Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists Essay

Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists Essay

In this Discussion, you will reflect on your own observations of and/or experiences with informaticist collaboration. You will also propose strategies for how these collaborative experiences might be improved. To Prepare: Review the Resources and reflect on the evolution of nursing informatics from a science to a nursing specialty. Consider your experiences with nurse Informaticists or technology specialists within your healthcare organization. By Day 3 of Week 3 Post a description of experiences or observations about how nurse informaticists and/or data or technology specialists interact with other professionals within your healthcare organization. Suggest at least one strategy on how these interactions might be improved. Be specific and provide examples. Then, explain the impact you believe the continued evolution of nursing informatics as a specialty and/or the continued emergence of new technologies might have on professional interactions. Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists Essay.

With the invention of healthcare technology, the need for nurses with knowledge information technology plays a vital role in providing care to the society. Nurse informatics has been there for a few decades now, and their purpose in the hospital industry is developing at the same level as changes in health care (Collins et al., 2017). The nurse informaticist has a key role in adopting new nurse documentation and data collection software.


My meeting with nurse informatics specialists was mainly during the introduction of new software such as Cerner integration. At first, the nurse informatics evaluated the nurses in the department and assessed the previous charting system and asked for ideas to change repetitive charting and ease the change from the old system to Cerner. The nurse informaticist, together with the software delegate, offered training to staff on how to effectively view electronic orders, document, and how to communicate in a single system between different departments (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017). Nurse informaticist trained nurses, physicians, and allied staff about the software and how to explore the system with ease. I worked at a hospital where the nurse informaticist was known as the nurses’ contact liason. Nevertheless, I have realized that some facilities, whether due to a budget or legislation, do not have an individual with a clinical background, such as nurse informatics, to train staff or be a point of reference for healthcare providers.

The evolution of nursing informatics as a specialization will keep growing as newer technology and new software evolve. This would result in an increased data collection that can be shared with the public and organizations for reasons such as reimbursement and a comparing of the quality of care provided by various hospitals. (Glassman, 2017). Nurses in each specialty have a very crucial role to play, as providers, which we must accept and appreciate as a framework to facilitate and direct the care of our patients. Without data gathering, changes would be difficult to enforce and we would not have been able to enhance or modify certain behaviors. Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists Essay.



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