Leadership and Organizational Management.

Leadership and Organizational Management.


American Sentinel University Nursing Programs encourage learners to prepare for and complete specialization nursing certification aligned with the chosen specialty practice area. Please review the eligibility criteria by accessing the certification organization’s website. Case Management Informatics Infection Control Educator Leadership and Organizational Management Research your specific specialization requirements and determine the process necessary to seek board certification and/or licensure in your state. Discuss the amount of continuing education units and additional requirements, such as practice hours, necessary to obtain and maintain the licensure or certification.Leadership and Organizational Management.


American Sentinel University Nursing Programs

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)is the organization responsible for the provision of certification for informatics nursing (IN). The certification is awarded to the registered nurses (RNs) who have practiced for 2 full-time years as registered nurses; have engaged in continuing education and completed 30-hours in informatics nursing in the past 3 years; and either has a degree in informatics nursing or hours of experience in informatics nursing(Forman et al., 2020).Leadership and Organizational Management.

To be eligible for certification in informatics nursing, a candidate is supposed to possess an updated active RN license and either a nursing degree or higher or a degree in another pertinent field. In addition, anapplicant is supposed to fulfill one of the below practice requirements:

  • Not less than 2,000 hours in IN in the preceding 3 years
  • Not less than 1,000 hours in IN in the preceding 3 years, in addition to 12 semester hours of education credit hours in informatics, as a component of a degree in informatics
  • Finished a degree in nursing informatics which has not less than 200 hours of informatics’ practicums supervised by the faculty (Cummins et al., 2016).

The certification of an informatics nurse practitioners is valid for 5 years. The submission of the application should be forwarded at least 8 weeks before the original certification expires. For the renewal of the certification in nursing informatics, a nurse is supposed to engage in continuing education and earn 75 hours in informatics nursing (Forman et al., 2020).Leadership and Organizational Management.