Introduction to HIM Essay

Introduction to HIM Essay

Introduction to Health Information Management (HIM): An Abstract of the Article by Strudwick et al. (2019)


The aim of this study was to put together the expected informatics competencies that nurse leaders are required to possess. Nurse leaders who find themselves in leadership positions and having to make decisions on recruitment and financial expenditure on acquisition of technology may find themselves lost or feel inadequate due to lack of informatics competency. Possessing required informatics competencies will make them competitive and allow them to make sound informed decisions with regard to technology. The study used a scoping review as the methodology of choice in which research questions were identified, appropriate studies noted, selected, and data extracted before reporting of the same. The review identified fifteen studies which yielded eleven competency themes touching on informatics skills and knowledge for the nurse leader amongst others. The implementation of these findings to practice includes that they can be used to help nurse leaders and managers identify the knowledge and skill gaps they have about informatics. Introduction to HIM Essay


            Keywords: informatics, nurse leaders, competencies

Why it is Important to Know

It is very important to know about this information in the article because the nurse leader has to deal more and more with a nursing workforce that has technological competencies acquired as a result of upskilling. This includes the nurse informaticist who is the guardian of all the technological applications in the organization (Vivian et al., 2019; McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017). This article and the information it contains can therefore be used to improve practice by empowering the nurse leaders to acquire recommended competencies in informatics that will place them in an authoritative position to make informed and productive decisions on health information management in the organization.


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Introduction to HIM Essay