership can be defined as Leadership can be described as the process by which a person influences his or her follower to act in a particular manner(Cherian&Karkada,2017).My definition of leadership was influenced by the CEO of the organization where I was working. He used his leadership values to influence other staff to act in a particular manner. The leader in the positive narrative gained credibility by achieving the desired results. The leader in the negative narrative could have led the followers by example, to impact his credibility.Leadership Philosophy Essay.

Exercise 3: Finalizing the Leadership Philosophy

I consider leadership as a journey, which combines personal and professional successes.

As a leader, I value integrity in personal and professional development. This quality is the backbone of any successful leader. Therefore, I consider integrity as the heart of my leadership. I reflect on my integrity as an integral part of my leadership journey. I know that my professional and personal successes directly relate to my core value of integrity.Leadership Philosophy Essay.

In conclusion, the success of nurse leaders in their duties mainly depends on leadership values and philosophy of an individual.


A leadership philosophy is derived from how we see ourselves as leaders. Our philosophy impacts our actions, guides our behaviors, and helps us as we think about our career. Leadership philosophies typically change as we grow to understand our actions and behaviors within the context of leading.Leadership Philosophy Essay.
Creating or finding our leadership philosophy means that we must explore and reflect upon your beliefs, personal values, and assumptions about leadership.
Beliefs are our trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. Our beliefs directly impact how we view situations and ourselves. Many times, our beliefs come from our traditions or from the culture in organizations. Many times, we behave in organizations according to the beliefs of the organization. This can be a problem when the beliefs of the organization counter our own.Leadership Philosophy Essay.
Personal values guide our intentions and influence how we lead. When our personal values are clear and we are aware of them, we can then formulate a solid foundation for leading. Just as we have personal values, organizations also have values. It works best when these values are aligned.Leadership Philosophy Essay.
Assumptions are notions that are accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. Assumptions are a combination of our world view and our personal view. Most of the time, we are not aware of the assumptions we hold. And most of us are unwilling to admit that our assumptions drive our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. We are less willing to change our assumptions even after realizing they exist.
Assignment Instructions:Leadership Philosophy Essay.
During this activity, you will develop a personal philosophy of leadership. The following three exercises will assist you in developing your personal Philosophy of Leadership Statement.
This assignment expresses qualities of Capacity Building, Learning and Development and Developing a Personal Philosophy of Leadership.
Exercises:Leadership Philosophy Essay.
The following is an exercise to help you create, find, or define your personal philosophy of leadership.
Exercise 1: Identifying Your Leadership Values
From the list below, pick five core values that you feel describe and guide who you are as a nurse leader. You may choose other values that are not on this list. Place them in the following chart and answer the questions in the matrix.Leadership Philosophy Essay.
Achiever Competent Dutiful Listener
Advanced Competitive Effective Loyal
Appreciative Conscientious Empowered Organized
Authoritative Courageous Engaged Perceptive
Autonomous Creative Growing Performance Oriented
Collaborator Culturally aware Innovative Recognized
Confident Development Oriented Intelligent Talented
Communicative Diverse Integrity Team Oriented
Other values that you would like to include but are not on the list?
Identifying Your Leadership Values
List your values here Personal Definition of Values
List here your definition of these values here How do you envision these values playing out in your nursing leadership?Leadership Philosophy Essay.
Exercise 2: Uncovering Your Leadership Assumptions
Answer the following questions about leadership. By reflecting on these questions, you will find what assumptions are driving your leadership thinking. For each of the questions in this section, ask yourself:
1. Write two narratives about leadership. One narrative should describe a positive experience you’ve had with leadership and the second narrative should describe a time when you had a negative experience with leadership. (in one page or less)Leadership Philosophy Essay.
2. How might others (co-workers, friends, supervisors) see the situations I described differently?
3. What were my assumptions?
4. What influenced my assumptions?
5. Write your definition of leadership.
6. Describe the individuals or organizations that influenced your leadership definition.
7. Describe how the leader in your positive narrative gained credibility? What could the leader in your negative narrative have done differently to positively impact their credibility?
Exercise 3: Finalizing Your Leadership Philosophy
Now that you’ve identified your leadership beliefs, you are now ready to write your leadership philosophy using the responses above written in the present tense.
Your leadership philosophy should be a statement that consists of your responses from the above exercises. Start by writing an initial draft of your philosophy. Revise it as often as you need. Remember, your philosophy can change depending on where you are at with your leadership.Leadership Philosophy Essay.
The following is a sample philosophy statement consisting of one sentence statements. Remember, you can write your philosophy in any way that makes sense to you.
My Leadership Philosophy is…
Leadership is a journey and combines personal and professional successes.
It is important to reflect on my leadership and its implications on others.
I value integrity in personal and professional development.
Now put it all together.
Integrity is the heart of my leadership. I reflect on my own integrity as an integral part of my leadership journey. I know that my professional and personal successes directly relate to my core value of integrity.Leadership Philosophy Essay.