Introduction to Quantitative Research and Data Essay

Introduction to Quantitative Research and Data Essay

Quantitative research describes the process of collection and analysis of data in numerical form. Often, it is utilized in finding averages and patterns, test causal relationships, predict outcomes and as well in generalizing findings to larger population from small samples. This type of research is divided into experimental, causal-comparative/quasi-experimental, correlational and descriptive. In general, this research generates numerical data that quantifies problems and translates them to statistics that is usable. The research methods used in quantitative research include structured interviews, surveys, experiments, tracking, questionnaires and reports (Goertzen, 2017). In essence, it is considered to a highly reliable method of research whose outcomes can be reused over time. The following paper examines the steps for conducting quantitative research beginning from the identification of research problem, development of a research question, literature review, research design and finalize with the selection of samples. Introduction to Quantitative Research and Data Essay.

Research problem and questions

The healthcare system experiences multiple health concerns that require elimination, prevention, improvement or replacement. The statement that express the area of concern or a healthcare issue existing in theory, practice or scholarly literature that requires deliberate investigation and meaningful understanding is described as the research problem. They are supported by the context of the problem, existing knowledge on the actual issue of concern, its relevance and objectives. Research questions on the other hand guide the research by answering a specific query addressed in the research. A research project is usually set out to answer this question and hence it should be clear and focused stating precisely what the researcher needs to do. They can either be causal, relational or descriptive.

Review of literature

The quantitative step of reviewing literature is characterize by conduction of surveys of scholarly knowledge on a topic through the identification of gaps, debates and trends in research. The scholarly articles reviewed include journal articles, books and thesis that provide knowledge concerning the topic of interest. Introduction to Quantitative Research and Data Essay. This section of a research is relevant in familiarizing with the current state of knowledge on the topic and ensures that the researcher does not repeat projects that have already been conducted. Moreover, it helps in the identification of unresolved problems as well as knowledge gaps, development of methodologies and theoretical frameworks and also offers a overview of debates and key findings related to the topic.


The framework of techniques and research methods employed in quantitative studies make up the research design. It explains the type and sub-types of research being carried out. In addition, it integrates the diverse components of the research in a logical and coherent way making sure that it addresses the problem effectively and therefore; it acts as a blueprint for data measurement, collection and analysis (Goertzen, 2017). Quantitative research designs are either experimental or descriptive and they provide a study plan that allows the dependent and independent variables cause and effect relationships are accurately assessed.


Sample selection

The process of identifying the suitable groups of study is called sample section. Apparently, samples are groups of people, items or objects taken for measurement from a larger population. the act as representatives of the larger population and support generalization of findings. Sample selection can entail clustering, stratification, systematic sampling or randomization. In quantitative research, sampling is based on probability theories from mathematics. The process begins with the determination of sample size.


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