Inter mountain Health Care Essay

Inter mountain Health Care Essay

Dr. James introduced total quality management concept by convening a meeting in his conference room to explain to the IHC’s clinical leaders about it. He insisted on high standard services and encouraged nurses and physicians to put the interest of their patients by providing centralized data base for the patients and following.Inter mountain Health Care Essay

Dr. James succeeded as the Executive Director for Institute for Health Care Delivery Research. The Deming concepts he introduced was very effective because it was adopted by all the clinical officers and physicians. They strictly adhered to clinical integration protocols and provided high quality health care services to all their clients. They became de facto practitioners who were discharging their duties autonomously. As a result, they became directly accountable for their decisions. Thus, they became transparent in doing most of their activities.

There are various attitudes towards variability in clinical practices. While traditional perception held that physicians and nurses should be autonomous powerful practitioners, the case study indicates that these Medicare providers should be allowed to discharge their duties in a more transparent manner. There should be a proper management in all the matters dealing with medical provision. This can promote understanding and proper coordination of activities without any problem. This can ease the operations of these services.

Inter mountain Health Care acknowledges the contributions of all the major players in health care provision. ‘Shadow organizations’ have a duty of supplementing the services provided to the patients seeking attention from the nurses and physicians. For them to effectively serve their clients, they need to work in collaboration with other organizations that are recognized to be providing such a service. However, this is not static because it changes with the changing demands of the clients. This is one of the most important approaches that will make medical provision extend a full management for managing this business.Inter mountain Health Care Essay


I would like to say that the current efforts by IHC are better than those of CQI. Their models are s relevant to the changing situations in the medical field today. If well applied, they can make a very significant contribution that will make the work of all the medical practitioners easier. At the same time, it can provide up to date strategies in managing the diverse patients and their records. This can be good for any health care facility. Therefore, IHC models are more advanced and should be used as the only alternative in dealing with health matters.

IHC has established itself as a learning institution by coming up with strategies to help in transforming medical provision to the patients. As an organization, it has come up with proper plans to help in improving services to the clients. This has improved service delivery to the medical seekers since the nurses and physicians can now use these ideas to change the way they are managing patients. This is a very important contribution that must make life better for the patients.Inter mountain Health Care Essay

Some of the major factors affecting the implementation of CQI at IHC include management, finances and human resources. The success of this plan greatly depends on the contributions of the management. The more committed they are, the more successful this plan will be. At the same time, all the concerned stake holders should be involved. If nurses and physicians do not support this strategy, it can not survive. Therefore, it is upon them to come up and dedicate themselves to providing quality services in line with the proposed changes.

I believe HIS is doing a commendable job. It has made an imminent contribution in transforming medical provision. I specifically like the way it flexibly deals with all its stake holders in diverse locations.Inter mountain Health Care Essay