JOB SHADOW Reflection Paper


To assist in gathering information related to the job shadow, below are some possible interview questions that may be asked.

1. MCj03325460000[1]What product or service does your company provide?

Food Service

2. What are your job duties?

Dining room / evening supervisor. She manages assigning workers for daily tasks. She ensures proper food–handling. Facility serving food of maintaining a clean and safe dining area.

3. What are your day-to-day activities?

Making daily assignments, signage (with allergy icons), station preparedness prior to thru service. clean-up

4. What are the physical requirements of the job?

Able to be walking on feet long hours. Time management interpersonal skills. ability to prioritize + resolve conflicts.

5. Are you exposed to hazardous substances?


6. What kind of equipment is used in this occupation and how is it used?

Many places of equipment – ovens, steamers, knives, food processors, dishwasher, and floor scrubber.

7. What are the normal work hours?

Weekday from 7.30 AM to 8.00 PM Saturday and Sunday 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM + 4.30 PM to 7.00 PM

8. Is there opportunity to work overtime?

Yes, As needed

9. How are you compensated for overtime work?


10. What are the benefits you receive?

Health life insurance, Vacation time, and paid sick leave.

11. How much vacation time do you receive?

5-15 Days depending on length of service

12. Are there special perks that come with this job?

Lots of good food. Interaction with students.

13. How is your work performance evaluated? Who evaluates your work performance?

Yearly performance evaluation by GEN. MGR.

14. What are the most common reasons a person may lose their job or be fired?

No Call, no show, insubordination, theft, and repeated absences

15. What is the level of job security in this occupation? Why?

High – We feed people!

16. What are the opportunities for advancement in this occupation?

There are opportunities to advance within the company.

We are a big company with many sites. we acquire new contracts frequently.

17. What on-going education is required for this occupation?

Staying current on health codes to proper food handling / preparation / safety

18. What special personal qualities and strengths are required to be successful in this occupation?

Must have good interpersonal skills to be able to manage time delegate tasks.

19. To be hired for this occupation what is the best education/training?

Prior experience – serv safe certification.

20. Is it difficult to get admitted to an education/training program for this occupation?


21. How difficult is it to find employment when you have completed the basic education and training?

Not real difficult, depending on location.

22. What is the long-term future of this occupation in terms of job availability?

Good Food service will always exist.

23. Does this business/organization do drug testing?

Yes, Hair pellicle.

24. What part-time jobs, education/training would best prepare you for this occupation or the required for this occupation?

Culinary school

25. How do you use math, reading, writing, business, technology, science, and foreign language skills in their daily work?

Yes, All of the above. Not only foreign languages, but also slang- language

26. What advice would you give someone considering this for a career?

You must be tolerant and flexible.

27. How has the field evolved—past, present, and looking into the future?

Not much evolution, in my opinion. This field remains constant.

28. What do you like best about your job?

The people.

29. What does the career ladder in your field look like from entry jobs to professional levels?

A long climb.

30. What other jobs and careers could you go into?

Could take classes degree in hospitality and business management


Name and Job Title of person you are job shadowing

The name of the job is Louri Martin. Her career is Evening supervisor at food service company.

What company do they work for?

She works in a food service company which is required in the production of food and general food processing. From the Louri, the main activities which are involved in the company include dining and evening customers thereby managing assigning workers for daily tasks.

Why did you choose to interview this person?

I wanted to ask about the operation of food industry in general and how the activities within the food company are carried out. The SWOT analysis and customer satification and general feedbacks especially on the customers side concerning the company.

After the job shadow experience, what are the Pro’s of being in this position?

One of the identified pros is that the employee can work part-time. Her a normal working hour for example it is comfortable for the employee. Health insurance, vocation time and also paid sick leave in case the workers are exposed to the any sickness.

After the job shadow experience, what is the Con’s of being in this position?

Workers are exposed to dangerous materials. For example, hot and sharp materials.

What is the Salary of this position or someone starting out in this field?

From the interview, there is a specific starting salary $12/hr. But according to the Louri, the company pays to depend on the effort of its workers. I think from the interview she specified that the workers benefit from health insurance overtime payment leave another benefit.

What advice did the interviewee give during your job shadow or interview?

A positive attitude that means you will create a good environment.

Control yourself, and you will be working effectively with little direction.

If you made a mistake don’t blame anyone, you have to figure out why that happens.

What are the qualifications to work in this field, industry or company?

Some of the requirement from the interview include; tolerance and flexibility. Secondly include the education background for instance having culinary school. Interpersonal skills to be able to manage time delegate tasks.

After shadowing this person, would you consider a career in this field or for this company? Why or why not?

In my opinion, the company do good for the employee by giving more benefits like Health life insurance, Vacation time, paid sick leave, paid days off, and bonus. But I would like to find another job that has more benefits and good salary. Also related to any part of marketing because I would like to develop my skills in marketing.