Labor and Delivery Complications Discussion Essay

Labor and Delivery Complications Discussion Essay

A 25 year old presents to Labor and Delivery with complaints of  uterine cramping and lower back pain.  She denies any vaginal bleeding  at this time.  She has related a history of preterm birth at 32 weeks gestation with her last pregnancy.  The baby is 3 years old now and has no developmental issues.   Her current gestational age is 30 weeks. determine preterm

She is 0+ and all other lab values are normal.  NO noted STIs.


  1.  Group B strep is missing from the labs – most often obtained at 35-37 weeks gestation.
  2. Without this information,   it is often determined to treat the  patient anyway – presumptively to protect a premature baby from the  risk.
  3. What other information would you like to ask her?
  4. What nursing intervention will you provide?
  5. What screening tests are often obtained to help determine her risk for preterm labor?
  6. If it is determined she is in pre term labor what medications may you want to use with a providers order?
  7. Please also give a dose, side effects, and possible results of the medication.

The patient is now 3 cm, 100% effaced, -2 station.  What is the plan  of care for the safety of this patient and her baby?  Fetal Heart rate is 160 with moderate variability.  Contractions are now mild and 15  minutes apart in frequency.

  1.  Magnesium Sulfate is used to stop the contractions and this has been successful.
  2. What is the dose you will start with, what is the maintenance dose?
  3. Please indicate what nursing interventions are necessary for use with Magnesium Sulfate

This paper is to be 500 words minimum written in APA style with references.


1.  Student will discuss history questions that will be used for assessment  and screening tests along with group B strep and its treatment in  pregnancy .  Discuss how you would determine if the patient is in  preterm labor.

2.  Student will discuss nursing interventions for preterm labor and also  discuss what medications you may want to use with a provider including  dose, side effects and possible results of the medication. For example  Magnesium Sulfate or Terbutaline.

3.  References are included in text AND in the reference page AND the body of the paper is AT LEAST 500 words.

Labor and Delivery Complications Discussion Essay