Katherine’s Treatment Essay.

Katherine’s Treatment Essay.


Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is characterized as a series of symptoms which develop after an extremely traumatic event, such as sexual abuse. In assessing Katherine, I would want to know more about the sexual abuse she experienced, including her initial reaction and any course of treatment. Typically, children experience fear, helplessness and agitation. The symptoms persist for a period of time longer than one month. Treatment as a child may have addressed the issues, but the memories of the event could be triggering a reemergence of symptoms at this time.Katherine’s Treatment Essay.


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As a therapist, I will want to explore any past treatment and any recent events that may have triggered the memories and symptoms. Katherine is experiencing symptoms common in those with PTSD and in Depression. She has lost interest in sex, is tearful, and angry. An assessment of her relationships at works requires more information. She indicates that she feels her behavior at work may be impacting her chances of promotion. It does not appear that Katherine experiences any dissasociative states which can occur in cases of PTSD and are much more serious in terms of treatment needs.Katherine’s Treatment Essay.


As the therapist, I will want to explore the possibility of other related disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorder and Substance Abuse. Initially, it appears that Katherine is suffering PTSD and Depression. I will utilize a Cognitive Behavioral approach to treatment in this case. Thos treatment approach has shown to be successful for adult women recovering from childhood sexual abuse. Cognitive Behavior Therapy acknowledges that what a person thinks has an impact on their behavior.

This leads to the understanding that a traumatic even such as sexual abuse can impact they way one thinks about themselves and the world. This in turn, can result in behavior issues that include agitation, depression, and other relationship troubles. Cognitive therapy is often utilized in situations that are time limited. Clients generally experience positive results quickly and can understand the course of treatment. Katherine is apparently a bright, articulate woman so there are not concerns about her ability to work in a cognitive framework.

Cognitive therapy is based on the fact that the relationship between the client and therapist must be positive, but also that the client has control and can learn how to change thoughts and behaviors but understanding triggers and techniques. In therapy, I would have Katherine recount the past events, either verbally or in writing. As a therapist, I will help Katherine to identify her feeling regarding the past abuse, how she was feeling as a child and how she feels now as an adult. She has come to therapy willingly to address this issue. I will explain he treatment process to her and set out a treatment plan.

I will help her to understand how the past experience and thoughts are linked to her current thoughts and behaviors. Making a change that allows her to resolve the lingering thoughts and move in a positive direction, making the changes in her life that she wants. As an example, Katherine may have an intrusive thought that men are bad because if her past abuse and this maybe leading to her lack of interest in sex and issues in her relationship. Helping her to process the fact that all men are not bad may help her to change her thoughts regarding her husband.

This could also impact her behavior at work assuming that her boss is a man. Her relationship with her teenage daughter could be suffering as a result of these thoughts as well. As her daughter begins to express an interest in boys and asks permission to begin dating, Katherine’s thoughts will likely influence her response to her daughter. Cognitive therapy can help her to get in touch with her thoughts and feelings. She can learn to check her thoughts that are not based in logic, and remind herself to respond differently.Katherine’s Treatment Essay.

Cognitive therapy is active and homework assignments are commonly used. Katherine will be asked to keep a journal of her feelings and thoughts at various points in her day. The goal will be to identify the harmful thoughts that are resulting in bad feelings and unwanted behaviors. Learning to identify the thoughts early on and stopping them, will be a goal of therapy. The goal is to acknowledge the abuse and the impact on Katherine’s, and then to make a change in her thoughts and action that will result in a happier healthier life.Katherine’s Treatment Essay.